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Thumbs up

Welcome to the newest members.
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Checking In

Occasional reader and first time writer as of a few days ago. All that stuff that has been rumbling around in my brain had to get out somehow so I started putting it down on paper.

I am most interested in well done Mind Control and authority game type stories (Boss/Employee, Teacher/Student sorts of things). I'm working on my editing and writing and looking forward to reading and being read.

Right now I'm working on chapter 2 of my first story and trying to figure out how to frame a Professor/Student story so that it doesn't sound ridiculous in my head or on the page.
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Reader and Writer

Hey, everyone!

I discovered Literotica a few years ago, but only found the boards less than a year ago. I spend alot of time on the playground, occasionally venturing to other boards...even the GB when I'm brave, or stupid, I'm not sure which lol.😆

I wrote my first story and it posted last week. It's in the Group sex category: https://www.literotica.com/s/farewell-gift-to-marco

I am doing my first SRP with DanFS, a DD/lg story...
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BFG's Hideout
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Hi all! I have been a lurker for years and finally created an account last week so that I could submit stories. My first was published Saturday and I have my second ready to go

I have a BA in journalism and am a former newspaper editor. I hadn't written anything story wise since I resigned from my editing job several years ago. Recently I've been bitten by the writing bug again and I'm thoroughly enjoying rediscovering an old passion.
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Thumbs up

Glad to see some new names in here! Welcome. Enjoy your stay here and feel free to use any idea you find within this thread, or share your ideas if you wish. That's what the board is for!
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Long time reader, possibly potential writer

Hello everyone

Don't know where else to go, thus went here, since I had to check in anyway...
It may sound stupid, but feel the need to ask to not get in trouble later.
It's clearly written in rules, that caracters yonger than 18 is forbidden...
At ALL? Or I can make characters (especially main ones) be any age as long as they not engage in anything sexual untill they past 18?
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As long as an under aged character does not have sex (vaginal, anal, or oral), masturbate, think about sex, watch others have sex (of any form, including masturbation), look at pornography (of any kind), or an of age character "remembering" any sexuality as a minor...then a minor can be a character. Could be a slippery slope, depending on why you want a minor for a character. You also could not talk about "all of the people lusting after your 17 year old character", etc.

Hope this helps!
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Hi everyone

New here, but have read some good stories and hoping that my idea will be written by an author.

Not good at writing myself, and prefer to see my story idea written by another and be gripped, not knowing where it will lead. Going to post my idea now and hope someone likes the idea and has the time to write it
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Hello everyone! Longtime reader and semi-author here! I've been a fan of this site for a long, long time and have read many excellent stories by many incredible authors.

I have a ton of ideas and have decided to try and post some of them to see if any authors might be interested in picking them up and collaborating a bit on them.

As I mentioned, I have quite a few. For advice: should I post them all in one thread or give each idea an individual one?
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Smile Getting started..

Greetings! I have been reading here on Lit for a few years now. I have an account now and thought I'd try my hand at writing. My first submission is pending at the moment and I hope it's well received. I have a few ideas for other types of stories, this first one being BDSM, though I'm not certain where I'll go from here. Be well!
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Sensual Stories
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Need to talk?

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Author and reader...

I enjoy writing character-driven stories with D/s and power exchange elements, and strive to build the events on emotion and atmosphere more than the physical act sex. The best sex is in the head, as the old adage goes, so I try to give readers' imaginations space to take off...

Stories and Poems
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A reader who recently started working to become a writer too!

I've been a hobby writer of Fantasy stories for a while now, and what I am writing right now is sort of an offshoot of that.

Anyway, I should be posting something about my curent WIP in the story ideas soon.

Peace out!
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Hello all.

I'm an avid reader of the literature on this site, and have been for a couple of years now. I just submitted my first story so hopefully we'll see it soon. I love to write and am hoping to get good enough to turn my writing into a source of income - even if it's just a small source. I figure there's no point writing because I have to - that would destroy the enjoyment for me.
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So someone sends a Pm out of the blue to get me to read their story and I am reminded of this forum I visited years ago because I have the same email account!. Looked up some of my old threads and am quite impressed with the brainpower and creativity in the wake of one of my story ideas that you folks have come up with. Glad this forum is still going strong. With several more years of maturity and wisdom, maybe I can contribute some quality material. Alas, my heart has jaded over the years so I have to find a way to rekindle the passion i once had to write what I once could.
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Literotica. Where have you been all my life
I am so addicted. Haha.
I'd luv to find another woman to collaborate with
I have a very kinky mind
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I don't recall if I've signed in here or not, so I'll put my name down, just in case.

A man, with some kinks, twists, peeves, and habits. Just like the rest of humanity .
"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
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And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day."

Henry V, St Crispin's Day, Shakespeare.
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Hi, everyone!

Just submitted the first story in my "Tales of Abigail" series, about an insatiable young wife and her indulgent, voyeuristic husband. Hope to see the story up on the site soon, and very much looking forward to reading all of your work!
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I'm learning to write a military romance, but with enough accuracy to satisfy a real military fiction fan rather than the drivel I've been finding in military romance thus far.

I have a lot more ideas I don't have time to explore, most of them quite esoteric or new twists on existing themes, I may post some later.
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Cool Untitled

Azarene. New to Lit and finding it a bit difficult to navigate but moseying my way through it slowly. Nice to meet everyone. I am eager to share my experiences with others in the various relatively stories I've written and get all the feedback I can on them. Thanks for having me.
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Originally Posted by Azarene View Post
Azarene. New to Lit and finding it a bit difficult to navigate but moseying my way through it slowly. Nice to meet everyone. I am eager to share my experiences with others in the various relatively stories I've written and get all the feedback I can on them. Thanks for having me.
Welcome to Lit. After seeing some of your threads, you are aware that you're supposed to submit stories to the Web site for approval and not "write them in the bulletin board", right?
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Hi, folks. I saw a URL for this site on Zity biz or something like that, where I had been exploring medical fetishism. Ever since I have been aware of sexuality, and even before, I have had a fetish for girls in masks. My time on zity confirmed that I like "patients" (as opposed to "doctors and nurses".

So, therefore, I like girls who need to wear medical masks (which in the rare case can include half mask cartridge respirators, like in the avatar that I am about to put up). This can be due to transplant, MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) , or even cancer (as long has the hair has grown back).

I am 41, but tend to be attracted to 18-22 females.

Anyhow, I'm just a reader for now, but I have written a "masked patient" story before. But just one, and not on here. Maybe that will change.
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Hi everyone! I haven't submitted anything to the site yet, but I've got some story ideas I intend to write about soon. I've posted erotic stories on either sites (with different guidelines than here so they wouldn't fit in) and might modify them to fit this site's guidelines as well as write new things.

I actually keep a massive list of erotic story ideas that I never get around to writing, and I'd love to see someone else tackle them.

Once I've posted works of my own and have some additional free time, I'd love to take requests as well.

I'm into young people (college age, and more guys than girls) getting into exhibitionist, embarrassing and not-exactly-consensual situations. Stuff like people accidentally ending up naked in public and, while enjoying the pleasure they get, still being flustered by their exposure.

Another idea I love but rarely come upon is people becoming intensely aroused by some alien mean (some sort of sex drive-enhancing illness or a chemical agent) and losing self control, resulting in them dealing with their libido in ways they would normally scoff at, like jumping a platonic friend or masturbating in a classroom.

And since I'm more into males than females, I prefer writing about guy-on-guy or guy-on-girl. I might take a stab at girl-on-girl in the future, but I haven't tried it out.
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