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Rich Milf Slumming


A mature woman lives on the streets, getting by through casual blowjobs, sex and other depravities for money and food and shelter. She goes from one twister experience to another, until the month is over. She then calls her limo to drive her home, where she cleans up and awaits the return of her wealthy husband, who is none the wiser.

I'm still spitballing it, and I'm aware of the disease factors and other realistic things that would come in play, but maybe for fantasy reasons those can be ignored?


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I have a few thoughts what if the rich milf was born poor but became rich because a member of her family gave her a large sum of money.

But because she was born poor the MILF feels great compassion for them especially the poor men, so once in a while she puts on a disguise and goes out on the street vand has sex with the poor men.
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Thumbs up Slumming Story Ideas

I see her crossing the border into a Mexican "Boys Town" where she ends up sitting in a store window ith her legs spread and a price tag between her legs or maybe written on her pussy. Maybe she ends up getting a pimp's brand on the inside of her thigh of her butt cheek, or her prostitution license tattooed on her inside lip.

Maybe the crew who does her yard work or some of the janitors at her husband's company rent her for a gang bang, not realizing they're fucking the bosses wife.

Maybe she gets thrown in jail and has to whore her way out, and her pimp spanks her with his belt when she gets back to the street for all the money he cost her while she was in the jail.

Maybe she has to do a sex show of some sort in one of the clubs, or she gets filmed in a bondage video.

Maybe some of her friend's husbands takes her son across the border to lose his virginity for his 18th birthday, and she ends up fucking and sucking a boy she once drove to soccer practice.

Are any of these helpful?
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I don't know if she really needs a reason for doing what she does. But feel free to write anything you think might work well.

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