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Pregnant Sex

I've never gotten a woman pregnant nor have I had the opportunity to be with a pregnant woman (sadly...), so I'm quite a ways out of the loop when it comes to pregnant sex. That being said, I really want to write a story about it. For the men and women here who've enjoyed this particular kind of sex, can you clue me in on any of the details that make it different--if it even is that different?
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It isn't all that different. In theory, at least.
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For us, the middle trimester was a ball in that she had such cravings for sexual attentions and for cock in her. It was grand fucking her over and over. The third trimester was different again. Sex less frequent but the delight of her curves and big breasts, and taking care with positions for her comfort, felt like a great privilege. Giving her orgasms on my cock took on this mystical sense of some of that bliss and joy and union being communicated to our unborn child. That was awesome. For me, pumping her with semen which was evidently potent, without a care about pregnancy because she was already, felt hugely fulfilling. For her, her sexual attractiveness to me through all her bodily changes was massively affirming.
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