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writerannabelle HFHM chapter 11

I nominate writerannabelle for most original sex scene where our hero Mike Radley has sex with a witch. They are both under a spell from a flesh eating plant being forced with a powder to exhaust themselves through sex so they can be eaten. The whole scene is incredible from start to finish but these 5 paragraphs tell the most.

“I’m going to rip off your face,” Sarah informed him, before pushing him back and throwing herself on top of him. In their frantic thrusting, Sarah lifted up too high, Mike’s dick popping free. In his frantic rush to get back inside her, he missed the target, pushing his way into her tight asshole.

“Oh fuck!” Sarah grabbed his hips and sank all the way down until his balls were squeezed by her ass cheeks. She rode him like this for several minutes, and he came again, filling her ass up with his seed. Gasping for breath, he could only lie there in a daze until the powder took over once again, his entire world consumed by the desire to mate, to fuck, to pound her relentlessly.

How long had they been at this? Mike’s whole body hurt, yet his dick was doing all of the talking. Every time the powder took over, he sank even deeper into the euphoria of pure, unadulterated sex.

Sarah’s face twisted up, turning bright red as she experienced a string of orgasm all together. Eyes popping open, she stared down at Mike, opening her mouth to say something. Instead, a line of drool fell from her mouth, and she collapsed on top of Mike, gasping for air. The two of them had just been forced to run a marathon at a sprint, and Mike felt like his heart couldn’t take much more.

“I hate you so much,” Sarah told him, the anger now out of her voice. It had been replaced with acceptance, the realization that neither of them was going to survive.


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I would like to nominate my own story because I think I managed to write a pretty hot one:

"John guided Claire back into the middle of the room. He was leading her by her hair; his belt hanging loosely from her neck. Her hair was ruffled, and her dress was wrinkled beyond recognition. She held her heels in her hand and had the look of a completely satisfied, freshly fucked bitch.

"I think your girlfriend is ready for a proper DP now, man," John said calmly to Adam, who was staring at Claire anxiously.

"Are you, honey?" he asked, standing up and moving in front of her. His stiff cock pointed at her like a cocked gun.

"Yes...," she smiled, her eyes focusing on his swaying appendage..."

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I have read so much this past week, I'm near seeing double. However I love to read and I wanted to look at all the nominations and they are good. But I came down to two that I really loved. Isolated Property and Trapped in the out back. The problem is they are so different and appealed to me on completely different levels. I did reread them both a few times, that's how good they are. So I debated the merits of both and could think of no demerits of either. Fucking done my head in!

My vote goes to Trapped in the Outback, chapter two by Jasonclearwater

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Thumbs up Isolated Property: Bonus Scene

I was torn between the original story and the bonus scene, but in the end thought the bonus scene was more inventive. The scene is not only hot and detailed, but also has an element of breaking someone down psychologically.

I'd love to see more of this story, especially given the last line of this scene.

Isolated Property: Bonus Scene
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Afternoon-fun by Soma99 https://www.literotica.com/s/summer-afternoon-fun

That's when I handed her the next note. She just stared at it. Clearly she was hoping we were almost done with this game. Everything had gone just as I had hoped, even better. If it hadn't I wouldn't have used the third note.

She unfolded it, it read "start at my neck, and slowly kiss down my body until you get to stomach. Then you are going to go down on a girl for the first time."

The shivering returned almost immediately. I don't know if she was really ready for that, but I was. I pulled my shirt over my head and since I had skipped a bra I was now topless with her.

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There are so many hot scenes in https://www.literotica.com/s/coerced...itionist-laura that I can easily list a dozen. From revealing the surprising, stunning ingenue to their exhibitionist strip game and vigorous, varied sex, to the surprise meeting with an ex gf, to the foursome of friends with the ex and the ingenue and finally to both naked women stripping the virgin pizza boy (with a promise to strip and fuck him and his virgin gf), I pick these:

Steve lifted and pulled the other boot as he stared into her gaping pussy. His short cock bobbed several times as his hands wandered up her short legs. She slapped his hand away coyly. "You'll get your turn, maybe even tonight if we hot swap or explore other avenues. Until then, I'm with Al." Loyalty? Deference? Either felt great after Sue's disloyalty. Definitely not shy! Sue sipped the hot drink then pulled Laura to stand. My ex combed her fingers thru Laura's short, dark bush, circled her swelling clit then leaned her hot tongue against the sexy stranger's gaping vulva. Both gasped at the lurid boldness then Laura thrust her heated pussy against Sue's face as Steve and I took cocks in hand — our own.

Laura moved to the floor and lay on her back while Sue continued to eat her on all fours. Her beautiful pussy was aimed at me and deliberately wiggled a slow invite. Maybe as a bit of revenge, I quickly knelt behind Sue before Steve did, cupped her tiny, boney ass and gently spread her cheeks as a reminder why I thought her pussy and asshole were beautiful. Without checking, or caring, who was touching her, Sue pushed her tongue and fingers deeper into Laura as she offered her wet twat to me. My cock needed no help to find the familiar portal between her legs. Steve watched as I split my ex's cunt, hands free, and sank in fully in a single thrust. I wasn't concerned with her comfort then, just her lust.

Her familiar, classically beautiful pussy swelled around my cock and sucked it in. Her labia clung firmly to me as a 'welcome back' and swelled to its puffy fullness. The warmth and grip felt comfortable and intoxicating. I wondered if Steve had worshiped this beauty. The thought of his defiling cock filling my girl urged me to thrust harder in anger. Her puckered hole gaped each time I slammed her ass and soon a familiar, pleasant, musky aroma filled my nostrils. I always loved the scent of her ass.

As I aimed my cock to rub Sue's clit then her G, I noticed Steve kneel directly over Laura's stunning face. As she groaned at Sue's attentions, she cupped his balls then pulled his stiffness into her mouth and lapped his aching tool. He pinched and pulled her nipples without regard for their beauty or tenderness and she moaned loudly around his cock. Shortly the intensity of this impromptu four-way soared. Sue was gasping into Laura's pussy as I fiercely slammed her G, cheating cunt and asshole. I gasped as I approached my sensitive climax and my sweat sprinkled both women.

When I erupted, my vibrations pushed Sue to climax; she drank Laura's cum and pushed her to climax and Laura's shakes got Steve to fill her perfect mouth with his foul cum! We collapsed and rested happily a few minutes. Sue seemed satisfied and yet annoyed at that satisfaction on my cock! Good! After warming our mouths with the still steamy drink, Steve shouted "Switch!" Sue got on her back and Laura put her steamy tongue on my girl's swollen, wet and tasty pussy.
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The Twelve Vitali Ch. 07

The kiss was deep and passionate, and they held each other tightly. Matteo let out a low moan borne of relief. He'd not known how she would react to the small painful nips, pinches and scraping of his teeth that he had given her. At the time they only seemed to make her more excited and urged him on to continue to push her. She seemed not to be concerned about his pulling of her hair and the holding of her head as she swallowed his cum. Her eyes held no rebuke for his actions and, emboldened, he moved and flipped her to her tummy, hearing her gasp in surprise but not displeasure.

Cat quieted the negative thoughts in her mind and gave herself over to pleasure. Matteo kissed her neck and shoulders as his hand smoothed down her sides, gripping her flesh and raising her hips as they moved lower. His hand smacking her ass cheek made her lift her head, not in complaint, but in a soft moan that made her arch her back, lifting her ass as if wanting more. He smacked her again on the other cheek and let out a long slow breath with her soft moan.

More than aroused by her reactions to his smacks, he let go of his self-imposed restraint and entered her, thrusting in hard and deep just to hear the amazing sounds she made. He pulled his hips back, smacked her again and ploughed into her deeper, bending slightly to run his hands up her body to her breasts. He mauled the soft round globes and pinched her nipples as he began to fuck her.

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Yes - this one:


"Deacon, untie me now!"

"Oh sssh." He patted my chest. "You'll enjoy it. Goes like this." He gestured with his glass as he talked. "I murdered three people on this property. I want you to guess who they were and what I did with the bodies."

He crouched so his face was next to mine.

"Every time you guess right, I'll give you a blow job." He ran his fingers through my hair then gripped a fistful of it. "And every time you get it wrong, you can blow me. You'd like that, wouldn't you? That's your thing. The hungry little cockslut who never gets any."

My mouth was dry. Three people. He'd killed three people. I started hyperventilating.

Made me laugh out loud in surprise. Loved it

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Self nom... but hey, we only live once

"She has one more in her, then she will be ready for me," Tlaloc whispered leaning down again to capture my ear in his mouth. He teeth punctured my flesh again, and then only his lips worked the tiny bit of flesh. He sucked at my ear, and my eyes fell shut, remembering his mouth between my legs. His tongue moved against the sensitive flesh of my earlobe, as the girl's breathing became deep and even. His mouth moved down my neck, and I tilted my head giving him better access to the flesh. He kissed my throat, and I waited for his teeth to pierce me there as well.

But he sat back up, and raised his hand to touch the girl's sex, she barely moved under the light touch. "I will show you what comes after your work is done. But you cannot stay for the full show." He dropped his hands to lifted me again. He moved off his knees, and settled again, his legs crossed. He lowered me back onto his lap, and I felt the wooden hardness of his sex against mine. Separated by only the leather of his tunic and the fabric of the robe I ground my hips wantonly against him.

"Be still and watch," The God whispered, his lips moved against my ear. He rubbed his index finger along the wetness of the girl's sex, coating it. He ran his finger up and down the length of her slit, then slowly began pushing the finger into the core of her.

The girl moaned and her hips rocked upward. "Oh Gods, yes," I heard the girl whisper, as Tlaloc slowly pushed the finger inside her.

"If I took this cigarette and put it out on you,
Would you love me?"


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Without a DOUBT "Zomrotica"

Most original sex scene?
Zombie sex in Ravensing's "Dead Girls Never Say No"
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