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Originally Posted by Consilience View Post
I just started watching and it's definitely more cinematographically (Sheesh that's a long word) competent than the Christmas Special, but uh...The movie, quite near the beginning, states the following:

Anastasia: "So you want a, what did you call it...vanilla relationship?"
Grey: "It means we only do what you're comfortable with."

Putting aside the fact that they got that so wrong, think about what that means for a second.
Vanilla = Only do what [Presumably both parties] consent to do.
So it's a direct extrapolation that BDSM necessarily involves raping and/or abusing the pyl if 'vanilla'/normal is defined as a consensual relationship.
And a few second prior to that Grey stated that he was trying to cure himself of his implied sexual sadism. (I'd argue that he's just a sadist in general.)

Great start, movie!
Let me know if you feel as if you're still sentient after watching the whole movie. If not, I'm sure we can figure out some sort of emergency treatment.
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Eh, certainly not the absolute worst movie I've ever seen but would probably make it into my bottom 10.

Most reviews I've looked at primarily focus on the lack of chemistry and narrative structure to this film which it most certainly has a tremendous lack of. E.g on chemistry; the cast got a (slightly) better acting instructor than in the first film but the entire dialogue sounds as bland and monotonous as two people discussing the intricacies of chess while watching paint dry, there's no verbal or physical flare to anything anybody does. They even managed to perform an I-throw-my-drink-in-your-face-in-disgust moment with such dullness that it took my intellectually fatigued brain a few seconds to acknowledge it.

The structure is just ridiculous. Bear in mind that in the first movie Anastasia was continually stalked by an entitled psychopathic control freak (Grey) and the movie ended with her being emotionally manipulated to the point where she asked to be assaulted, which led to her leaving in fear and disgust of Grey and moving far far away from him. Well in this movie, straight off the bat, everything from the first movie is chucked out the window and she ends up being the one who heavily instigates the flirtation and sex.

Not sure if this one belongs in chemistry or structure, but it's like the writer forgot after 15 minutes of the screenplay that they were meant to be writing a movie about BDSM and the whole thing spiraled into a terrible quote unquote 'romance movie' that played out more like a poorly rated 12-page psychodrama on this website than a multi million dollar production. With a cuff thrown in here and there.

Although, the poor production quality alone isn't enough to make it one of the worst movies I've ever seen since it's certainly not so poor that it rivals the Star Wars Christmas Special. It's one of the worst movies I've ever seen because of how offensively stereotypical and mischaracterizing of the entire concept of BDSM it is. An accurate comparison would be a movie straight out of 1960's Mississippi where all the gay characters are old men prowling around primary schools (Kindergarten?) in opaque sunglasses and beige trench coats. You can probably piece together what I mean from my notes.
All compounded and made worse by the fact that this is a mainstream depiction of BDSM which apparently 53% of audience members liked.

I'm not doing any justice to how bad it is with these poor explanations, so in summary: If you never saw this movie before you died it should not be something you regret at all.

Here are the raw notes I made while watching.
* The entire reason they're even a thing again is because Anastasia thinks she can cure sexual sadism.
* Implying that BDSM is necessarily rape by defining 'vanilla' as a relationship where partners actually consent to activities.
* Stating that being a PYL is the result of child abuse and great trauma by a drug addicted mother and sexual abuse by an older woman.
--In the case of that older woman the same is true. She's a dominatrix and pretty much agrees that she abused him.
* Christian is a psycho stalker as usual who steals Anastasia's bank information and has a filing cabinet full of data on his ex-subs.
--Although to be fair Anastasia does think that's a little out of place, not a ginormous red flag to GTFO though.
* She's trying to force him to get rid of his sexuality, he's trying to force her to acquire it, despite both of them unambiguously saying what the other is trying to do is impossible.
* Subs (Not inc. Anastasia since it's clearly stated that she isn't one) are emotionally-crippled mentalists with severe attachment issues.
* Christian says he can only acquire sexual gratification from hurting women who look like his mother. Apparently this movie is a remake of Bates Motel.
* Christian does and says a bunch of really out of character and sub-ish things.

Essentially the movie only exists to reinforce ancient stereotypes about people anywhere on the BDSM spectrum being psychologically aberrant and dangerous, depicting specifically Sub-Dom relations as something to be avoided for the mental and physical health of everyone involved, and shamelessly not even trying in any small way whatsoever to advance any realistic portrayal of BDSM.


~ ~ ~ ~

Having trouble sleeping for unrelated reasons. Decided to change my review rating of it from 0.6 to 1.2, I was being a bit too harsh.
Although if this had been a normal 'romance' movie that did not attempt to portray a sub-dom relationship I would probably say it's at least a 3.5 or more. It's the antiquated and demonized portrayal of the relationship that really bugs me.
I never know what to put here.

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