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Waking up from cryo-sleep

So here's the idea:

In the future, humanity makes a trip to the stars with billions of people going along in massive ships, due to the trip taking decades if not centuries, most of the passengers go into special stasis/cryo-pods to sleep in until they get there.

When the designated time arrives, our lead is woken up, only to find things didn't go as planned.

Some possibilities:

1. Woman wakes up only to find the ship over the years has been taken over by an alien species. The species has been happily living off of the food replicators and energy provided by the ship's reactors. Of course, they're very interested in the bountiful supply of humans who are still woozy from being woken up.

2. Woman wakes up but finds her pod had a glitch which woke her up decades after her family. Now her son is older than her...but surprisingly handsome.

3. Guy wakes up only to be grabbed by several muscular figures and is tossed into a loading dock along with everyone else who was in a pod. The figures who captured them, despite barely looking it, are human. Only the elites got use fully functional pods. The maintenance crew and other groups that couldn't have their work done by machines, only got pods that let them sleep for a short period at a time, with the plan being the machines would follow a routine of brainwashing and guiding them to be a slave class for the elites, with multiple generations being born on the ship.

However, they got wise to this and slowly took control of the ship back. But between cosmic radiation and multiple variables as a result of space travel occurring over hundreds of years, they have become changed and evolved so they're fit to live on the ship, but not necessarily on the colony. Which is why the elites got brought there. They're going to be breeding stock so the maintenance crew's children can survive on the colony.

4. (The really dark one) group wakes up and finds that additional procedures have been added to the wake up process...ones designed to turn them into sex slaves. Turns out rebel human faction or aliens captured a ship and have turned it into a factory for sex slaves

5. Nothing is technically wrong but there are some side effects: temporary memory loss and increased physical sensitivity. Hundreds of people go into a cafeteria, having no idea who they are and finding themselves getting increasingly aroused over practically nothing. What sort of things can they get up to and what will happen when their memories come back?
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I like #3
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Thanks! I like that one for allowing more creativity with encounters. For example, parts of the ship are outside the artificial gravity, so part of the crew exists in Zero-G, maintenance have long muscular appendages and extra joints, etc.

Also allows for some dillemas. Does everyone's who got in the perfected pods targeted? Or do they look through their backgrounds and judge them accordingly? So the lottery winner who bought a ticket is allowed to sleep till the colony, the CEO who helped destroy Earth's environment? Yeah...they're getting punished.

Had another idea: passengers wake up, but not in their correct rooms. Records show they were woken up previously but no one remembers what happened.


If the ship faced a problem it needed human assistance with, it was to create a clone of the required crew member to assist it, load it with the crew member's knowledge and then dispose of them when finished...well, computer is also designed to never harm the crew and make them happy. The programmers tried to work around this by making clones not considered crew members but the computer couldn't do that.

So every time a crisis came up, it would clone another crew member but not dispose of them and just make an entry that it had. Fast forward to reaching the colony and crew gets up only to discover generations of clones having an orgy.
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Just think of the massive morning wood you'd be sporting after decades of cryo-sleep! BOINGGGG!!!!!! You could pound nails with that sucker.
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Hat could be an interesting setup. Computer wakes them but they have to be quarantined with their immediate podmate while it acclimated them to new diseases and innoculates them. They're completely nude and the rush of blood and being woken up puts their bodies at peak arousal.

Podmates (family members, classmates, etc.) try to resist but the need for release is too great.

2. Trophy wife got a lot of flak from everyone and was treated as a slave by her husband. He cheated on her, his kids hated her, all of his friends humiliated her. About the only people who cares about her were the AI robots and some of his employees. Well, wouldn't you know, his pod had an error and he died from suffocation along the way. Well...that's bad. Oh, and all the finances of the ship were under his control...and the AI was the same as his company's.

More interestingly, the only law the AI accepts due to no longer being on Earth is whoever holds controlling stock in the company, and wouldn't you know upon death every last cent went to his wife, giving her control of the ship and everyone on board. There's disputes, she was only supposed to get a pittance...but the AI runs everything and says she's in charge...and things are about to get a LOT more interesting.
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