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College roommate seduces roommate and roommate' so mom on move in day

A tall order for this one but could be a fun idea for a hookup.

Mom goes with her college aged child to help them move in. There she meets her child's attractive roommate. By the end of the day, roommate winds up seducing her and her child.

Some possible versions:
1. Daughter has already been messaging roommate after connecting online and has eagerly been awaiting having sex with her. Roommate adds mom into the deal and daughter warms up to the idea. Roommate fucks daughter in the bathroom of a restaurant they went to eat at and lets mom know what happened, saying that when they get back, mom should join in. Mom's too shocked and just laughs but when her daughter gets back she can smell the scent of sex on her and becomes aroused as she looks the roommate over.

2. Son and roommate meet for the first time at move in and compare moms. Roommate is able to read how turned on son is by his mom and once he get's son's mom to leave to go check on something, he makes a deal: he bets he can seduce son's mom by the time she's set to leave. If that happens, he gets son for the night too. If he can't, his mom will be son's play thing any time she visits. Son gets a "preview" of what that might entail and agrees.

Son of course loses but roommate isn't cruel. Son's gonna be his bitch but also his right hand man and share in all the pussy and ass he's planning to get that year.

3. For extra fun, dad is around and winds up watching as his wife and kid get seduced.
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