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Wimp is secret lovechild of bully's father. Bully follows in father's footsteps.

Wimp's mother is a secretary at a car dealership owned by his bully's father in a small town. Bully's mother is a snooty stay at home mom from a wealthy family a few towns over and wimp's father works at a car wash. Both the bully and his father have the swagger of being a big fish in a small pond. The bully and his father are out on their boat at their lake house getaway as the bully makes his father laugh while telling him stories about his friend's shenanigans, including spraying the wimp's briefs with pepper spray in the locker room while the wimp waits outside for most of the boys to leave. The bully and his friends know he'll put them on quickly without inspecting them to get out of there. The wimp soon realizes his mistake and pulls them off as quickly as he can while they laugh. "Almost as fast as your mother at the dealership! Not that she needs to take it off to see her ass in those skirts!" the bully taunts. The father lets out a deep laugh at that one. "Yeah, she's always been a real slut. How pathetic. I always knew the right one got the family name!" The bully laughs and is pleased with himself but asks what exactly his dad meant. His father catches himself and then gives his son a knowing smile, and suddenly the truth starts to dawn on the bully. The father says "The best part is she started working at the dealership after it started to make it easier, not before." "I promise I won't tell mom if-" "Don't worry son, you've already earned it." His father revs up his boat and powers his way back to their two story lake house.
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