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a story via email

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A story via email
Looking to write a paranormal/supernatural story via email. The ideal guy to do this with me should enjoy non rushed scenes with plenty of buildup and anticipation. I'd like to include some shapeshifting and futa so the more open minded you are the better. PM me telling me about your character and if you prefer blonde, brunette or reheads.

'm 18 and on holiday with my mom and aunt. It's a treat from my aunt for both of us but specially my mom as she's been so down and depressed since my dad walked out on us. They've both gone on a day trip together, I was invited but sipping little cups of local wine and sampling local cheese aint my idea of a good time so I decide to spend the day by the pool. Heading out soon after breakfast to find a sun lounger they all seem to already have been reserved by people putting their towels on them except for the one next to a mature but very handsome man. I approach you and politely ask "do you mind if I use this lounger?" You remove your shades and and theres something in your eyes which instantly draws me in. You smile at me saying "I would be delighted to have such a lovely young lady bathe next to me" Normally I would find a comment like that sickening, I know in my head I should think your some sort of perv but I am quite flattered and theres something thats making me want to sit with you. I smile as I spread my towel on the lounger. I hold my hand out to shake yours "I'm Lisa"
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Your personal ad for private Email roleplay has been moved to the proper board.
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