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Lightbulb Friendly Reminders:

Hello all.
Please keep just a few things in mind while enjoying this forum:
1. A story is not a story idea. That means this isn't the right venue in which to post whole stories, hoping for feedback. Currently, Laurel has deemed Story Feedback the most appropriate, but I would like to caution on some "soft rules" there. They tend to prefer offering feedback on stories actually submitted to the site instead of written in-forum, but they will offer feedback if you have a snippet of a few paragraphs.

2. Spam does not simply mean advertising for pay sites. It means posting for the sole reason of soliciting visitors for another site. Don't do it; it's rude, tacky, and worst of all, it isn't a story idea.

3. Don't post email addresses or other personal information on the boards. If you want people to contact you, refer them to your profile, which already has a link to use to email you. If people cannot figure that out, it still doesn't mean you can use this boards as a personals site, or to solicit content for you own website.

4. Age limits are not negotiable. I don't care whose experience it is: yours, your friend's, your neighbor's, or that of a person you invented out of pure imagination--for the purposes of this site, all sexual activity must be between adults (of which Lit defines as 18+). Sexual activity includes masturbation, fantasy, and other solo activities. This is not a debate; arguments about the verisimilitude of this age limit will not change site policy.

5. Politeness goes a long way, especially when you are new--either to the boards, or just to this forum. People are insular and often suspicious; starting an argument with flame material or other negative tones is unlikely to draw positive attention your way. Please make newbies feel welcome.

6. Use that "report post" button! If you see something you believe is off-topic or otherwise inappropriate, please let me know. You may also PM me for quicker results.

A reminder of the Forum Rules may be found here. Please brush up on them if need-be.

Thank you, and enjoy your Lit experience!
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