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Gender: Male

Age: 21 - 40ish

Orientation: Straight.

Power Exchange: Dominant and sadistic.

Race: White, black or mixed race.

Bodytype: Tall and powerful.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: No interest.

Settings: Realistic, contemporary settings.

Likes/kinks: I love humiliating and objectifying. I can compromise on the level of sadism/violence but I love humiliating, mocking and demoralising female characters. Choking/facefucking, violence/torture, rape/kidnap/enslavement anal/a2m/dp/MFM/FMF/gangbang... pretty much anything BDSM related. Oh, and I'm developing a kink for forced lesbianism.

Hard limits: Scat, vomit, daddy/girl/incest. Prolonged/annoying defiance or total mindless obedience, that gets old fast.
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Originally Posted by fuckmeat View Post
Hi Asus

Please remind me who your dominant is. I forget who belongs to who around here.
Originally Posted by chronicle_tenko View Post
She belongs to one incredibly Lucky Zom_Dom, who thankfully does not charge exorbiant rates to let her play.

And I think that I'm her Only non white character. She's such a sweetie.
Originally Posted by fuckmeat View Post
Ooh she is lucky. I'm following a couple of his threads.
Originally Posted by chronicle_tenko View Post
She is, he's also exceptionally pretty, and he cooks. Also My list is up.
Ha! Hilarious, this made me laugh this morning. Thank you guys! Zom only annoys me cause he writes too much! And if I don't write enough... well, let's just say I only did that once!

And Fm... I could totally write with you.

CT- I have no words, well one....supercilious
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Ooo noice idea Fuckmeat, I never did anything this extensive but me thinks I shall give it a shot!

Gender: Well apparently I am female...the boys and the doctors keep telling me so but when it comes to sex and so forth, I tend to think more like a male so I can do both but I prefer playing my own gender thank shu!

Age: Young, from 18 to about 35 max, I just can't see beyond this age group yet being that I am only 25 myself and couldn't really get into the mindset of anyone much older.

Orientation: Heteroflexible personally but I can do bi or lesbian as a female character. No gay male stuff, doesn't work for me.

Power Exchange: I'm a submissive masochist but I do like being a domme to females now and then, for some reason I've never been much for topping males but I have done a few threads experimenting with the idea and I am quite good at it amazingly. So I can pretty much do anything in writing but vanilla really bores me so I won't do that.

Race: Any? I haven't really put much thought into it, usually I've played white females...like super white (irish skin) like I am but I don't really mind playing something else here and there.

Bodytype: Slim with small breasts and fairly tall for a female...oh! But you meant my character right? Anything really I suppose though I prefer playing my own body type mostly but it doesn't bother me in the slightest. If I know you like big breasts, I'm happy to accommodate

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I don't mind playing nekos but I kinda didn't really like playing a full blown furry the first time I gave it a shot. Mostly I stick to my own species but I did play a good neko once upon a time

Settings: I like historic settings, modern settings and fantastical settings. On the fence about alien settings (different planets etc) because it really depends upon the thread idea for me and the level of geek required for it.

Likes/kinks: Into anything and everything pretty much, I particularly love non consent, violence, body modification, torture and generally my characters will be fighters like me. I also like a good vampire and can play a pretty amazing one myself I like verbal degradation and humiliation, eye contact restriction and being surprised. I need to reiterate - violence, non consent and torture. Really!

Hard limits: Scat, needles, watersports, necro, kids, incest, rimming and anything to do with swallowing anything that belongs in a toilet. I'm really opposed to being killed in a thread unless I ask you to do it (yes amazingly someone actually did that to me - ran me through with a sword, don't ask). Ghosts or any kind of thread involving me being translucent or the other character.

I also don't write with illiterates, if you don't proofread and you throw one paragraph or less at me...I will not reply and I will not PM either. I can't abide someone who won't put as much into something as I do in a team effort.

Lastly...yes I am as good as they say....no....I'm not talking about my writing
"Be still when you have nothing to say, when genuine passion moves you; say what you've got to say and say it hot!"

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PM me if you need/want to!

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Lady Reiha
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I'm bored. *grumble*
◕ ◡ ◕

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Originally Posted by Mr. Essex View Post
Noone mentioned LadyReiha. This thread is officially moot.

♥♫♥Yes, I'm a Girl >.<♫♥♫

I chronicle_tenko
Rei Rei's are notoriously known for stealing the desirable, delectable ladies of literotica and claiming them as their own. Beware! (Unless you want to take a Rei Rei on....♥♥♥ )
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Originally Posted by Lady Reiha View Post
I'm bored. *grumble*
Awww *huggles* Sorry I took off for a shower then!

I gots a question for you missy Reiha, I might be wrong though it's been awhile since school and everything but your deviant art link in your siggy, am I right that the Korean reads "Our country, 10,003" ??

If I am, what the hell does the 10,003 part mean pwease?

Disclaimer - I might be wrong cause I never studied Korean in high school, I studied Mandarin but I had lots of Korean friends teach me bits and pieces
"Be still when you have nothing to say, when genuine passion moves you; say what you've got to say and say it hot!"

The Minx is BACK!!!.

James' beloved little bitch!

Mother of 3, part time University student, manager and co owner of a company, submissive to Jayx = Very busy Minx!

PM me if you need/want to!

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Princess Absinthe
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Please clear any BDSM playing with Ausus.

Gender: Women..

Age: 20s-30s - flexible.

Orientation: Lesbian - could do straight but primarily no.

Power Exchange: Submissive. I have a domme side, but I'm not entirely comfortable with her.

Race: Race will never be an issue, ethnicity might. There are, for me, appropriation issues of a white woman writing from an ethnic point of view to which I have no right. (I'm actually First Nations, but that's beside the point).

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Oh hell yeah. If done well, I love the idea of different skin colors and textures. I had a dream once about a feline woman covered in fur. I don't know about furries, but I'm into different fantasy cultures and mindsets and the nice thing about such different races is that you get to explore a completely different world view. Oh please please anything with fangs or wings. If vamp, I am especially interested in writing that plays upon the psychic link created through the feeding process. I also could see myself writing a story where any or all characters were shape shifted or actually were animals. The appeal of this is in trying to get inside the mind of creature and to bring that out in an intelligible way.

Settings: Any. I love fantasy, I love realism. I think I could write the occult really well, since I've had a decent amount of life experience with that. However, if you are going to change the laws of physics make it plausible or at least stay consistent within the framework you establish.

Likes/kinks: This is ever changing. Bondage, Submission, service, Vampirism. Its so hard to pin this down without a lot of writing experience. Its situational.

Hard limits: I don't know my limits yet outside of rape or minors. I may need to invoke a safe-word and I definitely need a safe venue. It might be different if I'm in a fictional character, rather than playing as myself, I don't know. Any play of a nature that may invoke bdsm needs to be cleared with Ausus before hand. That said, I try to stay open to everything and have a wide variety of desires.

I am very focused on sensation and emotion. I love detail and context, I love words. I could orgasm from a beautifully constructed sentence. Action, reaction, challenge, this is what I am after and when I write I put myself into the writing. I feel in tandem with my character and what happens to her happens to some extent in me. It's just how I operate and its why I write. I grow as she grows. As her barriers come down, so do mine and I find myself growing from the process. If I'm working in a fictional setting, then I keep a good grasp of where the character ends and I begin and my experience is more by proxy, but when I'm playing, in a lounge room or such, its me- an idealized me, but me nonetheless.

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Two people without whom I would be really, really, really, really, really sad.
Aus and Vail
Thank you

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Gender: Female only (perhaps do little bits for a NPC male)

Ages I'll play: 18-35

Orientation: Heterosexual, Bisexual and/or Lesbian.

Power Exchange: Vanilla to heavy NonCon

Race: Open

Body type: I like to play petite woman (seeing as how I'm very, very close to 5'2"...perhaps missing it by a few centimeters, it's all good...) My RP partner's character must always be taller than my character please.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: No furries.
I like fantasy and sci-fi and am very open about playing a different race if it's from a sci-fi genre I know about (i.e. Star Wars, Star Trek...ask and I just might know), elves, faeries, ask and we'll see.

Settings: Mostly open but I do a lot better in modern day and sci-fi and I have been liking post-apocalyptic themes lately. I also like fantasy settings too.

Likes/kinks: I like playing the victim. Damsel in distress if you will. I like that but that's not my limit. If the story is right, I can play the villian too. Into anything and everything pretty much, just ask! I'm also VERY into men who are in an authoritative position, military, officers, firemen...drools

Hard limits: I follow Literotica rules (no scat, no golden showers, no minors)

Writing: I prefer at least 2 paragraphs of an answered posted (reply), please, don't just put a simple reply, tell me more! I also prefer men who are men. I don't want to play with pussies...at least with male pussies. I don't want a man who cries, that's not for me. I like confidence in a gentlemen.

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Let's see if I understand this right.

Gender: Male (and only male. Don't ask me to play gals for sexual RP)

Age: Depends on the mood I'm in when I write a character.

Orientation: Straight (though I like to joke that if you like women, you're a lesbian, regardless of your own gender).

Skipping power exchange. Doesn't apply to me (though I don't mind women forcing themselves on me in character...it's what it would probably take in real life.)

Race: Human, though I will occasionally play nonhuman characters (not the same thing as Ethnicity)
Ethnicity: Usually White or a mixture.

Body Type: I usually do tall, thin, gangly...I've been told I'm excellent at portraying Wolverine, however, so....

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Sometimes, though I prefer my partners to be the ones of different species. I do a lot of "Remove anime character from their canon, make them into regular person, keep only amusing quirks of character" threads.

Settings: usually modern, post modern, post apocalyptic. I do a lot of space threads.

Likes/Kinks: Hmm...it would be easier to define what I don't like.

Hard Limits: Is this where we put our dislikes? In that case, I will NOT do BDSM, anything involving bodily fluids other than reproductive fluids, bloodletting, rape (aside from having a female character force themselves upon my character), male on male....I try to avoid multiples with more than one male too.

Writing: I've worked hard to try to better my writing. When I first started, I was used to working within the limits of an Instant Messaging window. I'd appreciate having enough story per post to actually be able to make a five or six paragraph post.

Frequency: Real life? I have a life. I choose to ignore it because it's lame. (not really, but it sometimes seems that way)

"So...all I am to you is...a blanket?" "Shhh, blankets don't bitch dear"--My warped, twisted mind.
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So...how about them (insert sports team here)
"I don't know. There wasn't enough money in the budget for an ending either."
Heh. Well, keep in mind no one can truly know what the future holds. But I will one day prove that our future lies out there in space...flying giant robots and meeting hot alien babes....er << >>
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Can anyone play?

Gender: I am female. However, due to some serious new found real world kinkiness, I have discovered a need to write FtM T/G or even bi bottom boys.

Age: I try to write close to my own age (give or take 10 years).

Orientation: I prefer lesbian or bisexual (leaning heavily toward women) but I can write hetero pairings.

Power Exchange: I prefer to play Dominant, slightly Sadistic, very sexually aggressive characters. (Mostly because it is who I am in the RW) However, for the sake of story, Power Exchange is NOT important. I will write whatever the story calls for.

Race: I can write whatever but most of my characters are of mixed races (if they are human).

Bodytype: Any female character I create is usually short, curvy and busty with a fat bum (my real body shape). However, once again, that varies based on story needs.

If I were to write a male character~he would be androgynous, tall, slender and very strong for his apparent size.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I love playing furry femmes and I have played were creatures of all sorts. Not really into alien forms. But I love the idea of writing a sexually sadistic fairy.

Settings: Present, urban fantasy or near future all work for me. I also have an amazing liking for a well written cyber/noir/steam punk setting. *nods, grins*

Likes/kinks: I am into BDSM, forced anal, coersion, forced femme/male, humiliation, knife play, rope play, wax play, tickle torture *grins*. I also enjoy writing extreme things that I could never do in real life~kidnapping, rape, brutal violence.

Hard limits: No children, necrophilia, scat or incest.

Frequency: I have a real life with kidlets and two jobs...but I try to post everyday (at least when I can get on line)

Additional Notes: I hate dead threads in my siggy. So, if it sits for longer than three weeks, I will be removing it. I warn people when I will be away~either in the lounge thread especially for that purpose or in a PM. Please pay me the same respect.

Furthermore:I dislike threads that start out with sex and never develop a story line. If there isn't a story line within 2-3 pages, I usually give up. I am here to learn to write, better. I don't need any help in learning to fuck. Entertain me with your brain please. Cunts/cocks can be found anywhere. Some one who makes me think? That is priceless.
I like your seals of approval....I approve
It's Fetofficial~I am Twin's brat boi.

You can call me Pocahontas...*nods*
Love is never having to say I can't poop.

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Originally Posted by Luna_Wolf72 View Post
Gender: I am female...so I only write female characters.

Age: I try to write close to my own age (give or take 10 years)

Orientation: I prefer lesbian or bisexual (leaning heavily toward women) but I can write hetero with the right partner.

Power Exchange: I prefer to play Dominant, slightly Sadistic, very sexually aggressive characters. (Mostly because it is who I am in the RW) I have played a switchy character but it takes a rare person to bring the undercover bottom out of me.

Race: I can write whatever but most of my characters are of mixed races (if they are human).

Bodytype: Any character I create is usually short, curvy and busty with a fat bum (my real body shape) I have tried to write taller characters but it is harder for me to do because I can't picture myself much taller or slimmer than I am now.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I love playing furry femmes and I have played were creatures of all sorts. Not really into alien forms. But I love the idea of writing a sexually sadistic fairy.

Settings: Present, fantasy or near future all work for me.

Likes/kinks: I am into BDSM, forced anal, coersion, forced femme/male, humiliation, knife play *grins*. I also enjoy writing extreme things that I could never do in real life~kidnapping, rape, brutal violence.

Hard limits: No children, necrophilia, scat or incest.

Frequency: I have a real life with kidlets and two jobs...but I try to post everyday (at least when I can get on line)
Heh heh...knew I was forgetting a few things *crosses Necrophilia and children off the list*

Also...one of these days, We'll have to get you to play a Vixen.

"So...all I am to you is...a blanket?" "Shhh, blankets don't bitch dear"--My warped, twisted mind.
If I can't drive you crazy, then Cthulu's got no chance.
Dragon's Dragony Ideas.
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"I pledge allegience...to a lantern...that I got from a dying purple alien"
So...how about them (insert sports team here)
"I don't know. There wasn't enough money in the budget for an ending either."
Heh. Well, keep in mind no one can truly know what the future holds. But I will one day prove that our future lies out there in space...flying giant robots and meeting hot alien babes....er << >>

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Crazy is...
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I'll post one, but it's basically summed up as this:
As long as it's within Lit's limits, I'll try anything once.

Gender: Female, though I have played guys before elsewhere.

Age: Prefer between 18 to early 30's. (27 m'self.)

Orientation: hetero, bi, lesbian... I'll write 'em all.

Power Exchange: I prefer to play submissive, but can take dominance... if you reeeeeally want me to.

Race: Whatever.

Bodytype: Whatever. (I'm 5 ft 7 and DDD, so I guess I stick to around my own size?)

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I love fantasy/scifi stuff.

Settings: Whatever.

Likes/kinks: As long as it's not on Lit's no-no list, I'll write it at least once. (Only a FEW extras in next slot.)

Hard limits: No children, necrophilia, scat.

Frequency: I vanish on weekends, but try to post at least 1-2 times a day during the week. I try to give heads-up if something is going to interfere with my posting.
Changes needed.
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Well, I suppose I shall do one as well. This general idea is a good one. Thank you FM for getting it started.

Gender: Mostly Male, but I may try my hand at a female character again, if I get the right concept.

Age: Any Lit legal age.

Orientation: I can play male heterosexual. Female... probably any.

Power Exchange: I will play a Dom, and I am willing to try playing a sub under the right circumstances. I am willing to play characters in a 'vanilla' relationship.

Race: I tend to stick with Anglo backgrounds when playing humans, or human derived characters.

Bodytype: Being tall and solidly built, I tend to play similar types of characters, though this doesn't stop me from playing other variations if it suits the thread.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I am not interested in furries, or anything too unusual in body shape or type. I am fine playing Vampires, Lycanthropes, the standard fantasy races ( Elves, dwarves & such ). Other possibilities I would be willing to have a go at.

Settings: I am up to take on any settings that are not tied strongly to a movie, game, etc, unless I am familiar with the movie, game, etc. Realistic, fantasy, sci-fi, historical... whatever, I'll give it a shot

Likes/kinks: I like D/s mostly, from the Dominant PoV, and all the associated activities that go along with it. But when writing, the character's kinks become more important than mine.

Hard limits: In addition to the Lit limits are scat, vomit, incest, furries, anal ( receiving ), and pinching from the OP, rushed/unedited posts.

Other Notes: I am all for getting feedback from the other writer(s) I am working with. I am fine with collaborating, or just going off the other person's post.
My active threads can be found in A Scorpio Story Stash

PMs are welcome.

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Great Idea.......

Gender: Female

Age: Any Lit legal age.

Orientation: Female heterosexual And can do Bi Female... but to me its like junk food only a sometimes food..

Power Exchange: All things vanilla are fine. I am a sub who is beginning to explore being a switch, So I am willing to play a Dom but have little to no experience with this.

Race: I can try any but usually Anglo

Body type: usually curvy, busty women as I am. But any that is required.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I have found I just cant relate to fury and struggle with it to much to try it again, but I am comfortable with elven, Fae, vampire, witch, shape shifter.

Settings: Realistic, fantasy, historical... I struggle to much with sci-fi (like star wars stuff)

Likes/kinks: Stories with a plot not just sex. Submission and dominance, light bondage, oral sex, Vanilla, Lust, Passion, Romance.

Hard limits: scat or wee, vomit, incest, furries, blood. no copy and pasting from other stories you have or anyone else's and please effort I need something to work with otherwise I may as well write on my own. I am also not here to cyber or role play in PM.

Other Notes: I have a current thread list and ideas thread linked in my signature.

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Ive this done on my OOC thread as I believe it's a good idea and use it in my other sites..Apologies for not following word for word the format of the thread starter, but I think I've got most every thing needed in what I'll copy and post below.


I like writing, actually I love writing..Thus I love posts multiple paragraphs long, to give me something to work from..I haven't gone down the road of fantasy too far but have explored it slightly. I prefer writing about what I know and my threads mostly consist of real life stories..

I have however an interest in Vampires, but refuse to tie myself down to something that's related to an existing book/movie. I like a story developing on its own, with out being restricted to something that's already established..Hence , my often saying, I prefer *winging it*..

I'm at ease in writing about most sexual situations that don't infringe on the extreme, and by extreme I mean scat, humiliation, or anything with the faintest implication of sex underage/minor..which is against the site rules anyway...My ladies would always be in the age range of 24ish to 30ish.

I LOVE a romance, even if the thread doesn't start that way, I can't help but drift to it anyway.I'm a sucker for a guy that's strong, manly, and butch and takes his lady in hand firmly..I'm basically a romantic at heart ..

I aspire to post a couple of times a week per thread, pending on RL,( I'm a Mum and wife, so the kiddies and husband are my priority) and of course the amount of threads Im involved in..Therefore, my threads tend to be of a slower pacing, but I do not vanish, and I will always message a partner if lack of time prevents me from posting for a few days. Hopefully the quality of my posts will make up for them not being daily posts.

I have also tried writing in the first preference, and I dont like it...I'm more comfortable with third party.

Also, and this is a huge issue for me!...Please. please. please, DO NOT WRITE MY POSTS FOR ME. I can't abide godmodding.!!.Its insulting to another writer to have someone move a post along, and actually write where their partners character is, or what they say, or what their response is UNLESS it's been written in the previous post by me..Progress the thread by all means..but from your characters perspective...I'll do mine then..Its happened to me numerous of times, and I lose interest, and get fed up asking for it to stop..So if it happens, from now on I'll just drop the thread with no explanation. If I can't have the courtesy of writing my own stuff, why should I give you the courtesy of explaining...You can write the pm to yourself explaining why I've stopped posting with you.

I dont do anything that comes close to BDSM..I will not write about a woman on her hands and knees being called 'Pet' and addressing the male as 'Master'. It's just not something I know anything about, nor want to.

If I sound fussy, sorry..but I think setting the boundaries of comfort levels is vital, and two happy partners are essential to an enjoyable time in creating a story. My preferences can't be any simpler, and less demanding.
Private messaging is disabled.

Gone for now, but thinking of all those who meant something to me here, until a time comes where returning is possible.

Thank you.

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Arctic Soul
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I'll give this a go, see where it leads

Gender: Female exclusively.

Age: Any age between 18 and 27.

Orientation: I've mostly played lesbian girls, though I have no issues at all with playing either bi- or heterosexual characters.

Power Exchange: Generally Dominant, because I have the most experience in that. However I'm a switch at heart, so I have no issues with playing a submissive either.
'Vanilla' relations are fine as well.

Race: Caucasian or Latino. I will not play afro-american, sorry

Body Type: Most characters between 5' and 6'3". Cupsize can vary.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Anthro is one of my favorite kinks, though I do not often play it openly. I come from a background with a lot of fantasy roleplaying, so that is fine with me.
Vampires will require some coaxing.

Settings: Medieval (either fact or fictional), Fantasy, Modern Fantasy or Modern Reality is what I generally play with.

Likes/kinks: Story driven RP. Light bondage, D/S (switch, so I can be both), oral, tickling.

Hard Limits: Being unimaginative or lazy. Scat, death, gore, non-sexual torture and posts without punctuation or with a lot of typo's

Other notes: I have a blog where I give insights into my happenings. Read if you want.
"Be your friend's best friend. Return gift for gift. Repay laughter with laughter again" - The Viking Book of Wisdom

I am the Wolf.
I embody the Wilds.
I can not be tamed,
But when you earn my trust,
You will find no ally more loyal.

Hear my call. We rule the nights, alone or with our sisters. We are the primal, the loyal and the fierce.
We are the Lupine
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I haven written anything on this forum yet but eventually I'll jump in


Age: For human characters, I can do anything from 30 onwards.

Orientation: I can play heterosexual

Power Exchange: Dominant

Race: Depends on what story needs.

Body type:
I am tall. well build. strong, my characters reflect that general body type: anything else is tailored to reflect the story.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I’m paraphrasing from FM here, in the interests of expediency. I'm not really into the whole futuristic, gene mutation scenarios, nor am I drawn to nuclear fallout zones. I will play fantasy races such as demon( Go figure given my name or vampire and I have zero interest in furry characters. I'm also not interested in weird and wonderful alien creatures, sentient plantlife or anything with tentacles or tails.

I am flexible if the story line intrigues me.

Likes/kinks: My sexual nature is purely Dominant. RPs featuring non consent and dark, violent storylines are fine., as are those including more erotic based content.My kinks include (but are by no means limited to) coercion/blackmail/abduction/slavery/captivity, rough sex/sexual violence, /torture/knives/cutting/implements/spanking/etc, tattoos/branding/marks/collars/bondage,/psychological torture/Forced Orgasms etc. I like a story line to back up all of this kink!

Hard limits:
Minors, scat, animals/furries/ whatevers, necro, vomit, drinking piss, foot worship, graphic gore, atrocious SPG, rushed/unedited posts. incest!

That’s about it, any questions P.M. me.

No kind of sensation is keener and more active than pain, it's impressions are unmistakable.

Marquis De Sade
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I keep visiting this thread thinking I should post something... So here goes;

Gender: Male. I have no idea or desire to find out what its like to be a woman. Just sounds far to complicated to me.

Age: Close to life, generally 20s-30s. Can play older, don't play younger.

Orientation: Straight. What can I say? Boobies of any type are just far too much fun. And I don't even like looking at my own penis, much less someone else's.

Power Exchange: Dominant. I've tried the submissive thing before, and it just leaves me spiteful and angry. Can play vanilla, but the story has to be very good.

Body Type: Mine is average in most ways, so that's what I usually stick with.

Alternate Species: Not really my cup of tea, but can be done for the right partner and/or story. But I expect cookies out of it.

Settings: Generally modern, but medieval, near future, and some fantasy settings can be very interesting.

Likes/Kinks: Bondage (light, heavy, anything in between), orgasm control/denial, sadism, all forms of control, rewards/punishment, consent, nonconsent. Not really into Gor. Will do knife-play, but I have a hard time actually cutting a play partner in a story. Kinks can change based on partner, as well.

Hard Limits: Scat, minors, animals, the usual.

Other Info: Some things are flexible, I have a lot of what I would call soft limits. I'll try a lot of things, and if it didn't make it onto my list, talk to me about it. Chances are, we can work something out. Aaaaaaand I guess that about covers it.

Oh... I do love an actual flowing story with correct grammar, and anything grossly shy of that will probably not be replied to.
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I’m still… well lurking but hoping one day to try my hand at writing a story

Gender: Female

Age: Anything legal I guess

Orientation: Hetro but curious also

Power Exchange: I'm submissive in real life , in stories I could try something else.

What ever the story needs.

Bodytype: Slim with small breasts, I am tiny.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: No thank you.

Settings: I am unsure, whatever sparks my interest.

I am exploring myself and am unsure of my kinks really are: I would try anything once and then see, or what those of my character would be and give it a try.

Hard limits: I would follow Lit guidelines. No incest either.

I will add as I discover myself
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Deliciously submissive...
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Posts: 16,697
My muse is gone but I thought I would pop my Bio here to for when it returns

Gender: Female although I will take on a male if it is a secondary character on the same thread

I can be what ever age is needed by the story.

Orientation: I am not bisexual though in the guise of a story I can play bisexual.

Power Exchange: I am submissive though I have moments when my need drives me to become a tad masochistic. If the story is not B.D.S.M related the power exchange will depend on the storyline and my co writer.

All of my characters so far has been white, but I am open.

Body type: Again as dictated by the thread I am about to join. Given a choice I like slim-ish with small full breasts, long hair and long legs. I am very flexible physically(Dance & Yoga) lol), and my characters usually reflect that at some point.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Not really something I understand or have experience with: maybe if I were abducted? I am branching out and having lots of fun with WoD type rp at the moment.)

I can be flexible, if the content sparks my interest then the setting is a bonus to me.

All of my kinks have a recurrent them; I need a link to my opposing character, just the same as if I were in real life. I need an undercurrent of erotic tension, even during the most extreme scenes. I guess that’s the romantic in me, it always needs to be fed.

That said, I will accept anything Master/slave or D/s related/ masochism/ /spanking/coercion/ /abduction/slavery/captivity/roughish sex/ torture/ bondage/ psychological torture/biting/Gorean positions and training/ forced or withheld orgasms, edging etc.

More than anything I adore a good love story.

With regards to the kinks, with the right co-writer to guide me I am willing into explore most of the above!.

Hard limits:
Pure sadism outside of the context of a genuine D/s relationship... anything banned by Lit. No incest, water play, scat, furies, necro, bathroom stuff, graphic gore. In sexual scenes no anal moving directly to mouth or anal switching directly to vagina please... it is a no no in real life and makes me cringe in stories too.

I need someone who can fashion longer posts to match my own. Please do not quote my post then simply add a line, your responses should help advance the story.

Please do not use bold to imply speech or thoughts either yours nor mine, the correct use of speech marks will suffice. I find bold interrupts the flow of a story, a pet peeve I suppose, but please respect it.

Last limit *giggles* I know we are writing erotica but please do not refer to my characters female parts as a slit or hole ... be creative please.

Other information.

I adore group threads as well as one on ones.

I am a relatively slow poster. I am what I like to call a method-writer (he he) in that I become my character as I craft my responses, I crawl inside her head. This takes time and the correct mindset. Both are influenced by your post and the demands of my real world.

That is about it I think

Yeishia Through The Looking Glass - My Threads!

It is not enough to conquer; One must know how to seduce - Voltaire

Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.
~Anaďs Nin~

My Stories
His always

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First off, I used to RP on here some time ago, just a bit, but some RL things happened and my activity went to nil for about a year. Now things are resolved so HOLA!

Gender: Male

Age: 18 and up! Though I prefer not to play an ancient person unless it's a fantasy race.

Orientation: Mainly straight, though I do like bi, I can be coerced into full on homosexuality too for the right cock LOL!

Power Exchange: I love to dom, though in some cases I wouldn't mind being sub. I have never really been dominated before, I am more of a dom/sadist.

Race: I've played all kinds, though I still fancy human as I am one...at least I think :P

Bodytype: Broad and athletic, I don't like playing small men. I am tall myself so that is what I fancy. Broad shoulders, tall, you get the picture yes?

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I've played just about everything. I do NOT fancy anthros/furries, but as long as I understand what is happening/how it's happening/why it's happening then I am down to play anything.

Settings: I love playing period pieces or fantasy, as long as I have detail. I don't mind futuristic either, I've played on just about every genre of board that I can think of searching for. From stone age to far and distant future, alternate universes to sneaking up on your real life self in character I'm well rounded and like an assortment of things.

Likes/kinks: I love BDSM, though I haven't fully explored things, I've gone into a moderate level, bondage, spanking, hitting etc. I like anal play, teasing, mutual masturbation, I'm down to try anything to see if I like it.

Hard limits: No minors, feet (oh god I HATE feet for some reason, they just gross me out) or necro.

Other notes: I've been RPing for 15 years, and have been on many different kinds of boards and done all sorts of things. Like I said I'm well rounded and have actually admin'ed various roleplay boards for custom settings before. I like to work things out. I do NOT appreciate posts that kill my muse, such as one liners or extreme novels. Keep it in the middle and post some story as well as kink and you'll have my love and my reply. I will try to post at least every other day at the least, if it will be any more than that I will PM you about it. I am friendly and open to almost anything, try me I'm looking for some RP community to immerse myself into that isn't just a stroke and leave kind of thread. Hope this lets you all know how I am and what I'm looking for!

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So if anyone wants to get together for something please PM me
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Cold Selfish Bitch
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Gender: Female

Age: 18 to 30

Orientation: I prefer writing with men, but I've been known to do girl on girl scenes on occasion when I feel up for it.

Power Exchange: All in all, I am not a domme and have no intentions of trying that role, but not being a domme doesn't make me a sub. I've had people tell me I'm submissive, others tell me there is no way I'm a sub... but I think I'm closer to a sub than I am a domme.

Usually Asian.

Bodytype: Petite and lithe, but I generally try to cater to what my cowriters prefer (if they have a preference that is.)

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I don't deal with furries or aliens. I usually am more interested in how the species contributes to the plot. If it is essential to the plot, I usually won't have objections writing the role.

Settings: I prefer fantasy, or some amount of sci fi. Present day situations or historical set in a fantasy time period. I can do historical but I usually need a lot of help on the history (since it is one of my worst subjects unfortunately).

I like writing n/c, reluctant stories, but it isn't necessary for me. What is necessary is a co-writer that is able to maintain consistent tension within his or her posts.

Hard limits: Golden showers, scat... and stuff similar to that. I'd like to stay away from extreme mutilations upon a person's body. Horrid grammar/spelling.

I'm actually a slow writer. It takes me a while to formulate a post, I've just been fortunate enough that most of my cowriters are patient, or have slower post rates. For now, I am on Lit practically everyday except on the weekends. I usually reply within the week unless something is wrong. If I am delayed, I will let the cowriter in question know over IM so that I can discuss and explain the situation. The exception being if said cowriter is never on IM...

Other notes: I think in a story forum like this, we as writers are catering to the readers and we need to keep them interested in reading. Therefore every post counts, and is always an opportunity to keep someone interested or to push someone away. It's an ideal that I strive for, but it is an ideal at best especially since I've messed up lots of times.

I have a hard time keeping my PM-box empty. I'm sentimental about my PMs I guess. Therefore, it is usually easier for me to discuss ideas, plot twists and such over some form of IM, whether aim, msn, or ym. If a writer interests me after the first few initial PMs, I will usually ask for a messenger of preference in order to discuss stories.

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Good idea, Fuckmeat.

Gender: Male.

Age: 18-35, probably can't do older than that authentically. Hoping that there's no major change at 30 I don't know about, seeing as I'm in my early twenties.

Orientation: Heterosexual. Homosexuality does nothing for me. I have handled female characters in the past, but never as a primary character. One was named "Tertia" and her role was indeed tertiary. Handing secondary characters like that off to the coauthor and taking them back again can add nice depth to the story.

Power Exchange: Over the few years I've been RP'ing here now I've come to realize that I am not much of a brutal dom. My switches are apparently labelled "Love," "Enjoy the Company Of," "Be Polite To," "Dominate intellectually," "Physically subdue," and "Kill" in a rising scale of harshness. Sexual sadism isn't on that list and attempts to write it have not fared well in the past.

Race: Caucasian. Can switch it up with anything as characters demand. Can handle race play well enough. Don't care much for stereotypes, will allude to race when requested (as in when talking dirty) by my partners. Kind of enjoy that myself.

Bodytype: Broad-shouldered and well muscled from being a physical sort of guy. Most characters of mine follow this type, though it can and will be adjusted as makes sense for the character's background and for coauthor's preferences.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I don't do furry/neko/etc. Mutation would depend on what said mutation is. Tentacles are right out, squid and related critters make me rather uneasy.

Settings: Anything plausible to this earth. I can, with a decent degree of authenticity/a high degree of authenticity depending on area and timeframe, write about anywheres in the world in almost any time period. Alien type things, could potentially do that with a good coauthor. Historical fiction and modern are my usual settings and I don't lack for variety there. Can handle some degree of fantasy (example: Ascension) but am certainly not fluent in Tolkien Elven, etc.

Likes/kinks: I can do prettymuch everything so long as I know you're enjoying it. Into the soft domination (search my posts and you'll see instances of this with the lovely Fira and Ausus et al), historical fictions, oral/vaginal/anal, will engage in cum play, can certainly get a bit rough and indulge in the non-con, thanks to some tutoring from the fantastic WildCalla and a couple others like her. Can engage in light cutting, Gorean poses, that sort of thing. Anything that isn't on the limits list or mentioned in settings as a negative is doable and plenty of fun.

Limits: Necrophilia, age-play, incest of any flavour to include "call me daddy", scat/piss/puke and gratuitous violence directed towards a sexual partner. That's about it.

Availability: I will try to get to you within a couple of days at the most, if we don't happen to be online simultaneously. It does take a little time to draft posts, and there are times I'm creatively blanked out and can't give you the quality that any SRP deserves. At that point I'd ask for patience, but I will always get back to the RP. You will be notified if there are any delays. My woman likes to read along with us and if we are posting real time and there's a significant delay, it's because she wanted my attention. I have had romances develop from SRPs. While I will appreciate your company I am certainly taken. There will not be another holiday rendezvous.

Notes and Comments: I won't ask you to RP unless your writing appeals to me; good grammar and spelling, and of course, original content or at least approached in a way that it's something that we haven't all seen a dozen times before. Likewise, I suspect if you're reading this you're conscientious enough and literate enough to have made up your own mind about me. I can be contacted via PM at any time.

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Might as well toss mine out there.

Gender: Male, though if the stars align just right I might be willing to try writing a female.

Age: 18-35 give or take. I can do older in fantasy settings and such, my physical age is 24, if that has any bearing on anything.

Orientation: Straight, but given proper story/writer I might be willing to write a bisexual character.

Power Exchange: Can do Dominant of submissive. I'm more particular about who I would play a submissive with than Dominant, but open to either or.

Race: White, haven't ever played something different, but willing to try others.

Bodytype: Slender, but not weak. I'll play most anything besides horribly skinny or horribly obese.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm open to any of these depending on partner and story. I don't reject any of them out of hand.

Settings: Anything I'm familiar with, or created for the story. Fantasy settings are fine, ditto sci-fi or alternate realities. If I'm not familiar with a pre-existing world such as an anime or game setting I'll probably be asking questions about it, so be ready for that.

Likes/kinks: I can do just about anything. I like things that challenge me to write better, or learn as I go. I enjoy bdsm things, and have a current kick for fantasy type stuff. Mostly I like writing.

Limits: Things banned by Lit. I don't do scat, or animals. I'd be willing to talk about age-play, but I wouldn't count on agreeing to it.

Availability: I'm on at least once a day for now (unemployment sucks!).

Notes and comments: I have a few active threads, and encourage people to read them if they'd like to write with me to get a feel for my style. I'm willing to submit samples as well if anyone's interested.

Yeishia's Dark and symbiotic Angel as of 02-08-2010

This is what we philosophers call a reductio ad absurdum, which is really a fancy way of saying "your argument sucks".

Just another human

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New edition coming right now.
An excellent man; he has no enemies; and none of his friends like him. - Oscar Wilde

honey_nut - The pretty little thing that has a big place in my heart.

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