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Another idea for a story...

I have another idea for a story; however, I'd like to see someone else write it, if possible (sorry for the detailed summary)...

In suburban New Jersey in the summer of 2000, the biggest girl in school (by big, I mean tall and a BBW) has graduated from high school and is looking forward to going to college. Her dad works in NYC and her mom is a nurse (and is chubby herself). She also has an older brother (or two) and is a bit of a tomboy with brown hair.

Anyway, her parents are out of town and she hears a knock at the door. It happens to be the school's former head cheerleader, who was one of her bigger tormentors in high school. The head cheerleader is blonde (imagine Eric's older sister in That 70s Show to get some idea of what she looks like). She's wearing her graduation gown and asks to come in. A bit suspicious, she decides to let her in.

The cheerleader tells the BBW that she knows that the BBW was looking at her in gym class while she was showering and asks a question: is she a lesbian? The BBW, somewhat angrily, says yes and asks what business is it of hers? The cheerleader smiles and removes her graduation gown, revealing that she's not wearing anything under it before hungrily kissing her.

After this twist, the cheerleader admits that part of the reason she picked on the other girl was because she had a crush on her (and was trying to cover up being gay; hence the reason she Really Got Around in high school) but, now that they're out of high school, she wants to act on it. Of course, to use the old trope, Coitus Ensues (along with some light kinky sex; the BBW extracts some payback on the cheerleader first for tormenting her)…

At the end of the story, as they're in bed together, the cheerleader asks the BBW what college she's going to; after the BBW reveals it, the cheerleader reveals that that's where she's going, too. They then embrace, of course...

How's that for a story idea?

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If someone already wrote this story on a different story site (spam!) why are you asking people of Lit to write the same thing here?
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Lindsay_O, I got inspired by reading that story to write an idea for my own story. I'm relatively new to this board and I had no idea that was spamming. If it is, I apologize. It is an interesting premise, which is why I wrote it down (besides, there aren't many stories with a lesbian BBW on Literotica)...

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Write it; submit it; see what happens. There is no cost.
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I like this idea.
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