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If I had seen it coming I might have turned quickly, embarrassed, and politely offered a cheek to what would surely be a coarse, beery grope of his mouth. But when he suddenly leaned forward and pressed soft moist lips gently against mine, I found myself closing my eyes and wishing I could feel this moment forever.
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after chatting for several weeks we met at my friend's apartment. i was so excited and could feel my heavy breathing. we decided to watch a movie, but we really just wanted to climb each other's trees. i stooped down on the ground to put in the dvd and hoped he would press himself against my bottom. we snuggled on the couch and i was on fire from his soft, warm skin. we nuzzled our noses sweetly, then wilted into a gentle kiss. we both shivered. i've been in love with him ever since.
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sounds i dig

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My first kiss was sweet and innocent. I was only 5 at the time and I had just moved to a new house and the only kids my age were girls. I never went through the whole "girls are yucky" phase so I became friends with the two girls there particularly one named Jessenia. We always played with one another and one day we went to one of our friends and we play house. I was of course the dad and Jessenia was the mom and when I walked in the room (our "house") I kissed her.

I remember my dad always used to do that to my mom and I figured that's just what a mom and dad did. Nothing ever came of it, down the line she moved and that was it but when I look back at that day I can't help but think of a time when thing were so simple, when I thought loving a person could be signified by giving them a kiss.
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Here goes...(this is from a noir-style novel I am working on...)

The breeze has picked up and I awaken to a tingling sensation at the base of my throat. My eyes flutter open and I see Harry’s dark head bowed at my breast, his lips teasing the notch between my collar bones. His hand is somewhat south of there, caressing my leg near the hem of my skirt with maddening leisure. He must sense my wakening and he raises his head and stares deeply into my dark eyes, his fingers continue to creep over my skin. “I didn’t get any dessert.” He leans forward and smothers me with his mouth as his hand takes hold of my leg.

Lucky for him Dave ditched me this morning. My nerves had been tingling nonstop since the bread man’s kiss and the gun shot only served to ramp up my desire. I kiss Harry back slowly and lightly at first, like his fingers on my thigh, until I hear his breathing all but stop. I slip one arm around his shoulders as I sit up on the lounger, our lips still engaged. He returns the kiss, deeper this time and I let my other arm slip between us and my hand grazes the package in his pants, swollen and waiting to be opened. He disengages his lips long enough to sigh, “oh yeah”.
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I remember sitting on the back of his truck, he had his fingers intertwined with mine. He leaned down and put his lips to mine. When his lips made contact with mine I felt the warmth spread through my body, starting from my mouth all the way tomy toes. His lips were smooth but firm, and when he slipped his tongue into my mouth that warmth turned to a boil. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. I was in heaven, It was a breath taking kiss. Now keep in mind at the time I was only 15yrs old and he was 22 years old..

I think often of that kiss and while there has been many other kisses. None as rememberal as that. I think it was the way he touched me, softly caressing my cheeks. The surroundering of innocences. I jus can't for get how soft his lips and tongue were..
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Here we go. My first kiss, from her perspective.

It was after a long day. We'd gone to the museum with some friends, come back to his house, and now we're sitting on the couch together, cuddling. There are only two problems.


Did I mention how much he likes bad old movies? That was the first problem. Not such a big deal, since it kept his parents out of the room, but I wish we could have watched something a bit more serious.

The second was that there was one friend who'd yet to go back home from his house, and he would NOT. STOP. TALKING TO HER.

His arm is secure and warm around my body, his torso pressed softly against mine. But he keeps talking about Batman while watching Batman, and all I have is the gentle caress of his occasional kisses to the back of my head.

Time for dramatic action. Since we're at an angle where his body mostly obscures mine from view, I figure there's no harm in, say, moving my face to his ear and softly licking it, or in giving it a soft nibble.

He finishes his sentence and turns to look at me, and I can visibly see his pupils dilate to see take me in better.
That's better, I think, and move down to bite his neck.

He keeps talking, but it's clear now he's just being polite, that his attention is focused somewhere else.

While she starts one of her lengthy monologues on whatever subject they're discussing, he leans over and kisses my earlobe, softly at first, then more aggressively until he's nibbling mine the way I'd nibbled his before. At just such an inopportune moment, she stops talking and he responds. I've got about five seconds to be mad though, before he leans back down and breathes so softly in my ear

"Is this a dream?"

I giggle under my breath and whisper
"Of course not."
At that moment, he moves in and kisses me carefully. His lips are chapped and dry, but soft despite the rough skin. I part my lips and gently run my tongue on his. He responds hesitantly, and we were soon involved in a sweet, slow soul kiss. He pulls away for half a second to give the other girl a one word answer before coming back down to kiss me again.

Soon she has to leave, and we only have about five minutes to ourselves: five minutes we spend kissing each others ears, necks and lips again. Then my dad shows up, and I have to leave without kissing him goodnight.
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You never forget your first kiss do you...

15 years old. So was she. I went to a 'beer festival' as its called in Bradford. Basically a cheap concert and booze for the family. Went with my cousins and got introduced to a friend of my cousin. Emma. Good looking, not beautiful but definatly pretty. The sort of person you could say had a realistic beauty. A realistic girl. As the night got on and we were all a bit tipsy, we stole off to go sit under a tree near the camping site. Me, Emma and the cousin who introduced us... (Unnamed for privacy lol) The enevitable happens. A game of truth or dare.

For a little while the innocuous truths cone out none of us wanting to embarress ourselves by being too honest. Then someone says dare and I suggest that Emma and my cousin kiss. My cousin refuses. She says she cant kiss her best friend. Emma says that My cousin should kiss meknowing full well that we would refuse. The only option left is me and Emma. We shared a look that screams 'yes.. this result is what we were looking for the whole time but neither of us wanted to say it out loud!!!'

Nervously, I lean forword and close my eyes. I'm inexperienced so I go straight for the tongue because that's what I've seen in the movies. She dosent stop me though. The rush is exciting. The first feel of warm wet lips against yours. Of a tongue probing your own uncontrollably. I open my eyes to see my cousin sneaking a glance at us. I give her the middle finger and she turns her back.

Then it finished all to quickly. Although that wasn't the last time we kissed that night
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Between meetings- my first time, please be nice :)

I have to be honest and say that at first I didn't even notice him in the room. He must have been sweeping behind the door. I saw the mess left by the last meeting though and cursed. Food, drink and papers. And on such a hot day too, making the room smell ripe. I leant over to clear the table and was full stretch over it, one leg up and one on the floor. The sudden of the skirt around my buttocks made me feel very aware of myself, I stretched further forward to clear the far side of the table. The bra I was wearing was too small for me and I was overspilling. I felt a little shiver as the cold glass touched my breast through the thin cotton of my blouse. My nipple hardened, quick as flowers close to frost.

And then I knew there was someone in the room with me. I slid off the table and turned. It was a cleaner. He was tall, slim to the point of thin and wirily muscled. I don't know where he was from, but his skin was the colour of walnut and his black eyes seemed like they could be from anywhere, from everywhere.

I was very aware that those eyes had settled on my long, dark nipple which was easily visible through my thin blouse. Then he looked down and I was relieved until I realised that in sliding off the table my skirt had ridden up. The tops of my pale white legs were exposed and I felt his gaze rise from the top of my nude stockings to the still dark, still thankfully covered space between my legs.

How long we stood there, I don't know, but it was time enough for a thick bulge to spread along the leg of his dark, close fitting trousers.

A noise in the corridor broke the spell. I felt suddenly exposed and covered my chest with my arm. He also was embarrassed and pushed past me to leave.

Somehow, though, in our bewilderment we knocked into each other. I felt my lips graze for one second by accident and then for a single, infititesimal infinity, he was kissing me. I felt the heat of his body and, fleetlingly, the blunt, heavy power between his legs as he pushed against my hips.

Then he was gone, stumbling out, leaving me breathless, shocked and aroused almost to the point of no return.
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We had been dancing around it all night. Literally.

I had bought him, or rather his skills, in the company's silent auction. I had a wedding coming up and wanted to not make a fool out of myself, he was offering ten lessons in a variety of styles. It seemed perfect.

I got it for fifteen dollars more than I meant to spend, but it quickly proved a deal. He was a patient teacher and a good guy to spend an hour and a half with twice a week. I admit it, I fell for him. And I could tell, or I told myself I could tell, the feeling was mutual.

Here it was our final lesson and I had spent the entire day hyping myself up to make a move. The minutes ticked by and talked myself in and out of it too many times to count. Finally, the tension was too much and all my plans, my cute lines, went out the window.

At the end of a promenade, I held on instead of stepping away and rose onto the tips of my toes. I locked eyes with him and smiled a slight, crooked smirk.

"I'm with someone," he whispered.

I admitted, "Me too," and pulled him closer anyway. Our lips touch, barely a brush at first. Then, again, open, warm, and inviting. Our first kiss...not our last.
Writing here under same name (The_Maestro_Braddock). Always open to questions, constructive criticism, and suggestions provided you are ok with me not necessarily agreeing with/to everything.
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“For the first month of Ricardo and Felicity’s affair, they greeted one another at every stolen rendezvous with a kiss – a lengthy, ravenous kiss, Ricardo lapping and sucking at Felicity’s mouth as if she were a giant cage-mounted water bottle and he were the world’s thirstiest gerbil.”

Merrily stolen from the Bulwer-Lytton prize for bad writing
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Originally Posted by wonderingwhy View Post
497 words

My palms are sweating, and I’m almost positive she can hear my pathetic heart pounding against my ribs as it threatens to beat right out of my chest.

“Um, I had a great time tonight,” she says as I walk her to the door. “Thanks for dinner.”

I wipe my hands on my thighs, hoping she doesn’t notice, and reply, “Sure.” God, can I possibly get any lamer?

We stand awkwardly on her porch for what seems like hours, looking anywhere and everywhere but at each other, and I’m just waiting for her dad to fling the door open at any second and ram his shotgun down my throat as payback for all the nasty thoughts I’ve had about his innocent little girl throughout the night.

After releasing a sigh, she mutters, “Well, um, I guess I should go.”

She takes a hesitant step toward me, and I do the same, wondering what the hell is going through her mind. Does she want me to kiss her? Hug her? Stick my hand out like the sorry loser that I am?

Finally, our eyes lock, and in that moment, my nerves seize hold of my entire body, and I swear, I can’t feel my legs. Of course, I can feel my cock as it practically thrashes about in my jeans in its effort to break free and molest her. My breathing is so erratic that I hope and pray like mad I don’t pass out like a pussy in front of her.

I reach a shaky hand out and tuck a stray lock of hair behind her ear as I swallow the painful lump in my throat and inch my face closer to hers. Her hazel eyes flutter shut, and it’s all the encouragement I need.

My lips brush tentatively against hers, and oh God, they’re so amazingly soft and full, and I’m going to die if I don’t have more. A ragged breath escapes me, and I want to reach out and grope her tits, but I’m pretty sure that would freak her out so I settle for grasping her hips instead. She lets out the tiniest whimper, the sound sending a shiver all the way down to my toes, as her arms wrap around my neck.

I sweep my tongue against her lower lip, and she opens her mouth without hesitation. The throbbing in my jeans is almost painful, but I try to ignore it as best I can as my tongue delves inside her hot, little mouth and slides and tangles against hers.

She moans, and I groan, and all I can think about is ripping her clothes off and pounding into her slick heat like a battering ram.

No sooner has the thought entered my mind, than I hear a throat clearing, and my eyes flash open just in time to see her father’s red face as he snarls at me like an angry bear about to tear apart his next victim.

Oh shit.
Suspenseful, humorous and very realistic. I actually laughed out loud at the imagery you envoked with your words! Such talent.
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He walked me home. I had totally jerked him around for the last month, and this time I texted him from a Thursday night get-together turned drunk-show. I felt bad. He actually showed up. I stood him up only a week ago for another guy I was after. The bar door swung open and there he was. What the hell is wrong with this guy?, I thought. Work clothes and all, pea coat and grey slacks, he stood out. Hair was wet, it started raining in the time we had been drinking. My friend was busy chatting away her man, but Jack was too sober to be on my friends' level. 20 minutes later and I hadn't given him a single clue as to why I wanted him here.

He announces he's "gonna head out". He finishes the last of his beer and before I can begin my feeble protest behind the guilt, he heads off. Apparently he went to the bathroom, because he comes back and tells me he's gonna walk me home. I think in my surprise my guard went down, so telling my friend I was leaving seemed to take all of 2 seconds without the basic girl-checks.

We head out and it is some terrible weather. He apologizes for not having an umbrella. I think he could have just driven me home, but I wasn't thinking straight.

"How was your week?" How could this asshole be so formal? He's just exhausting, I'm thinking. I told him about a work story where my co-worker brought her annoying dog into work.

"Why don't you have a dog?" Now he's asking questions that make me think, and it's pissing me off.

Maybe he picked up on it, so he stops talking and now we're just walking in silence. Awkward.

I'm sorta looking at the rain and the townhouses around us, and it's kind of nice. We turn the corner and have about 100 yards left.

"Jack?" He turns to look at me, "Why did you come pick me up?"

He looks straight ahead, and a moment later says something completely different, "you know I think they're building an addition to this townhouse community?"

Who knows what response he was expecting. I'm too tired to care. Finally, we get to my house, I want to goto bed. I start toward my door, hoping to get enough distance between us to give a quick "goodnight" without any funny business.

Just as I turn around, he says my name, "Jessica," -- not 'Jess'. Oh what?, I'm thinking.

"You forgot your keys at the bar." He's holding up my ring of keys, the silver one shining up top. Is he going to give it to me? He's just standing there, so I go toward him and he hands me the keys. When I look up, he's already come in and kisses me square on the lips, wrapping his other arm around my hip. Before I could push away, he ends the kiss.

"Good night." He's already turned to leave before I can even make sense of what happened.

I stand there a second in the rain before I open the door and sink into my bed.

What a jerk.

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536 words, eep
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He was such a gentleman. Too much the gentleman. He opened doors for me and rose to his feet whenever I did. He said all of the right things and none of the wrong. Yet, still, I was never more relieved when an evening was over than I was standing there on my front porch. There was just no heat, no passion in him.

I turned to tell him that little white lie, that I had had a good time. While vowing internally that I would have plans the next time he called, possibly up to and including visiting my maiden uncle who was recovering from his sex-change operation in Australia, my eyes met his and something unexpected happened.

I remember wondering what possibly possessed me to think this man was safe and passionless as his eyes seemed to seer me. Something hidden in the vaults of my heart stirred and began to pace up that long, dark corridor in answer to what I saw there. My fingers itched to smooth back a strand of hair the gentle night breeze was blowing across my mouth. Yet, I could not move, frozen by those eyes.

My pulse hammered in my throat as his eyes dropped to my mouth the way a gourmand would lovingly eye a succulent tidbit. Slowly, his hand came up and his fingers hooked the straying strand away from my lips. The backs of his strong fingers were like a feathers caress, so lightly did they graze my cheek.

"I have wanted to do this since I first saw you." He said, his voice husky with need.

I felt dizzy as he stepped closer, dizzy with the intoxicating scent of his skin. I wanted to watch him come to me, but my eyelids fluttered closed with that first movement of air just before his lips touched mine.

An explosion of sensation bombarded my mind from my lips as his generous mouth took them. My breath caught as his lips caught my bottom lip and pressed it gently but firmly between them. I swayed with a need I didn't wholly understand and felt another sensory delight as his muscular chest and strong arms caught me to him.
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We look at each other across the small dimly lit room. the sweet musty smell of stored paper in the air. Only a few feet of space separate our two bodies, yet how every breath and heartbeat seems to echo and move outward in infinite ripples. Even though the world buzzes outside the door, the files of the records room insulate us from prying eyes.

Breath escapes gingerly from between our lips, afraid something, anything, might break the tentative silence and unleash the wave of electricity so potent it crackles. Her eyes intently look from underneath lashes, a smokey look so hot it hurts to see. Lips part, throats work to swallow, heartbeats thump loudly, desire so intense it perfumes the air. Dark places swell, grow heavy, contract, wet now, slick and aching, need barely controlled.

Finally I speak. “I, ah, I, I can’t stop thinking about you.” an agonized sentence escapes. “I close my eyes, and you’re there.”

“You should have said som”, no time to finish the sentence.

I interrupt, achingly. “I can barely breathe when you’re nearby. It takes all the energy and thought I possess to have even just a casual conversation with you.”

“Why?” puzzled, she asks.

“It was pure will that allowed me to talk with you at all. My body can’t deny the way you affect me, it betrays too eagerly what I want. To be near you and ache so terribly, to be able to look you in the eyes, praying you wouldn’t look too deeply into mine.”

“You always turned away from me so quickly.” She whispers, “It left me so empty.”

“Never again.” I say, surer now.

“I thought you didn’t,” shyly “want me.” She becomes bolder, insistent. “But I wanted you. Hot and hard and deep.” A long exhalation, as if saying the words pulled the remaining air out with it. “I would lie awake at night, imagining you… imagining what you were doing.”

“I was thinking of you.” I say simply.

Her eyes suddenly gleam with knowledge.

“All this time I….. You should have given me the chance to see, to say that I felt the same way.” Her eyes snap up from the floor…

Heart-stopping seconds later palms gently touch, until finally hands are linked in a tight and sure grasp. We draw each other closer until we stand so near we feel each other’s heat. Then there is no more time to waste, no more space to leave open, no skin that must not be touched. Our lips meet in a passioned caress, sweet, willing, tender, yet purposeful. My tongue tentatively seeks entry and is given passage into a whole new world of silk, and heat, and wet. Both open to each other now, kisses so deep, filled with months of longing. Whimpers of pleasure and moans of desire pulled from places that ache with each touch fill the air.

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Its almost midnight. Can't believe it; she's on the way here. Ok... Shit! Place is a fucking mess. Gotta get cleaned up. Running around the place, throwing crap in drawers and bins and thinking, it's finally happening!

We met at on online dating app. I was scrolling through the pictures, found a cute redhead. No fucking way, she's 40?! And married. I'm 20, and single. I'm in shape from Muy Thai, so I've had a couple women that age hit on me. I wasn't sure about that, so I made an excuse. Cody told me I was a dumbass. He had a married chick he'd see every couple months. No drama, just a woman who wanted to fuck and knew how to fuck.

She's calling. Fuck! Is she canceling? We had been texting off and on for a couple months, but never actually talked. What do I say? Ok it stopped ringing. A text from her: answer the phone. I do, she's in the apartment complex parking outside the buildings. Sexy voice. I'm trying to give her directions up here. She snaps "just come down to the street. You're not getting a pizza delivered."

I go downstairs. I see her. Kind of on the heavy side, but great tits and ass. She turns, wow! Looks just as good as her pictures. She holds up her phone, looks at it and at me. "Mitch?"

"Yeah." She's saying something, I think slurring a little. That would explain the sudden text tonight if she had been drinking. She's smiling and saying I'm cuter than my picture. Cody said with the older women, just do it. They know what they want. Ok, day something. I hug her and put my hands in her hair so i can kiss her. "damn I can't believe someone just hasn't fucked the shit out of you yet."

FUCK! Did I just say that? She's gonna kick me in the balls. Wait- she's laughing. Yup. She's been drinking. She smiles at me, "that's because I'm picky." She giggles. "You're so crass."

Not sure what that means but she's pulling me down to her. Cody said the older ones like to take charge. I kiss her and wow.

Our lips meet. Hers are soft and moving over mine. Her tongue brushes my lips gently. She wraps her arm around my neck and starts stroking the side of my neck. I kiss her back, gently touching her tongue. She's got her other arm around me, rubbing my bicep, back, and chest. She's pressing her body against me, damn her tits are huge and soft. She's also pressing our groins together. I'm getting hard already. It's like she's kissing me with her body.

Mmmm, I hear her making a purring noise. I taste wine on her tongue. Now she's nibbling on my lips, and licking them between her teeth. Wow, that's cool. Cody's right, these older women know what they're doing. No awkward angles so you can't breathe, just teasing and making me hard as a rock. She's going into my mouth with her tongue. I can feel her moving around, but not just trying to shove her tongue down my throat. She licks at my tongue a couple times, then tells me "give me your tongue."

I slide it into her mouth. Holy fuck. She's caressing and massaging with hers, going around, up and down, holding it with her teeth, sucking on it, tickling the tip with her tongue. Can I get her to do that to my cock? She had said in her texts blow jobs weren't a problem. Thinking about her sucking me like that has got me so hard it almost hurts.

We must have been kissing for like an hour. Finally she's backing down. She doesn't stop, but just kind of drifts to a stop. She lets go of my tongue, runs her tongue in my mouth, pulling back, nips at my lower lip, then traces my lips with her tongue. Wow, that's different too. Not my first kiss, but first one like this. I feel like I just got a lesson. She finished with a couple pecks, no- she isn't finished. She rubbs her lips over my jaw to my neck, kisses, licks, nibbles, then back to my mouth. A few more pecks, then finally done.

Damn, if she can do that just with a kiss on the street, what is she going to be like in bed? I'm gonna cum in about 3 seconds. She's smiling at me. "Oh this is going to be fun."

Fuck yeah it is.
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Wink How I Met The New Neighbor

After I looked around and made sure that nobody else was there, I slipped off my robe and got into the pool.

But after I swam in the water for a little bit, I got out of the pool and sat down on the edge before I saw this guy satring at me and saying, "Sorry. I just came over to borrorw some ice. I ran out."

And just as I was about to tell him where the ice was, he took his clothes off in front of me and said, "I bet you never saw a white man in this condition."

And after I nodded my head slowly, he walked over to me, kneeled down and said, "No problem. You see, I never a black woman in such a fantastic condition either."

That was when he kissed me on the lips and felt this wave of sexual pleasure flow all over me.

And while I was enjoying that first kiss, he placed his hand in between my legs and felt his fingers going inside my pussy and kept on doing that until they had finally hit my G-spot.

That was when I looked into his eyes and said, "Wait! Please!"

But after I caught my breath, I took that stud by the hand and said, "Let us go inside."

And when we stepped into the kitchen, I pointed to the fridge and said, "The ice is in there."

But instead of getting that ice, he lifted me off the floor and placed me on the countertop before he laid his hands on my butt and said, "Later! Right now, I need to snack on something else!"

And after he gave me one more kiss on the lips, he had put his hands under my legs and started fucking my moist snatch and sucking the nipples on my tits.

Then, he turned me around and gave me the same hard fucking in the ass.

And to tell you the truth, we lost all track of time while we were fucking the living shit out of each other because when we had finally let cum gush right out of us, it was seven in the evening.

And of course, that made me give the stud a gentle pat on the chest and say, "You better get yourself dressed and out of here. My roommates will be home any minute and I do not want them to get the wrong idea about me."

Then, after he got dressed and took some ice out of the freezer, he walked over to me and asked, "What is your name?"

And after I let out a smile and said, "My name is Dionne Jackson.", he placed a gentle hand on my cheek and said, "Mine is Gary Glover. It really is nice to meet you, Dionne."

And while he was walking home with the ice, I suddenly found myself sticking my fingers into my pussy and wanting to see Gary again for another fuck session.
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Like most my age and defiantly like all at the party, I was slightly drunk.
There comes a time when all manner of intoxicated people need to feel the fresh air, exert some energy and ultimately, go drinking in the park down the street. So we did.
It had been years since I thought about the boy I later found fondling my breasts on a bench, I'd forgotten I even liked him.

I don't remember how it started, how I got there, when he came over, how long it had lasted. But his lips were soft and wet and he tasted almost like lemons. His hands, though awkward and needy against the outside of my dress were warm and I didn't know how but I was kissing back, it felt good.

I can almost taste it now, his lips moving, sucking, tongue licking against mine as I bravely explore his own mouth, that little scar between his nose and lips that he was so shy of.

It ended, I don't much remember that either, though I remembered the shy walk back to the party, thinking people must have saw but too numb to much mind.

Weeks later he said I was the best kisser he had ever met. It still makes me smile to remember him.
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Dorito breath. Cool Ranch for sure. Fumbling hands and ummms. Foreheads bruising before hasty apologies, nose prints on the glasses, slimy and gross.

Definitely Cool Ranch.
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A kiss in Washington Square.

Guy was far more experienced then Beth. He was also four years older, she was just 15 but looked 18. He was French and had been given extensive training the fine art of kissing. Or so he claimed. She was curious, he was very handsome and obviously older. They sat on a park bench just near the fountain, flirting for most of the evening. There was an instant spark and she felt very drawn into him. He told her to sit still with her hands folded gently in her lap while he showed her by example.

She looked up into his light blue eyes, her mouth slightly parted, her heart beating slightly faster as he began to kiss her lips softly. His gentle wet tongue glided into her mouth, continuing up between her teeth and top lip. He slowly sucked on Beth's upper lip as his fingers held her bottom lip pursed and ready for his hungry mouth and tongue to probe. He began slowly tracing her lips with his soft finger tips as his tongue expertly glided all around her opened mouth.

She sat there transfixed, unable to move as his passion caused her body to submit to him completely. She had never had an opened mouth kiss before. She felt like a deer in headlights, frozen. An Amorous bite of her lover lip awoke her from her trance. As Guy's mouth worked hers into a sweet state of ecstasy she moaned and began kissing him back.
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It was very rushed and sudden. One minute she's sat at the other end of the sofa, the next she's got her sticky arms round my neck and giving me a big sloppy kiss. Then she ran away.
She was my 3-year old Grand-daughter.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Handley Page

Incident at Cemetery Junction.
" Pest Control."
"Mavis's Car Trip."
"Norman-the-dragon. "
"Stacy & the Angel. "
" Earth Tremor on Stage ? "
" Charlie's Story. "
" How to do Audio. "
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His fumbling thin cold lips met her hot, wet loose ones, her cigarette breath made him wish he'd stayed home.
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I had already shared this on another thread, but I'll copy and paste here...

I vividly remember the first time he kissed me, so fresh in my mind, as though it only happened mere moments ago. We had been watching a movie and my head rested on his shoulder. As the credits rolled, we sat in contented silence. I felt his head turn and I lifted my own. Truly, it was like slow motion. His lips just barely grazed mine and the whisper of his soft breath sent shivers down my spine. We savoured this limbo, this delicate teasing.

My lips parted to inhale his sweet breath and his tongue found mine. The kiss quickly deepened, a hunger awakened. His hands held my face as he took my bottom lip between his. My arms were around his shoulders, holding on, afraid it would end if I let go. I leaned back, pulling him with me until he was lying on top of me on the sofa. Our lips never parted.

Never have two bodies fit so well together. He was nestled comfortably between my legs, our arms wrapped tightly around each other. Our tongues danced, our hands roamed, our bodies writhed. And all the while, we were fully clothed.

When finally our lips parted and we reluctantly pried ourselves off each other, it felt like only minutes had passed. In reality, it was three hours. We both laughed and kissed again, sweetly this time, in parting.

I will never forget that kiss
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