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Can't access profile screen.

When I try to edit my profile, it takes me to the edit password screen. Help?
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NHCP Thing

I can't edit my profile either.

Is there any update on profiles and what the problem is? Was it disabled or is it a bug of some kind?

Or perhaps it's a NHCP thing. You know, Naked Human, Clothed Profile...
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I registered a few weeks ago and I can't edit my profile either xx
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Thumbs up

Same here.
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I have the same issues, not sure why either
Hi, I'm Jay, a young guy here from the UK, I've recently discovered Literotica and it's allowed me to further explore my love for erotic taboo themes, in particular, my strong attraction to older women and a curiosity for some older males. I have experience with older women and also enjoy Taboo themes, Role Plays but happy to chat just in general too.

Love the wonderful stories here and hoping to now share my thoughts and desires with other like-minded people.
You can also find me on Skype/KiK with the following username: A_Son_Jay
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I am hoping that this will be fixed soon. It's been doing the same for me since I refistered. I want to post in the personal section but would like to fill out my profile first.
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Registered a few days ago, and have the same problem. If I click on edit profile, it goes to the edit email, password page.
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I've been here for 2 years, and only recently wanted to change my profile. I can confirm that I've got this exact issue. Send help. I don't think I can be a virgin here any more.
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+1 bump
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Has anyone found a solution to this? I just registered this week and when I try to edit my profile in the User CP it drops me to change my password.
I am able to edit my profile for the main site, just not forums.
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