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Been together over 20 years.

We are down to about once a month a this point.

Ideal would be at least a couple of times a week.
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Originally Posted by EndOfThis View Post
We average about 1x per month.

If we went based off my libido we would probably be 3x week.

Obviously, the gap between reality and preference is pretty big.

Wife is trying to compromise at 1x per week. I would honestly be happy with that.

The other issue for us is I crave oral sex. She doesn't like it (giving or receiving). I love both. In the last year she has only performed oral twice, and only as foreplay and neither time to completion.
I can't remember the last BJ received and worse yet, I can't remember the last french kiss.
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Originally Posted by ThirdShift View Post
I can't remember the last BJ received and worse yet, I can't remember the last french kiss.

Amen to that.

Ideal frequency; 4-5 times a week

Actual frequency; once in the last 12 months, thrice in the last 24 months.

Last French kiss circa 9 months ago.

BJ? I reckon that was 20-30 months ago.
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Preferred- 3 times a week

Reality- Don't even ask!
Some may see things as they are and say why;
I dream things that never were and say why not.

Robert F. Kennedy, paraphrasing George Bernard Shaw
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Married 41 years, three kids, four grandchildren.

Quite a variety in frequency over the various seasons of our marriage. But we are both really glad that, after a bit of a lull in frequency when the children were little [but it was still more than once per week through those years], she had a huge upsurge in sexual appetite around age 36 and we got back into a frequency of say 3,4 times a week and stayed that way until early 60's. Now, for both of us, it's lack of energy and/or slight ailments which hold us back, not lack of desire. Holidays can still be a bit of a fuck fest.

So, here's a married man more than content with his reality.
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