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That's all that I ever wanted to be. Safe, and comfortable. Maybe with a nice view. Hopefully someplace less humid, I hate it when the air feels thick. And I was NOT going to go to another Unfounded Zone. I'd learned my lesson about exploring the Unfounded Zones a long time ago. So safe, comfortable, dry, civilized, and with a nice view. And I guess some girls would be nice, too. You can never go wrong with girls.

Well almost never.

I let out a deep sigh of exhaustion as I looked out ahead of me, watching through the window as the deeply forested landscape rushed past. It felt like I had been moving for years now, when in reality it had probably only been a few weeks. Either way it was all about to be over. My rapid escape from the Core Planets was almost at an end. All I had to do was get to the end of this railway, and a shack with my name on it would be waiting, along with a fresh change of clothes. I thanked my contact in my head for setting this all up for me, it would've been impossible for me to find somewhere so discreet otherwise. The end of the line was a sort of camp ground for the locals. Of course it was no Unfounded Zone, as it actually had solar power running everything, including toilets, and the food generation posts. But it was quiet enough for me. Leaving my Skycruiser behind made me nervous, but there was no way they would've let me keep it on site, and the tall dark trees were too closely clustered together to afford any room for parking. Hopefully I wouldn't need it.

As the Railcar lurched to a stop, and the buzz of the engines died down, an image appeared on the holopod on the small desk in front of my seat. It was a fuzzy blue image of the captain from the shoulders up, and he took off his hat and spoke rather officially, "Thank you for riding with Planar Transport, we have now reached the end of the rails! Welcome to camp Absturz! We hope to see you again, and have a Transportastic trip!"

With that, the image fizzled out, and all of the seat belts in the vehicle unstrapped simultaneous with a cacophony of clicks. I rolled my shoulders, glad to be able to move my upper torso again. While I understood that the extra restraint was necessary for traveling at speeds over 200 miles per hour, I wish they could've found a more comfortable way to do it. I stood up and walked off of the Railcar, squeezing past the families reaching for luggage. Taking a quick scope of the area, I was filled with a sense of awe. The trees here reached higher than any of the saplings that had been planted in the Core Cities, and they were thick enough around that I could hide behind them with ease. The soft dirt road was obviously well trodden, but dirt all the same. Smiling, I walked down the path to explore the local terrain.

They'd never find me here.
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Jaclyn Scorch smirked as she approached the huge Barcrock doorman. "Hey big guy," she purred, "You look bored. How about we find a nice quiet spot, and have a little fun?" she asked him, running the finger tips of her left hand across his dark grey skin. The giant just huffed and snatched her hand in one of his. "Not likely whore. Now scuttle off back to whatever gutter you crawled from, before I make you." He growled, his tusks inches away from her face. "I was hoping you'd say that." Jaclyn said, smiling at the change of expression on the bouncer's face when he felt her scattergun pressed into his stomach. "Now, one of two things is going to happen. Either that door open, or your stomach does. Which is it going to be?" She asked, holding her finger on the trigger and over-charging the shot. After a tense moment the door clicked and swung inward. "Good choice," Jaclyn said, releasing the trigger. Her scattergun boomed and sprayed the doorman's purple blood all over the wall. As he slid to the ground, she sauntered inside.

Jaclyn made quick work off the thugs inside the safe house, painting the walls with purple, green, orange, and even some red blood. She finally found her destination in the maze of hallways, a thick and heavy Kell-Steel door. She approached the door and thumbed the intercom. "Alright Jax. Open up. If I have to waste my thermite on you, I'm going to be very angry, and I don't think either of us what that to happen," she said, pulling her finger from the button. She waited a few seconds before she heard the hiss of the door unlocking. "Good choice," she said pushing the door open, and entering the office. Inside the garishly decorated office, cowering behind the oversized desk that dominated the room, was Jax. Jax was a Fiintaire, a race of tall, slender, green colored bug men. He was also an information broker and a coward, but those traits went hand in mandible with being a Fiintaire. "Jax, my friend, it's been too long. When was the last time we talked? Hmm... Oh yea, it's coming back to me, it was that time you sold me out to Krendall." Jaclyn said, approaching the quivering bug, and sitting on the desk in front of him. "You remember that Jax? Stabbing me in the-" "Jackie please!" The terrified bug cut in. "I didn't have no choice. It was business, honest! If I-" Jax screamed as Jaclyn impaled his leg with a knife, pinning him to his chair. "Shut up, listen close, and maybe I won't kill your ugly ass," She hissed, "I'm looking for someone. Some spacer, human, goes by Domrae. What I've been told, you set him up somewhere. I want to know where," She said, flashing a holo with her target's face. "Jaclyn, c'mon. Ya know I can't give up my clients. My reputation will go down the shitter!" He said. "Like I care," She said, grabbing the knife and twisting it. "Fine! Fine just stop! He's on some backwater in the rim. Place called Tuedock. Sent him to a camp in the Southern Hemisphere. Some forest dive, it's called Absturz. The coordinates are in my desk. Blue data chip," The bug panted.

Jaclyn removed the data chip from the desk and scanned it. Once her onboard AI verified it, she tucked it into her armor. "See? It's good. So, you gonna let me go?" Jax asked nervously. "Sure, can't stay mad at an old friend," Jaclyn said, pulling her knife out of his leg. "Thanks Jackie. Ya really-" His sentence ended abruptly as Jaclyn plunged her knife into his compound eye. "I hate it when people call me that," She said, pulling her knife free. She looted the desk of the rest of the data chips, as well as the credits that had been hidden away. She left the safe house, and headed for her ship. "Next stop, Tuedock," She thought.
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Domrae walked up the beaten path to his location. According to his contact, his discreet hideaway should be somewhere around the bend. As he walked, he took stock of the other inhabitants of the camp. It was a mostly human location, which was to be expected. He was in the Southern Hemisphere after all, and everyone knows the humans in the South are about as Xenophobic as they come. This was a good thing though, after all. It meant that newcomers would stand out, especially if the newcomers were hired by the big cities. The people he was concerned about specifically were bounty hunters. After what Domrae did, he wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few already on the hunt. Bounty hunters tend to be non-human, what with the physical advantages other races possess over them. That would work in his advantage here.

Taking a closer look at the inhabitants, Domrae made another realization. For better or for worse, there was not a single attractive woman to be seen. Every group he’d passed on the trail had either been old, men, or families. Often all three. He sighed and kept walking.

Turning the bend, he stopped in his tracks. Standing in front of him was the most depressing bungalow he had ever seen. With mud walls and a partial covering of palm tree fronds decorating the open roof, he doubted this hut could protect us from the rain, much less a manhunt. Domrae reached into his backpack and pulled out a pair of heavy work gloves. Time to get started.


Domrae put his gloved hands on his hips, inspecting his handiwork. IT had taken the whole day, and a lot of sweat, but he had accomplished quite a bit. The palm fronds were now replaced by logs from several smaller saplings hed managed to uproot and lash together, and his front door now had a string tied to it to stop it from falling open on its own accord. Oh well, he’d have more time to work on it, he planned on being here for a while. And besides, the rent was free.

As night had fallen, Domrae went inside and sat down in the pile of palm fronds he’d moved and closed his eyes. His thoughts lingered back to the last night he’d spent in the Core Planets. He had made the fatal mistake of falling for a girl. A girl far above his station. Now this wasn’t the first time he’d gotten close with the wrong girl, but he certainly didn’t expect it to be his last. No, he’d had his fair share of marriage ending flings. Working as a guide on one of the most dangerous Unfounded Zones on his planet granted him the privilege of many awe-struck women. Of course it was illegal work, but that only raised the stakes. Besides, as long as the money kept coming in from his bosses who wanted these tours running, he wouldn’t complain. But this one girl was different. She was so young and beautiful. And her “traveling partner” was old enough to be her father. He only found out after the fact that the man actually was her daughter. Beyond that, he was the man in charge of the whole tour company that Domrae had been working for. Needless to say, once he found out, Domrae bolted. Grabbing only his safety equipment from the tour and a few contacts, he made a run for as far off planet as he could get. And that’s how he got where he was now, lying in a pile of leaves praying that the bounty hunters would get bored.

Oh well. At least there was free plumbing.
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