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Reposted and Fixed

So i had problems with the link but its fixed now.
Inviting all to Battle for the Empire

Come fill your bio, create your anime character in minutes and join the plotting. Not for the faint of heart and amateurs.
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I will satisfy you!!
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Looking for new writing partner . . . preferably female (any age) . . . male acceptable, if you are in to that sort of thing, maybe bring a girlfriend or wife along.

Me, late 40's - early 50's, definitely on the dominant side (not paid, just a bit controlling, lol)!!

Many options available . . . daddy/daughter . . . boss/assistant . . . teacher/student . . . neighbors . . . I'll listen to and possibilities.

Usually write daily (at least 5 days/week) . . .

Very imaginative mind . . . who know where I will take you??

First person . . . third person . . . your choice

Give me some ideas . . . and let's have some fun!!
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Looking for any ladies who would like to do a silly, over the top Halloween Themed RP.
I have a few ideas in mind, but would love to hear your ideas too!

The idea I have in my head would be a life sized Chocolate Werewolf Statue coming to life!
But that gives a good idea of what I am thinking.

Also still looking for any ladies who would be interested in a Star Trek themed RP as well.

Bodyguard & friend of Rayne_Clowd

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Seeking both male and female writers.

Hi, I am new here but I have done role play of many types online since my early teens, so I am not new to this form of entertainment.

I have been reviewing the offerings above and will reach out to some of you. I also have a couple of ideas myself, one of which is explained below. (The others will come eventually.)

I am looking for writers with some role plays I can review to ensure we are compatible. (Yeah, I know: I have nothing for you to review, so you'll be taking a chance on me.) Proper spelling and grammar. At least 10 posts a week. I live in Oregon and am on most evenings between 5-10 my time, but I also just started two weeks of vacation so I could possibly be on at all hours of the day during that time.

I will be posting the introduction to the ideas below so that you have something from me to review. I hope you like what you see, but don't post to them without asking to join, please.

#1: "The New Girl in Town"

Seeking 1 male to write 4 on again, off again roles. (I know, it sounds like a lot, but you only have to be writing one of them at any one particular time.)

These roles are: a high school principal/advisor who tries to be very professional in keeping the students in line yet can't help but yearn for my character; a virginal geek/computer hacker who suffers the problem of untimely erections when he'd around me yet also knows he'd never have a girl like me; a popular student, perhaps a jock, who must always have the hottest girls in school and is sure he will eventually have me; and the male half of the couple with whom she is living while she finishes her last year of high school, a not-so-happily married man suffering blue balls who will do just about anything to have me despite knowing that getting caught naked with me would mean the end of his marriage and career, as he works for his wife's father.

Basic concept: I am newly arrived in your small city of 3,000 or so, a transplant from the big city. I have some secrets that will come out over time, secrets that even I (RitaPita) am yet to fully develop, so hold on tight.

I show up for my first day of school looking like this.

The story is essentially about how she manipulates the men above to get what she wants from life. All four of the men will likely eventually get a piece of her, but which, when, how, and under what circumstances remains to be determined. I can tell you two things: they will all enjoy their experiences with her; and they will all pay to have her, in one way or another.

If you want to see how it begins, look here, but obviously don't post to it.

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Oh, and I said seeking females above, too, didn't I?

I haven't contemplated any particular F-F role plays yet, but my usual thoughts are about my dominant character either using her sexuality to manipulate older females (whether straight, lesbian, or bi); or my late teens/early 20 year old teaching similarly aged or slightly younger females what it means to truly enjoy the pleasures of the flesh.

I'll add some more detailed ideas soon, but for now I just wanted to get this F-F post up so you didn't think I forgot about the offer.
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Any Futa RPs?

[EDIT: Thanks, everyone!]

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-not needed-

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All in a family

Please drop me a reply if you wish to play. The length is not important as long as it moves the story

You play the character of the new wife to a millionaire and her own daughter from first marriage.
I will play the millionaire husband, the driver and his only rotten son.

Your mother character marries him for money. He is 10 years older than you and a diabetic patient, meaning that he had erection sustaining problem. So behind his back, you secretly fucks the driver. The rotten son came to know this and he blackmails you into sex with him.

The little girl is a virgin and that old man takes advantage of her when his wife is out. He gave her money and gift of her service. She was reluctant but soon gave in to the offer.

Finally, the hidden secret was exposed and .........

Lets decide how to end it.
You will not regret the pain in exchange of the pleasure!
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Back after a stretch of lurking and working a new job. I want to do something more freestyle than usual. To that end, I'm hoping someone out there is a fan of the Pathfinder system. I love the art in those books. I always thought one particular image for the changelings in the Bestiary was especially hot:

I admit to having a fetish for sexy witch types. I'd love to do a thread with a character of my own (kicking around several concepts right now) meeting up with such a beauty on the road and interesting events ensue. PM if interested.
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Sean Renaud
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I woul love to have a new partner who can basically do anything.
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I got a summer job waiting tables at this place by the beach. We had to wear these skimpy little outfits, to give it that island feel. I told myself I didn't mind when the customers get a little crude, when they told me the things they'd like me to do, or they'd like to do to me. I told myself a slap on the ass was a compliment. I told myself, they're drunk, they're on vacation, they aren't this bad in real life.

The money was good, but every day I felt more and more like a piece of meat. A couple of them even asked me out, and I always said no. They didn't want me, just the pretty blonde who brought them beer and laughed at their jokes.

After a few weeks, though, I started to see myself that way. I forgot about literature, about art and music, other than the sleazy grind that came through the speakers. I looked in the mirror and saw fat, firm breasts, a flat tummy, a big, round ass. Cheerful smile, blonde ponytail.

Now the season's over, and I miss the attention. I miss the tips even more. I made really good money, but somehow, I didn't manage to save any of it, and now the semester has started, I don't have time to work six nights a week.

Looking for a guy with money. Enough money to get me to do what he wants. The particulars are negotiable. Maybe he's doing one of those porn videos where they throw cash at a girl until she gets naked and nasty. Maybe he's an older gentleman looking for a sugar baby.

Cash is an obvious turn on. I love sucking & fucking, cum, dressing slutty, lingerie, heels, etc. I get kinkier the more I get paid. Not a fan of poo, animals, kids, abuse, etc
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Cool Hacker's Puppet

Looking for a female partner to play a wife who is stunning to look at, but fairly repressed and vanilla in bed, having been brought up in a strict family. She foolishly installs an insecure software on her laptop allowing a hacker half way around the world to gain access to all her information: all passwords, credit cards and bank details, including some racy photos that her husband took of her after much pushing and convincing. She had finally agreed, but only if they were stored on her computer.

The hacker makes her aware of the predicament she's in, basically being at his mercy. Those photos could ruin her career as a junior executive if they ever got out. She's not allowed to tell anyone about it, not even her husband. He lets her know he's not after her money, but rather wants to dominate her from afar, taking her out of her shell sexually, making her do all kinds of kinky stuff. Eventually it would lead to her cuckolding her husband with other men and women, dominating him, and all kinds of other things.

On holiday just now, so I can post a few good times a day for about a week. Then it would slow down, depending on time. If interested in playing her, PM me! I will play the hacker and the husband, and we can all play other characters as well.
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Hello fellow lit-sters. I'm back after a long break and have a few ideas rolling around in my head. So far they all involve cheating. I am looking for a female writer to help translate these ideas to paper. PM me with which idea you are interested in and where you prefer to write (Thread, PM, or KIK).

1. The one that got away

10 years ago: in college we had a long running FWB relationship. You had a boy friend in another state and I had several short term relationships that never amounted to anything durring that time but we maintained regular hookups on the DL. Because of our lack of commitment and our foundation in friendship we were able to explore our kinks and fantasies extensively (I have some ideas for what these were but want to hear your ideas as well). But in the end it got ugly. You felt guilty about cheating on your boy friend and I was starting to get serious with my current wife. We got in a couple of nasty fights then broke off all contact.

Today: After ten years my marriage has grown stale. I love my wife and our kids but am tired of the suburban lifestyle. Not to mention the vanilla sex life. The only thing that keeps me sane are the memories of the fantasies you and I acted out all those years ago. I often wonder where you are and what you are up to. Then out of the blue I get a friend request online and am shocked to see your face ...

This could go a lot of different directions. I'd love to hear your ideas. That being said it will definitely involve cheating so if you aren't okay with that you have been warned.

2. The Babysitter

This one is pretty straight forward. You babysit my children. You are good with the kids so we hire you regularly. My relationship with my wife is strained at best. At worst ... I'm afraid she is having an affair.

Again this could go a lot of different directions but will involve cheating and an older male with a younger female. It could start out as non consentual on your part but evolve over time into you black mailing me. It could also start out with you being the seducer. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

3. Celebrities

I have a few different ideas. They are a bit darker and will involve non-con and multiple male characters at the same time. You would be

1: Scarlett Johansson from the avenger series (Black Widow) and I would play the Hulk and a few other characters, both hero and villain. To sum it up: everyone knows that Black Widow is the only person able to calm the Hulk down, but what they don't know is how she does it. I'm sure your imagination cam come up with a few ways ...

2: Natalie Portman from Star Wars (Senator Amidala) and I would be Anakin Skywalker. It would be set around the time of the second movie where they are alone on Naboo. Anakin is tired of the senator's teasing and games so he uses the force to get what he wants.

3: Kelly Cuoco from Big Bang Theory (Penny) and I would be Leonard and probably the other guys occasionally. Again my character is tired of yours teasing him so he uses science to get what he wants.

"Death cannot stop true love, all it can do is delay it a while." - Westly - The Princess Bride

I usually get to my kik more quickly than I do here. Feel free to pm me there (bj.hass)

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The setting

Years into the future of the Star Wars universe. The events of the original trilogy are nothing more than legends and have long since faded into obscurity. There have been certain advances but given that the world of Star Wars is already pretty technologically advanced I would say we can keep the technology rooted with what we already have.

The Idea

The idea for me involves another war between Sith and Jedi. The war is young ish (think like three or four years) and has already affected countless worlds and species. The Jedi have gone back to having a very strict order and personal detachments while allowed are dissuaded. The idea for the Jedi is that they have become stagnant and stuck in old ways.

The Sith have also fallen back into their old ways. The Sith empire is large but full of strife and backstabbing. Without a common enemy in the Jedi they would surely fall apart and kill each other.

Sound familiar? The idea is that both of these groups have fallen into an endless cycle of killing each other off and endless war. Neither side really sees it as of right now and the effect the endless waring is having on the galaxy.

The main story would focus on my character a young Jedi knight who is an accomplished swordsman. The opposite role I am looking for is for a Sith woman someone who wants to explore their morally gray side. Note you donít have to play someone like manically evil or anything the Sith can simply be cunning, hungry for power, or just plain ambitious.

The idea is these two meets at an early stage in both of their training (for instance he will just have become a Jedi Knight) and a romance blooms. The two can meet on the battlefield and we go from there with the romance aspects. The idea is that after their time together they will both go their separate ways and some years will pass before meeting again.

So itís basically a saga style romance between the two but also involves them slowly merging the Jedi and Sith sides into one force group. How that happens and what it involves will be brainstormed between us. I have a few ideas on how this might happen I would love to share.

So yeah thatís my idea! I know itís kind of specific but hoping I can find someone interested in writing this with me! Having a huge knowledge of the Star Wars universe isnít necessarily required. Iím more interested in finding someone who doesnít mind playing a Sith woman and being (slightly) evil.

If this has captured youíre interested please PM me! We can chat and discuss from there!
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Goddess Trinity
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Open to both male and female counterparts in my stories.

Below are some concepts that I'm open to expanding on with another writer. Check out my previous stories to get a feel for my writing:
  1. Incest - Sleep walking mother, spotting a family member in the shower, camping accidents, mistaken identity
  2. Futanari - lab testing gone right, adventures of a deity, ring of power (transferring of abilities)
  3. Supernatural - ghost occupying friends and family for sexual fun centered around one person, Mystique trying to find love

I'm open to other ideas so feel free to PM me your interests!
If you want to start a thread with me, just send me a private message please! General chat messages I will likely delete unless I'm familiar with your work. Fair warning.

  • ANY Erotic Scenario
  • Incest
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi
  • Futanari

Threads going on...
The Family Secret
More Than Expected
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All these scenerio are open for discussion before we start. The colored role is mine BTW


The city of New Port is protected by a lovely heroine named Miss Starbright. Super strength, flight, invulnerability, and spark projectiles from her fingertips were just a few of her skilled. All kids adored her, all women want to be her, and all men want to be with her. However, unknown to many, she was already with someone...at least she will be soon.

Dane is an average fan of Miss Starbright. He like seeing every battle she is in on TV, but he wasn't so hyped about her like everyone else. His roommate tended to keep to himself and didn't really talk much about his opinion of the superheroine, but Dane didn't mind. His roommate was good company, having some of the same interests and even quite friendly. One day though, the roommate pulled Dane aside, wanting to come clean with something.

He suddenly started changing shape, revealing himself to be Miss Starbright. Dane was beyond shocked. All this time, he was living with a famous and sexy superpowered being. And even more surprising is that she always had a thing for Dane and hoped they could become more than friends.

Sword-turned-woman/Warrior(or Knight) (Modern or Medieval time)

A knight who is expecting his sword to be delivered, has a woman arrive at his door. The woman said she is his delivery and the knight feel there is a mistake. The woman urges him to arouse her, telling him to trust her. The knight eventually does so, thinking the girl is crazy. But as she orgasms, she turns into a sword and is surprised at this. Now not only does he has a new weapon, but now a lovely partner.

[Here is the example of this RP: Sword Woman RP]

Wizard(or Werewolf)/Harem

I would play the werewolf and you being the harem, of course! In this, I imagine a school where all 'gifted' young adults go. Anyone who can use magic, transform, has super strength. Etc. Basically a Hogwarts for fantasy. My character has always been strong and fast, but never could use magic, or really shown any sort of 'supernatural' powers. Until now. One day he discovers that, even without the full moon, he can transform himself into a creature of the night. A werewolf! And with that comes the alpha-wolf mentality. He should have all the girls. Any woman that is fit for breeding is his own!


Two roommates live together in a dorm. I will play as the friend who is always being teased and you play as the best friend who always backs him up. The best friend though has a secret he has hidden since he was a preteen (he turns into a woman every night and changes back the moment her skin touches sunlight) and I accidentally find out about it. What follows is sexy and funny shenanigans.

Werewolf/Male Human

My story idea is that a male hiker gets stranded at night and tries to look for his car. But he notices that he is being followed. He walks a bit faster and he hears a growl. That was when he starts to run but trips and knock himself out. When he wakes up he sees that he is in some cave where he sees a large wolf coming to him. The hiker is terrified but is even more surprised when he sees the wolf slowly turn into a wolf girl. She smiles at her and leaps to the man, stripping his clothes off and having her way with him. The hiker seemed helpless now, but soon came to like the rough sex. He even took charge of the sex, making them both orgasm hard.
The morning came and the man woke up seeing the wolf girl sleeping. He slowly left her be, wearing another change of clothes he had with him. He soon hear whining, seeing the wolf girl frowning that he was going to leave her. The hiker took a bit of pity and asked if she wants to come with him. The girl grins and barks, willing to follow him wherever he goes.
The wolf girl looks like this
except the nose is more human like and there is no hair on her face.

Genie/Male Human

While traveling in the deserts of Egypt on vacation, a man comes across a very unique item -- a lamp. More specifically, a genie's lamp. The genie is very flirty with her new master, wanting to be satisfied after bring in the lamp for so long. After finding out he can satisfy women more than any men she has ever experienced, she forgoes the "three wishes per master" rule, wanting to be with him forever.

Goddess(es)/College student (could be a harem if possible)

Up in Heaven (or whatever), there are a multitude of Gods and Goddesses. During a spat, one of the Goddess is accused of being cold and distant by one of the Gods, so much so that even a human would be put off by her. Naturally, to prove them wrong, she descends to Earth to find a mortal and seduce him, just to prove a point. My character is the lucky, lucky man!
However, something goes wrong. My character is good. Too good. He fucks the Goddess even better than a God could, and gets her utterly addicted!
(harem part) ----> And the other Goddesses....well...after seeing that, they have to have a piece themselves!

Superheroine/Male Supervillain

My character is a new super villain, and he's already pulled off things others could dream of. Naturally, he has to be taken down! The only issue is, he seems too strong, and super heroine after super heroine are falling to him. The only strange thing is...he never kills them. He always captures them...
Obviously this would lead to 'rehabilitation' as he slowly breaks them into his own personal little harem of sex-bunnies who, conveniently, can help him conquer the world with their strength as well!

Hope to see a PM soon
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Right after I posted this originally, I was bogged down with real life for a few weeks and was unable to follow through. I'd like to give it another shot, if anyone is interested.

Conjugal Visit

After a year behind bars, a husband and wife are reunited in prison for a brief, steamy fling. I would be the wife, Tricia Wells, and you would be the husband.

One of us would be the prisoner and the other would be visiting. You could be trying to do your time, dreaming of Tricia while she waits anxiously at home trying anything to get you out, or Tricia could be struggling in women's prison. I was thinking you might be a Marine or something, this is your first time home and first time seeing me since I was put in jail.

Or perhaps we're both serving time, and I'm delivered to the men's prison so we can spend quality time together. After our hour together, you'll be returned to general population, while I'll be taken to the hole and kept isolated until the next transfer.

We can hook up in a conjugal visit trailer, or in the public visitation room where others can see us, or one of us could be delivered to the other's cell.

In addition, because we're in prison, we can have his and hers strip searches, wear manacles, and if I'm thrown in the hole, I expect that I'll finger myself.
A similar idea,

My Husband, My Jailor

Tricia is brought into prison with a group of women, where we'll be stripped, searched, forced to shower together, then given uniforms and sent to our cells. But the officer in charge of bringing us in is also Tricia's husband, you. To keep it under wraps, you'll need to be cold and indifferent, use a firm hand with me, call me names, perhaps even humiliate me in front of everyone even while you're being turned on by my predicament.

Or the officer could be the husband's secret fling, who uses the opportunity to humiliate Tricia.

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Hi Lit,

I'm new here, but I'm not new to writing. I enjoy detailed story writing and good character development. And of course, sex.

Here are a couple stories that need female co-writers. If any of these pique your interest, please send me a message so we can discuss further. If my stories inspire another idea within you, send me a message anyway, and let's talk!

I usually like to discuss the story and the character that we are respectively envisioning beforehand, and I like to hear people's ideas.

The Love of Hate: A Post Apocalyptic Romance

FIRST POST here: http://forum.literotica.com/showpost...46&postcount=1

In a post apocalyptic world (let's say zombies, an unruly human world with gangs and mob bosses), your character is not to be trifled with. She is a loner, she is strong, and she has an attitude. That's why she's been able to survive. She's also handy with a gun. Why she is the way she is, you can develop that. What's in her past? Why is she so good at surviving in such a horrible world?

My character, too, is a loner. And he hasn't survived by being nice either. He also has a past, but it is undoubtedly different from hers.

He has set up his base, a fortified stronghold in one city block, set with dozens of traps, cameras, and other such mechanisms to keep himself and his supplies safe.

But she's been watching. And she needs some of those supplies to survive. She succeeds in grabbing some (a tremendous feat for most, but not that difficult for her), but as she is escaping back to her base of operations, her safe zone, she is intercepted by a gang. And they haven't seen a woman in a long, long time.

My character sees what's about to happen.

That's just the starter. The story will go on, forces beyond their control bringing the two of them together, as much as they may despise one another, they cannot help but ultimately rely on one another, and eventually, more than just reliance...

Lots of opportunity for character development, multiple sub plots - but ultimately this is about these two characters, exploring them, and their love-hate... relationship.

Half Way Across: A Medieval Space Saga

Prince Argenon has no desire for marriage. As far as he is concerned, it is nothing but an encumbrance. His true desire lies in the stars. He takes to his observatory every night, to peer up into the heavens, using the marvelous device that he must hide from the rest of the world lest they accuse him of magic. It wasn't magic of course. It was the product of a mind freed from the shackles of convention. More than anything, he wanted to learn about those glittering orbs in the sky.

She had been traveling for a month in suspension. When her ship jolted out of light speed with the alert that a planet with life forms had been found, she was woken, and she came out of her suspension chamber gasping for air, scampering towards the bridge despite the computers systems not having had the chance to check her over after the long journey: this was the moment she had been waiting for. Everyone back home would be proven wrong. There was other life in the universe.

She landed her ship in a forest.

He saw the thing descend from the heavens.

And the next moment, he was on his horse, riding out in the night.

He will have so much to learn about the world. But she will have so much to learn about herself. And she would have never known it, if she hadn't crossed half way across the universe.

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Hello there!

I'm looking to start a short-term Halloween-themed incest RP. I'll play over PMs or a thread; PM me to work out details.

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Okay so am tired of tying to find a detailed partner for roleplaying using IM. So am going to make the jump to post.

Am looking for at least one post day of paragraph length


Step-Gold Digger (Stepmom/son)

I married your rich father when you were quite young to the point am the only mother you've really known. Your father recently shortly before coming home from boarding school for the summer. You won't around for the will reading but your father after years of marriage wrote me completely out of it. While I loved him, being written out while his lawyer stared at me like gold diggering bitch just drove me to the edge. I spent years being called one now am going to be one. Hopefully before lawyers get to my dear boy
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Angel was 16 when she fell in love with her highschool sweetheart, everyone told her how wrong he was for her, and yet at the she didn't want to listen, she was stubborn always had been, her father reminded her often still to this day. She fell fast and hard for her boyfriend Mike, and it was great, she thought they'd get married, they'd went to college together, gotten a apartment, and had gotten in a dark, yet very passionant and what she felt at the time loving relationship. He supported her, she supported him.. and yet one night he took things to far, they had a safe word, she was tied to the bed, she loved the domination.. craved it actually.. but he started choking her and she couldn't breath, she had to kick him as hard as she could for him to stop, and crying her safe word pink over and over again.. everyone was different.. everyone had different safe words.. different ways to be safe... but Mike had went to far she thought he was going to kill her.

She had marks on her neck for days, she had to wear scarves for the time being.. luckily they were in style and noone really questioned her. What Mike did crushed her.. she not only lost the love of her life but her trust at the same time... and she couldnt tell anyone of her lifestyle either.. who would understand it in the first place.. sure as hell not her friends, not her parents, and not her over protective brother, she scoffed at that, but her brother was her closest friend.

A year and a half had past and it was time for her to finally move on.. so she knew it was time to make her way to the club.. she hadn't been there since going with Mike...so sighed to herself.. here goes nothing she thought.. grateful it was saturday, and she had the weekends off as a dance instructor, she had time to clean, clear her mind and get ready for the night...

She had no idea her brother was into the lifestyle as she was, her brother Brad was 10 years older then her and always looked out for her, little did she know he frequented the club quite often, as of late, he had no idea in turn his little sister would be at this very club had he known he'd be mortified, angel admired and adored and loved her brother but if he saw her here at this place... he'd flip out. Her first day back she opted to wear a mask, the club had rules, and one of the rules were one of many to be exact, were stated you could wear a eye piece mask until alone with said dom or sub, then once alone he or she can decide to remove it.

Little did she know that night her brother would notice and want her, what would happen when they were alone... what would he do to her, spank her for being there, yell at her, be furious that she was wearing a mask and that he had chosen her?

Open to one male.
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Originally Posted by cgraven View Post
The Family

Looking for an imaginative female writer that enjoys writing detailed posts, and is comfortable with BDSM scenarios.

The Family.

If interested please PM.
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Seeking: Literate, dominant male.

Frequency: Once/twice a week.

RP Idea: A young woman has just graduated from University and is looking for her first proper job. One comes up, PA to a member of the local rich and powerful. She applies, what's the worst that can happen? To her delight she gets the job, but neglects to read the full contract. Not only has she signed up to be his personal assistant, but his personal sex bunny too. He slowly teaches her how to give him what he wants, and she realises that it's what she's always craved all along.

About me: I'm new here but not new to forum RP. I've never really done ERP though, so I'm looking to experiment. I like to take my time with posts and the nature of my job means I don't get much spare time anyway so I likely won't post any more than once, maybe twice a week. That said, I like it when someone else puts in the same effort as me so while I won't post frequently, I will focus on quality over quantity.

PM me if you're interested!
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Originally Posted by wanna_be View Post
Seeking: Literate, dominant male.

Frequency: Once/twice a week.

RP Idea: A young woman has just graduated from University and is looking for her first proper job. One comes up, PA to a member of the local rich and powerful. She applies, what's the worst that can happen? To her delight she gets the job, but neglects to read the full contract. Not only has she signed up to be his personal assistant, but his personal sex bunny too. He slowly teaches her how to give him what he wants, and she realises that it's what she's always craved all along.

About me: I'm new here but not new to forum RP. I've never really done ERP though, so I'm looking to experiment. I like to take my time with posts and the nature of my job means I don't get much spare time anyway so I likely won't post any more than once, maybe twice a week. That said, I like it when someone else puts in the same effort as me so while I won't post frequently, I will focus on quality over quantity.

PM me if you're interested!
You need to turn on your contacts to receive PMs. Or feel free to PM me, Happy to talk about this RP.
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