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Emotional hot girl love

Over 25 years my gf and I have been in each others arms. Hand in hand walk down the road, shop and when in a car kiss and a feel between our legs up to our pussies. Our holidays are spent on nude beaches. We've had quarrels mainly because of her jealousy. She doesn't mind me being with men, but seeing me with another woman the jealous mood simmers and reflects in her face.
Recently I went thru one of her jealous outbursts. We arrived at home from a biz function when I had to prove to her she is the only woman in my life. She sat on the sofa and had me kneel between her open thighs. I smelled her wet pussy. She had moved the wet panty crotch aside, then spread her pussy lips.
Prove that I am the only person in your life.
I leaned forward, my fingers teasing her inner thighs, getting closer and closer to her clit. I didn't wear panties for the biz party something my gf requested of me. Why you ask, because during the event we found a moment in the lounge area to arouse each other.
I began to circle her clit with the tongue tip. I heard her increasing moans. Panty crotch completely to the side as I began to eat her out. Licking the pussy petals I quickly stopped, undressed myself so I was able to massage my tits as I brought her to her orgasms.
Squirted into my mouth, drinking her down as much as possible. She slowly calmed down and I too had a squirt in front of her. I proved again that I love her.
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