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Originally Posted by nobodybasically View Post
Hi everyone! I haven't submitted anything to the site yet, but I've got some story ideas I intend to write about soon. I've posted erotic stories on either sites (with different guidelines than here so they wouldn't fit in) and might modify them to fit this site's guidelines as well as write new things.

I actually keep a massive list of erotic story ideas that I never get around to writing, and I'd love to see someone else tackle them.

Once I've posted works of my own and have some additional free time, I'd love to take requests as well.

I'm into young people (college age, and more guys than girls) getting into exhibitionist, embarrassing and not-exactly-consensual situations. Stuff like people accidentally ending up naked in public and, while enjoying the pleasure they get, still being flustered by their exposure.

Another idea I love but rarely come upon is people becoming intensely aroused by some alien mean (some sort of sex drive-enhancing illness or a chemical agent) and losing self control, resulting in them dealing with their libido in ways they would normally scoff at, like jumping a platonic friend or masturbating in a classroom.

And since I'm more into males than females, I prefer writing about guy-on-guy or guy-on-girl. I might take a stab at girl-on-girl in the future, but I haven't tried it out.
Welcome to Lit.
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title here

Long time reader.. here

Greatly appreciate all who freely give their most precious commodity, Time.

I always laugh when seein them trools and negative commentors... this is a free content site.

Complain to the bookstore after having bought a book you did not like.. see if they refund your $$ for a now used book

I do know there are so many good writers here and will continue to read all I can.

P.S. I finally decided to sign up as a volunteer editor

Plus.. I hope to share a few stories and ideas for other writers.

Thanks for Your Time
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I have ideas but no writting skills and just learning how to navigate this on my phone. Pretty sure I tried to comment on a thread and sent a "report" instead. .lol.
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