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Originally Posted by UKMilf View Post
I think I get more excited about anal these days than ‘straight’ sex. I’m getting better at taking it all and taking it hard. When I was younger it was awful, do you think that was just an inconsiderate Lover or am I getting better at it will time?
Any women really love anal?
Any men want to talk about what makes it better for them?
You have not tried anal until you have tried it with two men at once. Well not both of them in the same location. One anal and the other vaginally. I have never never never come so hard as I have when getting it like that. Anal takes a great guy or girl who want to really pleasure by doing anal and not for those who want a tight hole, wham bam type. It should take a lot of time and someone who is not really fussy if things get a little messy. In addition you need to practice a lot with yours first. They sell them in thickness graduations, start less thick to thicker over a few months and then try anal sex, you will see how much more it had improved to be able to to accommodate with out pain. Oh course use A LOT of lube.

If you want full control of the situation be in top. If you need help coming use a toy or have him use a finger. If you want a mind blowing drug like high use two mature men who want to please you and then themselves.
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Originally Posted by Rainshine View Post
There's really not much worse than disingenuous anal.
No kidding.
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Oh man, this was so funny till politics got involved...

Anyways to answer your ORIGINAL question. I would say both, bag lovers mixed with inexperience, but everyone gets better over time.

And just to interject on the politics, every electron whoever loses acts like a whiny little bitch, no one's stealing anything, you just didn't get what you wanted, end of story. (I'm used to losing, I'm an independent!) :P
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Originally Posted by Aphro View Post
No kidding.
Here's a true story.

Was complaining to an online friend about how my then husband (now ex) never wanted sex. Ex was Italian and so was the guy I was talking to. Guy told me to go to the kitchen naked with a clove of garlic tied around my neck and see what happened. I did.

Then I returned to the computer to tell the guy that he'd hit me in the face with the fridge door to get at the pizza within. Did not even notice me!
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