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Rubbing Daddy's Furry Belly

Daddy is a BIG guy, weith the gut to match. his whole body is hairy, but in particular his belly ois covered by a mat of dense curly fur.

When Princess was small, Daddy would lie on his couch and let Princess run her hands over his furry belly.She would giggle and call him a bear. This stopped as Princess grew up.

Now Princess is 18.

One day she comes home to see Daddy sleeping on his couch. His T-shirt has shifted so that his big furry belly is bare. Princess cannot resist the urge to go over and rub it. As she rubs, she notices Daddy's member stirring...
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Rub the lamp, and watch the genie pop out! What do you wish for, little girl?

Or maybe, rubbing all that fur gives her a double handful of static electricity. Does that enhance the handjob she is about to give him?
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EH take: she rubs his bloated-belly fur and *things* crawl out..
BDSM take: she rubs his fur and he moans, "The whips, the whips..."
SF&F take: she rubs the fur and he sprouts horns or tentacles.
Other SF&F: she rubs the fur and they're transported to Neverland.
GS take: she rubs the fur; his GF joins in and they double-blow him.
Hentai take: she and her Lolicon GFs rub his fur, giggling as he throbs.
Pr0n take: she rubs his fur; he sprouts a 12-in / 300mm donkey-dick.
JBJ take: she rubs, he sprouts, but he's smelly, scarred, deformed...
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Nah, gotta go Carpenter on this. She rubs his belly and suddenly his belly turns into a giant mouth which clamps down on her arms. Then dad starts sprouting tentacles and Kurt russel comes in with a flamethrower...

In general, I like the idea of a petite smooth woman and a furry pot-bellied guy getting it on.

Gives me a couple ideas:

1. As she keeps rubbing and watching him get harder, daddy instinctively reaches out and starts caressing daughter while half asleep. She starts to get turned on and suddenly daddy says:

"Hop on up baby girl, time to go for a ride."

Daughter sees he's still mostly out of it and slowly straddles him. Right as dad comes too, she impales herself on him and locks him into a kiss, making his protestations go away.

2. Dad's a were-something. As he gets rubbed, he starts grunting and squealing. In addition to getting aroused, he starts sprouting animal features until he's a humanoid whatever. When he's fully awake, he spies his baby girl and can't recognize her as anyone other than a cute girl whose touching him
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