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"Will someone PLEASE spank me?"

A farcical story.

A young woman who is exceptionally kind and nice goes to college and watches orb for the first time. She loves it, especially spanking videos. She masturbates frequently and tries to talk her boyfriend not only into having sex but also spanking her. Boyfriend freaks out and leaves school, thinking he must have done something to make her think she had to have sex with him and indulge his fetish for spanking.

Her roommate is a rough and tumble lesbian who has rough sex with any woman she lays her eyes on, so our lead greets her in the nude and says she'll be her roommates slave if she'll only spank her.

Roommate instead suddenly is overtaken by a maternal instinct and coddles her, saying she's sorry for putting such confusing ideas in her head and she's too cute to even think about spanking, though she'll try to hook her up with a nice girlfriend.

What follows is a series of events where the girl keeps trying to get spanked and have sex but keeps failing. She invites strangers online to just come to her house and take advantage of her but once they arrive, they feel bad for her, clean her place up and give her all their money. Escorts quit as soon as they see her and even wearing a disguise does nothing.

Can she ever get the satisfaction she craves?
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One of her brother's her father grandfather or uncle agree to spank her in return she must have give one or all of them a blowjob and have sex with one of them or all of them
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It sounds like an interesting idea for a farce, but I doubt it will find much traction on this particular story site. People come here to read about sex, not the lack of sex. They get plenty of that in their real lives!
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Originally Posted by Carnevil9 View Post
It sounds like an interesting idea for a farce, but I doubt it will find much traction on this particular story site. People come here to read about sex, not the lack of sex. They get plenty of that in their real lives!
What about if she gets plentiful beautiful sex on the way, but not more than light playful slap, never to the extent she craves, and partners freak out, so she's forced to keep looking and act increasingly sluty.

She tries to set one partner against another to create jealousy and anger in hopes they will spank her, but only end up in threesomes and crazy group sex.

She try to break any social norms acting in combination of wild and childish, but she's so adorable she gets away with anything, from flashing to public nudity, flirting with multiple partners at once, persons in position of power including, etc.

Eventually she builds reputation as free use slut, having public sex with strangers, but still nobody takes her seriously when she begs to be spanked

Finally, she may find that in on stage performance.

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