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Stepmom the succubus

I have suggested versions of this idea before but I figured I would simplify the concept a bit. Kids have lived without mom for a while, either due to her passing or divorce. Dad seems pretty sullen until one day when he walks in the door with a gorgeous woman who he claims is his wife and their new stepmother. Only thing is, stepmom is a succubus and a horny husband and his adult kids aren't enough to keep her satisfied.

A couple spins I had:

Daughter or son actually summoned the succubus. Maybe they wanted a mom, maybe they wanted dad to have someone, in any case, they summon her and cut a deal. Come their next birthday, they have to pay up...though it isn't souls she's interested in.

An additional twist could be the succubus wants payment by getting them into an incestous threeway so she can feed off of the taboo experience.

2. Mom is still alive and tries to end things...succubus has other ideas.
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John Blackhawk
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Well its not a bad idea as incest stories go. The problem i see is you have to develop a storyline that starts at "holy f*ck she's hot" and ends at "holy sh*t she's a sucubus." And i believe the best way to start is have it as a man and wife going on a cruise and he comes back with the stepmom. Then have the mother pop back in some point later in the story. Now i'm not sure how to get to the "holy sh*t she's a succubus" moment. but one way i could see is the adult kids walk in while stepmom is riding him forward cowgirl. Then the stepmom has a full on transformation ie skin, hair, wings, tail as she orgasms/feeds on the father.
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I'd actually start with the kids summoning the succubus explaining to her that the mom is screwing around on dad and they found out. Succubus takes the mom to her realm and makes mom her bitch. End chapter 1 with dad getting a note saying that mom is leaving and not coming back.

Chapter 2, mom has been servicing the succubus for a couple years (earth time) and the succubus feels the love thats reawakened in mom for the husband and kids. Succubus feels it and goes to earth to experience it. End chapter 2 with the succubus meeting dad and they "feel a spark".

Chapter 3, the succubus has moved in and decides to have the son one day after school. Then the daughter wants lessons on how to be sexier. Boom, succubus has the daughter on the hook as well. They watch dad and see the succubus change and realize whats happened...
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Since succubus-y demons come in many forms we can design our succubus however we wish. She can be dominant or submissive, parasitic or empowering, tangible or a dream creature, whatever. She can occupy Mom, or Sis, or both alternately or even simultaneously. She can be Lilith, queen of the succubi, or a low-level operative or novice, voracious or tentative, eager or bored, vapid or serious or a jokester. She can be totally schizo, leafing through multiple personalities. Can she die?

Let's say Dad brings home a novice succubus. He's her first. She's not really clued on how this succubus thang works -- maybe she's fresh out of succubus school (she was a C-average student). She tries many tricks, goofs a lot, but somehow manages to soul-suck the family whilst slapping flesh. Or maybe she learns humility. Does she turn away from the Dark Side?
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I like all of these ideas.

The succubus being the one to make mom go missing is an interesting route and would give plenty of opportunities for comedy or horror.

A novice succubus is another excellent route to take, especially for comedy. It could be that she winds up loving sex too much to actually hurt anyone or she accidentally screws things up like grabbing a soul then mixing up which body it gets put in.

I also like the idea of a more dream-like succubus. Maybe she can't have any physical powers but she can manipulate dreams and mess with people in their dreams. For example, son is dreaming about the cheerleader he's crushing on doing a strip tease for him but suddenly she becomes his sister. Sister meanwhile is shocked to find herself in a dream where her brother is watching her strip.

(A succubus manipulating siblings into fucking came from a pic I saw where a sex demon keeps whispering in a guy's ear as he fucks his sister, telling him to think about how perfect they are for each other and how he was made for plowing his sister).

"The cool mom" stereotype might be another route. Stepmom not only doesn't refuse parties but encourages them so she can have a smorgasbord of sex at any time. If the cops show, all the better.
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