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Looking For A Co-Writer For A DD/lg erotica novel.

Hello again,

I know I have posted before but I am still searching for a writer to collaborate with me on a DD/lg themed erotic novella. I'm looking to write a story with substance and not just vapid sex. I am open to story/plot ideas and I would prefer if the dominant male protagonist be a regular guy, not a billionaire, perhaps an office worker or even a car mechanic. Meanwhile, the submissive female protagonist is cute and sexy; she's definitely beautiful, both inside and out, but not a Barbie type supermodel. I've been wanting to write a DD/lg novel for a long time and I just think it would be a lot more fun and easy with a fellow writer. So if you're interested, please feel free to contact me.
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I have someone in mind: Based (sort of) on a person I know, but would not be easily recognized by those who know him. That's one advantage of using mundane, guy-next-door characters. People can identify with them, and yet they don't assume they are those guys they no.

Please let me know if you're interested.
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let's do this....

Given a chance we can work something out. I don't need credit but would be willing to add ideas. I like the idea of a dom/male who is rather cold but never pushes his slave past the point of leaving (or shooting him). A full-length novel is hard enough and working as a pair is probably grounds for insanity but then, I was never very sane.

My profile is lacking. Can't seem to get the "edit" button to work right. I am old enough to be older than your father. I enjoy a good read, porn or otherwise. In R/L is have tried my hand at authorship and still work at it every damn day. I am not adverse to S&M or any of the other codes. Bachelor, so no holdbacks.

You're thinking of a female, first person. I like middle-aged, myself. The respectable type: mom, wife, socially active, horny and pliable as a plastic. But still on pins and needles she'll get caught and ruined. Her dom acts like he doesn't care if she gets corrupted public but, of course, knows the fall out of such discovery will cost him a sub/slave/dog/pet.

So, only about 50,000 more words to go?

Old guy who likes to chat and day dream about literature, music, and/or relationships. "Drop me a line..."
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