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Father cuckholded by son


Was wondering if anyone can direct me towards any stories involving mother and son incest with a non-participatory father. Looking for ones where the father is humiliated by the son or where the mother has to tell the father that he can no longer sleep with her anymore.

I suppose as a guideline it would follow a similar story line to "a concerned husband" by Klrxo : https://www.literotica.com/s/a-concerned-husband-ch-01

Thanks in advance.
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Especially ones where the father learns about it and is subsequently humiliated... Hmm.
It's made especially difficult as the main authors that did this left the site:

Alwayswantedto (can't be found directly on literotica, but can be found)
Son's 18th Birthday
The Mom Memories: Calvin's Story

Turniphead (can't be found directly on literotica, but can be found - more difficult)
A Love Grows in Brooklyn

Just having the mother not sleep with the father any more:
Klxro's Mom's Roommate

Dinkleberry (can't be found directly on literotica, but can be found)
Thank You, Dad
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Thank you, I will keep looking for other stories however this site seems to take many of them off. I am very fond of klrxo's writing style as well as dinkleberry's(however many of his/her's have been removed from literotica). I will explore the turnip head one also.
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TheTalkMan does some stories of this sort. 'You Couldn't Handle Me' might be the sort of thing you're looking for...

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