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I am a reader but might try writing a story someday. I just made an account recently, but I have been reading and enjoying literotica for several years and have favorite stories and categories.

I am an artist and like to draw and sketch, though I have not tried porn or kink yet.
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Originally Posted by PaperTea View Post
I am a reader but might try writing a story someday. I just made an account recently, but I have been reading and enjoying literotica for several years and have favorite stories and categories.

I am an artist and like to draw and sketch, though I have not tried porn or kink yet.
Welcome. I hope you enjoy the boards as much as the story side!
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I am a female and I read "gay male" stories.

I am a 100% reader. I read a lot. I developed a taste for gay male stories, in approx. 2011 or earlier. I have a combined following of about 10,000 users from the other sites I frequent. While my comments are few and far on in between, I suppose people like them enough to seek them out. Social networking was never my "thing," because I am too grown up for it. However, networking just kind of happened. Between online and real life I do not have time for anything. Reading is my only refuge. I just decided to stop by the thread to post a prompt. I thought it appropriate to introduce myself first.
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Hello all,

I've been here for a couple of months now, participating in a roleplaying story created by Empress Josephine:


I have actually been writing for a number of years and completed my first (non-erotic) book a few years back.

I am currently writing an erotic story (first in a planned series, though I'll see how it goes!).

I also write on my tumblr blog which is an Adult blog, based on the idea of a CFNM Society.


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Wink Writer, Reader, RPer, more Ideas than I could finish in a lifetime...

Hello, found this site a few years ago and only decided to give the Forums a go tonight. When artists get asked 'Where do you get your ideas?' one of them came up with a cute answer, forget who, it goes like this:

"Well, there is this company in New Mexico, they send me 3 ideas a month, I pick the ones I like and send the others back, I pay a fee for the ones I keep and eventually turn them into stories."

OMG: if that company existed I would be employee of the month for the past 7 years!

Unfortunately it doesn't and that is why I come to this site and hang out with all of you...

... Actually that's a pretty good trade I guess, less money, more friends...
Love is Love.
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♂ + ♂ = ♥
♂ + ♀ + ♂ = ♥
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Or monogamy for that matter...
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I discovered Literotica years ago and have been a more or less regular reader since. In my on-line wanderings, I have found no place with the breadth and depth of this site. Like a huge Gothic house, there are rooms to love, rooms to dislike, and a few to whistle past like they're graveyards. My experience is that much chaff must be sifted to find the golden kernels. That said, there are some terrific writers of erotica here that are worth the threshing to find. I always try to leave the authors comments of appreciation or, for new writers, encouragement and constructive criticism.

A few years ago, inspired by another Lit author, I began submitting my own stories. At the risk of sounding self-serving, if a story moves you, take a minute to leave a comment for the author. Feedback helps us persevere and improve.

Stories and Poems
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Some nice stories there, visioneer. Well met.
The stories so far. Find me on Twitter here, or check out publications here.

"Why are you wearing that stupid Man suit?"

- Frank

"These crab cakes are good as a mug. I fucks with these crab cakes."

- "Ann Coulter", The Boondocks

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- Peter K. Rosenthal
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Hello all, I am a avid reader of Literotica, and recently changed accounts due to the wife finding a story that I wrote and that was accepted. She flipped so I am doing my new account a little differently. I read a lot of different stories and love the bisexual, tgirl, crossdresser, strapon, and anything that catches my eye.
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Need suggestions for writing project.

BenevolentDCC, author of Falling for a Girl and Blood and Power as my most notable stories. I'm looking for suggestions of what to write in any category. I like new, interesting ideas. So share with me what gets you going, what you like to read about, or what you think I should write.
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Welcome to all of our newer visitors!! I hope you enj oy your time at Lit and, specifically, in Story Ideas!
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Thumbs up P.s.

I'm quoting the opening post to this thread so the new visitors can see it. (In case they didn't read page 1.) Feel free to share what you're comfortable with; readers and authors alike!

Originally Posted by MyRubiLips View Post
Hello and Happy New Year! For 2015 I thought I would "revamp" the "sign in" STICKY at the top of the page. Back in 2002 it was created by MissTaken when she was the mod here and when RisiaSkye took over she created her own. As I'm sure many of you are aware, throughout Lit Laurel has been closing threads that reach 5,000 or more posts to help their servers...and while the old "sign in" didn't quite reach that number, certainly it is easier accessing new threads instead of wading through hundreds of pages to find what you are looking for or to connect with other users.

I would also like to "open" this thread to the avid readers of Lit to check-in and say hi! After all, without them the authors wouldn't be who they are today.

Of course, you can offer as little - or as much - info as you want (save for the personal info that is prohibited per Forum Rules) and feel comfortable with. A suggestion I would add is to state if you're an author, a reader, or both. And, if you are an author, offer a link to your writings (even if it is in your sig line since some members turn those off) as well as a run down of what genres you're comfortable with. Readers, please don't turn this thread into a "story idea" since that's what the entire board is about! You can start a new thread for your idea at any time!

Also, to everyone: Please keep this corner of Lit flame-free. If you wish to flame or troll, the General Board is down the hall! If you want "PMs only" for your "idea", may I suggest the Literotica Personals where you can seek one-on-one and/or private encounters? And, lastly, if you are developing a role play, be it sexual or not, please check out Sexual Role Play or Online Role Play.

Lastly, "my door is always open". If you have a question or concern please feel free to PM me anytime.

Thank you, and have a wonderful Lit experience!
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Suggestion to add a point to the Friendly Reminders topic here...members posting story ideas should be encouraged to tag their topic like [Mature], [Loving Wives], [Celebs] etc....this could help get the story ideas picked up more by interested authors of those fields. Tagging also helps search, filtering topics..
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New here. Brand new, actually. I'm pretty picky as a reader, so there's not much that I've actually read, but I'm willing to expand if it's interesting.
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I'm not an author yet but I have been reading for over a year (My eyes are a little tired by now, Ha Ha). I have often thought of writing so I have started.

I joined today so that I can post the first chapter of my first story. Hopefully it will be received well. I will just have to wait and find out.

I have mostly been reading incest/taboo and sci-fi but am not limited to these two genre.

I find time to write only when at home, as I work away a lot it is kind of sporadic as I am also trying to write a novel, for which I am having to do a lot of research.
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Welcome to Lit, MuffinMan. I hope you enjoy your stay!!
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Hello all. My name is Keithb1002. I just started writing just a week ago. I've been a fan of erotic stories for almost 20 years. Now normally I'm into teen erotic sex stories... I did read the rules of this site and I'm willing to change my stories to include 18 year old girls. Let's just say that I'm into some nasty stuff. I've already submitted 2 stories on here, but both of them got denied because I didn't read the rules. But I will re-submit one of my stories as soon as I can. I've got about 15 story ideas that I've typed notes on and I can't wait to type them up and here feedback from everyone.

Thanks for reading


Last edited by MyRubiLips : 09-15-2015 at 04:30 PM. Reason: ...No need to list the actual age of minors... Thanks!
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Really Really Experienced
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Just me.

Hello thar! I am FuckDoll, I am an author (and reader) and I am certainly not new around here. Haven't posted that much though, and I have been dancing around the forums more and trying to post when I feel I've something to say.

My stories have always had a bit of a rougher, darker slant towards them. While they started out mainly NC/reluctance, they're now almost solely bdsm. Well, D/s really, with a bunch of bdsm rubbed all over em. I prefer to write from experience. Generally I'll take my own experiences and insert them into new situations or scenes. To me, it makes the feelings and emotion of the story more genuine and delicious.

So that's me. If ya happen to read, I hope you enjoy. If you enjoy a lot, please feel free to pride feedback. Thanks!

A link for those with signs turned off: https://www.literotica.com/stories/m...ge=submissions
Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often.

New 9/27/15! All of Eden - Ch 3 (D/s, bdsm)
Comments, suggestions, feedback, and votes are appreciated!

my stories

Please note: I am usually doing my interwebbing from a tablet or phone... Sometimes their autocorrects have minds of their own and as such, some whacky words can be inserted into places I didn't mean them. Please bare with me.
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Hello! I've been writing for about as long as I could hold a pencil, but I rarely ever show people my work. I like to write fantasy and (obviously) erotica. I've got a couple of characters I love to write, and I tend to lean towards bdsm, nc, and of course fluffy erotic coupling, depending on how I feel.
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Reader but would love to write if I had a writing partner and an idea that really interested me.

I'm pretty particular with what I read and I generally only get on Literotica when I have a fantasy that I can't get out of my head.

I generally lean to more psychologically driven stories rather than really explicit ones. Often there are elements of degradation, bdsm, infidelity, etc to the stories I read.

Convincing characters/dialogue and believable scenarios turn me on most.
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Originally Posted by JeanGenet View Post
I generally lean to more psychologically driven stories rather than really explicit ones. Often there are elements of degradation, bdsm, infidelity, etc to the stories I read.

Convincing characters/dialogue and believable scenarios turn me on most.
Yep, I'm same way.

Good luck and welcome aboard.
Huck Pilgrim (AH directory)

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Hey there!

I am a new writer. I have had a few of my works published on the site. Am still a relatively new writer and I guess it will take time to become better.

I love the site and I dont just write, I read a lot of stories here as well.

You can check out my works here:

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Hey everyone!

I've floated around Lit for a few years now, and finally decided to get off my ass and become a member. I tend to read mostly GM. A few years ago, I was reading some really crappy stories and said to myself, "Self? You can definitely write better than this!" I'd never wrote anything fictional before, and the last writing I did was in university twenty years ago. So, with the support and guidance from some online friends, I started. I have some writing on another site (you can google "Boxerwing" if you're curious), and have been working on some original GM romantic erotica. When those stories are complete (right now, they are in the 20K to 50K range), I'll post them here (I don't want to leave any readers hanging).

The Lit boards are interesting to say the least. I'm not sure how active I'll be, but I will try and have been trying already. I always look forward to chatting here and through PMs.
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Shadow Mistress
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Hi guys

Just wanting to sign in. I joined a while back and made my home on the Online Roleplaying Forum. I've got a few submissions, but then life came all up in my grill and well.... yeah.

So, life has become all 'samey and stuff', and so I wanted to come back to this wonderful site and get my creative juices flowing again. I've roamed around and have been keeping an eye on the roleplaying forums, but it's all been a bit non inspiring.

I've never really explored much of Lit - sticking to the roleplay sections and occasionally dipping into the GB (when I was crazy bored).

So I'm only slightly crazy bored and stumbled onto this section of Lit. Sounds just like what I need right now, some friendly inspiration.

I've written most of my life, and love nothing better than reading a good book. I've only got two submissions here on Lit and I'll provide the links below (they are also in my signature)

(Don't mind Illusion Vale in my Sig. Its a link to my favourite RP that I modded. Ahhh, good times. Feel free to read it if you're interested in that sort of thing! )

Okey: Linkies -

Dark Desires

Blue Eyes

Dark Desires Chpt 1: Awakening
Blue Eyes
Feel free to tell me what you think!
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Hi everyone. ...great site! Hoping to test out some new story ideas here and also enjoy reading other contributors ones!
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Checking in

Hey folks,

My name is Ladynight, or Amy, which ever really.

I am a reader for the most part, as that is how I found Lit and why I have visited the site for the last few months. I finally decided to join as I am considering making the leap to the Author side. I am working on some things, but I am pretty self conscious about my writing and story building skills so it will probably take me a while to have something quality enough I'm willing to share.

As far as myself, I love roleplaying, and that's how I got into erotica, and writing. I am here to get involved with the writing process, enjoy some of the brilliant ideas some of the incredibly people her have, and maybe one day share something of my own.

Thanks so much, can't wait to get involved and meet some great authors. And remember if I do post soon, take it easy on me I'm fragile
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