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" Please Ms. Monroe, make me cum ! " Chrissy begged.

Intent on pleasing Chrissy, who was close to the edge, Lacy concentrated on her entire pussy, even giving specail attention to her tight asshole before returning to her stiff clitty and rolling her skilled tongue in circles around the edge only to flick up and down in a practiced teasing manner while putting on a sensual performance for Josephine and her friends.

So very close...
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"You certainly picked an interesting time to bring that young man here looking for a job," Josephine told Dawn of Colin, whom she had sent to fetch more drinks. "They say first impressions mean a lot. Do you think he can handle this place?"

"I haven't gotten to know him that well, yet," Dawn replied. "But he clearly possesses that peculiar obsequiousness that's so charming and useful in certain men."
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Colin returned with the pitcher of gin and tonic and the glasses that were requested. There was a lessening in the conversation as he did so and he sensed he was being watched. He didn't remark and tried to avoid eye contact. He noticed Dawn had sat with the group and his gaze lingered on her nakedness while he hear the sounds coming from the pool. He withdrew a little, wondering what they would ask of him.
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Colin returned and Mary took the opportunity to examine him. Handsome, but coarse, he required a bit of the refinement she knew Josephine could provide. He set set the refreshed pitcher of gin and tonic and two new glasses on the umbrella table then stood away at a respectable distance, again out of her range of vision. She refilled her own glass and took a sip of the cocktail he had prepared. Not as potent as Malcolm made then, which Mary considered a blessing.

An especially loud gasp from Chrissy drew Mary's attention back to the pool. The sight of Lacy's aggressive oral sex upon the sweet little chef had Mary growing excited again. She wondered what sort of job interview Josephine might have in mind for Colin, and let her erotic thoughts drift there for the moment.
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