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John Blackhawk
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Shy and quiet girls

Now i'm trying to get a few ideas, what kind of situations does a shy/quiet girl get into of a sexual nature?
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Just about anything, especially if the shy and quiet part is a facade.

But let's say it's genuine for the sake of this post.

I'd say lots of masturbation, voyeurism, and maybe some exhibition.

For example:

1. Girl is going a class trip and seems oddly excited about it despite being stuck in a crappy bus with old shocks. Her friend, who is sitting next to her, notices her getting increasingly flustered as the trip goes on. Friend confronts her at a stop and girl reveals she has a butt plug inside her and all of the vibrations go straight to the base and then inside of her). Friend is turned on by the idea and teases and fondles her the rest of the way back home, making her come over and over while no one is the wiser.

2. Shy girl masturbates in public places, the riskier the better.

3. Shy girl likes masturbating to camgirls. She tries a new site, starts fingering herself and is shocked when she find something out the site is two way: they can see you once you go into a VIP room. Performer flips the script, directing her through a mutual masturbation session and a little submission.

4. Shy girl likes wearing nothing or very skimpy lingerie under her clothes and then "flashing" imaginary passerby (she exposes herself but no one is around to witness it). One time she does so and finds out someone is watching (maybe they were behind tinted windows, maybe their car wasn't in the driveway, etc)
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This reminds me of an old Crosby Stills and Nash song, "Fair Game."

The ones you never notice are the ones you have to watch
She's pleasant and she's friendly, while she's looking at your crotch.
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I remeber there was a rumor about a shy girl that got passed around my small town. Short version: there was a sleepover the day before senior prom and the girl got invited. Girl didn't feel much like talking and instead hit the booze. She got a bit more talkative then and the topic of sex came up. Without any hesitation she tore her clothes off and jumped on top of a giant teddy bear the host had and straddled it and then had sex with it (so assume they meant she rubbed herself out on it), then climbed off of it, threw a shirt on and went to sleep, never knowing what she just did.
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I doubt shy girls have any particular kinks. I think the distinction for writing is that they may have to be written as not taking initiative, which requires other forces to push the action. I've made one attempt at writing a story about an introvert girl ending up in group sex where I used her audacious friend as a catalyst. The story can be found here in case you want to read: https://www.literotica.com/s/wrong-shower-turned-right
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There was a comedy manga a while back where a girl that looked like the psychic virus ghost from RINGU was eerily following a guy around. One day he hears strange noises from his locker and finds her inside, masturbating. Turns out she had no villainous intentions (aside from stalking...which is bad) and was too shy to tell him how she felt.

He happily accepts her love and not only has sex with her but has sex with her in the school's courtyard while loudly declaring his love (fortunately no one was around). The next day she's still shy but they hold hands and she's wearing a hair clip to keep her hair back.
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A shy nerd girl with a jock football player... she is tutoring him and they end up having sex. I would love a story like that.
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I like to imagine shy and quiet girls harboring very erotic fantasies. Under their conservative clothes, eyeglasses and ponytails, they like to literally let their hair down, stripping completely naked in a public venue (but not flashing or exposing themselves to anyone) and becoming more and more aroused at the danger of getting caught as they wander farther from their clothes, finally masturbating to a great orgasm. For instance, the geeky bookworm girl who likes to spend time in the library, or the nerdy office girl who needs to work late. Those scenarios make the best stories.

After all, it's always the quiet ones you have to watch out for…
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it's the "what's underneath" factor the story should play up. Teasing hints but never much. Just like truly shy people. They are like everyone just takes a little more unwrapping. And often the unwrapping is as much fun as the final reveal.
Words can crawl into your mind and ignite you imagination, and sometimes push you over the edge...
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