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How to Take Over the World (closed)

Seryyk. A tottering construct of the past century, its buildings bent like crones. Hasty constructs attempted to give a sense of order, winding metals and wires atangle. The streets were constantly marred with puddles of rainwater, grime, or slick oil that dripped and smeared from the rows of piping.

The pipes were everywhere. They carried energy, water, and the life of the city itself. The most common job in Seryyk was "Pipe Engineer". More than half of your typical school year would move on to become involved in the pipe industry, in one way or another. Unless you were special, like Mera.

Mera would have been special even without her powers. High connections and hefty funds, she was never going to be slung into the rat race of her generation. That she developed super powers at a young age was just another box ticked off the list of luck she had been born with.

Her traditional Asian family had not known what to do at first. This was before there were elite academies; the public ones were not appropriate for their Mera, not at all. So the girl was privately tutored from when she could walk. It was something Mera took for granted, that one-on-one attention. Something she now needed at every opportunity.

So, she was a villain. A super villain, according to the more dramatic news outlets. It was daft really... Mera was nothing like the movies, no smashing of buildings (yet), no wide-scale terror (yet), just a few business deals and agreements. She held the keys to a few cities now, both literally and metaphorically, with public announcements being made in her name.

So what if it had been through hypnotism? It was their fault, for being so tempting to manipulate. It made things much easier being the ones in charge. Life had improved for the citizens under her care, so did it really matter how she had gained that power?

Apparently so. And with more rising up against her, Mera needed to think more tactically. She needed defense points, cities with better resources and in a better location.

She needed Seryyk.


No one actually knew what Mera looked like, aside from a few old school photos the press had managed to dig up and throw everywhere. Long, dark hair and a wide face. Almond eyes and plush lips. For a while, she had suspected her parents had genetically picked at what would make the most attractive son, the most attractive daughter. It would have been just their style.

If would have been nice if they had made her a bit taller in that case. Mera, without her heels, stood at 160cm.

It was a sore spot for her.


The only problem with taking Seryyk was that it had superheroes. Yes, with the rise of super powers there came academies, and with academies there were graduates. Graduates needed jobs. Protectors were their official term, but it was easier for everyone to use superhero. What with their flying about, their Hollywood smiles, and their usually bright costumes, it was easy to see why. Nothing made Mera more irritated than seeing their egotistical dashes around the media circuit.
What made them so special? They were just doing what they were told to do.

Utterly unoriginal.

There were a few hanging around Seryyk, but the newest (and therefore, most vulnerable) was a recent graduate. Silver. Mera knew nothing about her, aside from that she was in the way. She hadn't had to deal with a city with superheroes before, but she was in a hurry. This city had to be hers. It would just be embarrassing at this point if everything she had worked for was just taken away.

Hostage, perhaps? Or maybe the people could be persuaded to her cause if this "Silver" spoke on her behalf. It wouldn't take much effort to convince her.

Mera had her ways.

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