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Originally Posted by Ellienora35 View Post
I would like to nominate Lucy in The Mountain by Marileigh. She is resilient and fun to read about. Her scene in chapter 4 when they mate is seriously awesome
I second Lucy
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More believable and more nuanced than most teens in these stories.
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Sexy Cecilia in Home for horny monsters

Originally Posted by Adorios View Post
I found the description of Cecilia in "Home for Horny Monsters" to be erotic and unique. She shows up in many chapters, I linked the first sex scene of hers.

I second this nomination Cecilia is super sexy.Redheads have always been my Kryptonite and this one has emerald green eyes ...Now she is a banshee but in the last chapter through a life essence transfer...wink..wink...she takes a more human form.

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I nominate the character Gs in the story "The Invitation" written my Vaughan1: https://www.literotica.com/s/the-invitation-23
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Anais (Ana) from Love Note Pt 2
Link to Love Note Pt 2

This is a real woman the author carefully crafts to get over her hangups and slowly but surely matures in the company of a demanding musician. Some of the techniques the author uses are over my head, but the story always flows well and the characters are so believable it's amazing. This deserves serious consideration.
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Originally Posted by A_Girl_And_Her_Dragon View Post
From the Alex & Alexa stories by BiscuitHammer. She's my daily masturbaton material.
Yes, Aunt Alexa is absolutely the sexiest female character this previous year.
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Karly from the "Falling" series.

Book 1: https://www.literotica.com/s/falling-29
Book 2: https://www.literotica.com/s/fallen-21
Book 3: https://www.literotica.com/s/falling-down-3
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Originally Posted by Etaski View Post
I'd like to nominate Death&Taxes's character Christina Lee Dodd, in her story "Bass-Ackwards." She performs one of the best blowjobs in Ch 3 that I've read in a story, but she and her counterpart Bill are more than that.


Christina Lee Dodd in Bass-Ackwards is hella sexy; can't wait to read more about her.
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Second this notion.

Originally Posted by A_Girl_And_Her_Dragon View Post
From the Alex & Alexa stories by BiscuitHammer. She's my daily masturbaton material.
cant agree more.
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I nominate Laura in https://www.literotica.com/s/coerced...itionist-laura
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