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Commission Illustrations

Hello. I was just wanting to clarify the requirements for illustrations. I am not an artist, but I have commission a number of illustrations and character sketches for my stories. I am the owner of those images, though I am not the copyright holder (that is a standard contract I use for illustration commissions).

Am I allowed to submit those to the illustrations section? Or must I be the copyright holder and/or original artist?

Thank you.
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It depends on what your contract says.

If it says for one time or single use then no. Once you used the pic for what your contract says that's it. If the contract says unlimited use, (which I doubt) then you can use it as many times as you want.
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My contracts say unlimited use. So, to submit for Literotica, would I need to submit a copy of the contract as well?
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This could be a grey area. Commisioning artwork for a story with unlimited use usually means that the published story with acredited art can be reproduced over and over. Unless you explicitly commisioned the work as stand alone art [unusual] or discussed publishing the artist work on a forum such as this than there could be contract issues. If you do publish it here make sure you credit the artist (after getting permision to do so)
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