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Brothel / Adult resort

So I had this idea about an adult resort which is actually a brothel. It employs various girls and they all cater to your sexual fantasies. While you can indulge in them in plain old vanilla sex they cater to most fantasies or well every fantasy a client has. Clients can be a couple of singles who choose to come at this special resort / brothel. They even have special rooms your fantasies can be enacted in... like lets say a doctors office, a classroom, a normal office, the inside of a airplane?? etc.

The brothel has special packages for weekends, a week or a maximum of 10 days guests can choose from. Now this is the first part of my idea and wanted to know if it is believable enough and can be worked on?

The second part of my idea revolves around a single man who is rich and can afford to go to a place like this to cater to his very particular fetish of gender reversal that includes crossdressing and pegging. Our hero (actually the heroine :P) goes here and maybe gets a 7 day package or a 10 day package and indluges in every sexual fantasy he has. (being a bride? schoolgirl? a hooker? etc)

The main concept behind this was that this crossdressing thing would just be the inital story. But maybe this idea can be utilized for stories with other characters as well.....
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