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Originally Posted by lyssagail View Post
I sit on pins and needles waiting on her next story and read them all in one sitting 😆

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Wonderful stories. Second choice if allowed would be the marvelous XelliebabeX

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Totally agree with you. She really shows that she has done lot of research and genuinely getting into the skin of the character she is writing about. Whther it is bikers, guns as in the latest story.

I nominate her too.

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I wish I could pick more than one coz there's a few like Xelliebabex that I see as influential but if I have to pick one, BlackRandi
Chloe Tzang

Chloe's latest is One Night in Xanadu", where a Princess of the Xiongnu finds herself in the Great Khan's summer palace and you can also find it in the One Night in XXX Story Event
And here's Chloe's second to latest, a little Gothic horror romance, Midnight at the Villa Diodati, where the Lady Li-hua Baskerville finds herself in Geneva in 1812, with her husband, Mary and Percy, Claire, Byron and one or two others....

All of Chloe Tzang's stories can be found here
Chloe supports our Veterans by drinking Black Rifle Coffee
Aaaaand... Chloe's first actual published short story ("Blood Sacrifice") now available on Amazon as part of the Sex and Sorcery 4 anthology
And Chloe's first novel, "Mistaken Identity", is also now available (on that website that sells books)

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Originally Posted by Cravingdick View Post
I nominate silkstockingslover. No one writes more diverse stories than her.
i agree

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I back ChloeTzang for most influential author

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Multiple nominations.

I would like to add to nominations list.

I agree that Burntredstone, Tefler, and Harddaysknight all deserve to be tagged in the most influential writers category without failure. Constantly putting out compelling work that is continuing years old storylines is inspiring and something to strive for for any author. And a gem to find as a reader.

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Chloe Tzang

There are many great writers on Literotica, but for me the choice is clear; it's Chloe Tzang. Her writing is clear, stylish, well thought out and decidedly sexy. She knows how to weave a good story, and she does a great job with the personalities of her characters. She has an understanding of how people might well act in given situations that makes her characters believable and interesting. This makes for great erotic fiction.

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I agree that Chloe Tzang should be nominated for this award. Her writing style, views expressed from the first person and female perspective are very informative. She offers insight to her characters and the stories she pens are very steamy and sexy.
Blessed is the man, who having nothing to say, abstains from giving us worthy evidence of the fact.

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Smile Most Influential Writer

Chloe Tzang without a doubt!

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MelissaBaby. The end.
And then she asked me, “You did what? With who? For how many Thin Mints?”

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I NOMINATE for the most influential writer

I nominate Chloe Tzang for the most influential writer award because she really knows how to get you into her characters and into her writing.

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I'd like to nominate DarkPulse and Lien_Geller. Solid and well-crafted story writing. BurntRedStone usually delivers as well, and he's branched out to other categories.

Some shouts out for the ladies:
Maybe as an honorable mention - or perhaps, Most Promising New Talent category? writerannabelle, seems to be developing quite well in the Non-human category. RedFireBrand and Thatawfulwowporno are doing well; the latter still has punctuation issues, but her characters are distinct.


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a very close second was IncomingPornDuck

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Smile Most Influential Writer

Tefler, all the way.

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Thumbs up Nomination


In my opinion, the stories provided by careythomas transcend the literary categories on this site. The main characters are women who fall in love with women, but the stories told could happen to anyone...Personally, I wish that I could experience any one of those stories during my lifetime. This is the mark of a talented author.

Old 06-03-2018, 11:51 AM   #93
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Randi should retire the trophy - she's made a substantive difference in a lot of our lives

Old 06-04-2018, 07:18 AM   #94
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For most influential this year I have to go with this guy.

Old 06-13-2018, 07:08 AM   #95
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It's still Tefler

Tefler continues to redefine the genre of science fiction. And for my money, when it comes to plotting, there's no one on Lit who can touch him.

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Bestest writer

Silkstockinglover. Gay, lesbian, interracial, cuckolding, old/young, nonconsent/consent, Silk does it all at the highest level and is more than merely prolific.

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Most Influential Writer - Vote

Lost Boy

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Really Experienced
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Silkstockinglover or BlackRandi or Chloetzang....all are great candidates.

Last edited by Calista85 : 06-18-2018 at 04:58 PM.

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Originally Posted by Calista85 View Post
Silkstockinglover or BlackRandi or Chloetzang....or anyone not writing the same never ending series to milk money out of people.
I'm there. Especially when you could cut every "you're awesome and sexy!"/"no, you're awesome and sexy!" compliment that the characters are written to give to each other and probably cut the whole thing in half.

And as for plot in the same category, Etaski has a broader and more complex plot with a variety of philosophy and spirituality used to develop her fantasy world (and the story is finished), but it's easy to say no ones better when you read one thing. Like getting all your news from Fox.

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writerannabelle- Is highly creative and inspirational.
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