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Originally Posted by Alicia_Kim View Post
Here's one I got one evening from some Asshat I'd never communicated with before:

"Like it in the ass?"

Of course, that one immediately made my knees weak and my panties wet. It was true love at first PM.... NOT!
I've gotten that same one recently!
👄 Lady
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The latest charmer to make it to my block list: -

41 m england 8in bangladeshi meat asl?

"Go fuck yourself poppet. Look at people's profiles. Mine says, 'NOT FUCKING INTERESED!"

Woman fucking idiots

"I doubt that mate, cos you're quite clearly not getting laid."

What if...

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"Asshattery," LMAO!
Well said.
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The backstory: I troll a fake news page on Facebook for shits and giggles because I have no life. Yesterday some dude in the comment section said, in response to nonexistent people getting fired from their nonexistent jobs, "Good show no respect your fried," to which I replied, "My fried what?"

Last night I got a message request from him, which I decided to accept because I was bored, and this exchange happened:

Asshat: Fired fired can't you read or you just another dum liberal

Me: *posts screencap of the edit history on asshat's comment*

Me: Oh, Sweetie. You edited your post twice and you still couldn't get it right. But I'm the dumb one. This convo is going straight to my timeline.

Asshat: *posts gif*

Asshat: *posts gif*

Asshat: *posts gif*

Asshat: *posts gif*

Me: *requests $200 from Asshat for harassment*

Asshat: *denies request for $200*

Me: *posts laughing sticker*

Me: Now go away, little boy. [asshat is actually an elderly man]

Asshat: Poss off

Me: Poss?

Asshat: *posts gif*

Asshat: *posts gif*

Me: Are you following the post about you on my timeline? My friends love you!

Asshat: *posts gif*

Asshat: *posts gif*

Me: Now go find someone else to harass. If you message me one more time, I'm adding my husband to this conversation and sending my friends to spam your timeline.

Asshat: *blocks me*
Too fucking cool for a sig.
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Since I've been on Lit. I've learned so much about about Asshattery I don't know if I should laugh or just cry at the stupidity of people . Well I guess what I read once is true.
"Never underestimate the power of human stupidity "
"Never try to out stubborn a cat "

"May you live as long as you wish and love as long as you live."

"Chocolate is a Gift from the God's"

"Prejudice is a commitment to ignorance"
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I brought my plunger!
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Originally Posted by steve6161 View Post
Since I've been on Lit. I've learned so much about about Asshattery I don't know if I should laugh or just cry at the stupidity of people . Well I guess what I read once is true.
"Never underestimate the power of human stupidity "
Always look on the bright side!
Their effort/perils can make you look awfully smart.
Every day you should learn something new, make a difference ....or do something kinky, dangerous or illegal.
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just this guy, you know?
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cumference quoth:
always look on the bright side!
...of life!
"i think this line's mostly filler"--willow rosenberg, once more, with feeling, season 6, buffy the vampire slayer

exemplar of youthful snark: "does it hurt little boy? are you going to cry now? well suck it up and be a man."

psst! hey, wanna see a blog?
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The newest entry that I've received that is asshattery worthy:

"Iím just looking for hot sex! lol "

At least he was straight to the point

Here's all that I have to say to him:

Okay, so I can't update my profile, what fucking shit! Okay, yeah, I've come back to the Lit building. You fuckers couldn't keep me away. Who am I fucking kidding? Yeah, sometimes this place (and its residents) annoy the shit out of me. I guess that I just need the periodic break from here. Maybe one day I'll go on permanent vacation from here, but at least for the time being I'll still hang out here. And for anyone who read all of this, congratulations! You may have a cookie!

Oh, yeah. I restarted my Tumblr for about the 53rd time. If you can't get enough of my bitching and moaning here, I'll have more there. But if you're just looking for porn, you'll be sadly disappointed.

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