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St. Patrick's Day Hijinks

Of course, it could include leprechauns.

Or just too much green beer leading to a mismatch, leading to hilarity (and sex) ensuing).

A few samples to start the wheels turning:

~ Couple honeymoons in Ireland because one (or both) are Irish. When she kisses the Blarney Stone, it evokes an ancient prophesy that she must be impregnated by a leprechaun...

~ College frat party. The virgin sorority sister wakes up the next morning actually believing that the little guy she blew was magical...and then realizes she is no longer a virgin

~ couple out at a party, too much to drink, get frisky, exhibitionist and voyeur version, or group sex version?

~ annual tradition that old college chums reunited . Each year one of the guys dresses as a leprechaun, and gets to sample all the gals... with each performing a different sex act, as everybody cheers them on...
finally a new story:

Bad Grandpa

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Well it's a little late to be brainstorming a St. Patrick's day story, but what the heck. Mine would have to involve a leprechaun one way or another. Possibly he is a horny leprechaun, and uses his wiles to trick women into the sack. Or maybe he tricks men into providing him the use of their wives for the night, by promising them some of his hoard of gold. Or maybe he just wanders around the St. Patrick's day parade, with his nose right at pussy height above the ground, sniffing out which women are turned on and ready for some action?
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St Paddy reputedly drove all snakes out of Ireland. For a weird St Paddy's Day, the snakes return, and they're all hyper-phallic, insinuating themselves into any available orifices... like tentacles, but without suckers. Are Irishwomen distraught or satisfied?
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Some considerations and factors: In USA, St Paddy's invokes leprechauns, green beer, and corned beef and cabbage. In Ireland, not so much -- locals may say "We don't swallow that shite" and the day matters not, sort of like Cinco de Mayo in USA (vivid) vs Mexico (insignificant).

Besides those signifiers, what else says Ireland, and what can fit into LIT tales? The rainbow's-end pot of gold (cf leprechauns). The IRA, and the diaspora (probably not sexy). Guinness stout and strong whiskey. Irish nuns and priests (woo woo). Certain musical instruments: low flutes, bouzoukis, fiddles, harps, bodhrans. The Pogues (anglicisation of the Irish póg mo thóin, meaning "kiss my arse'"). Magic potatoes. The Book of Kells. Shamrocks. Catholic guilt.

Let's mix some of those. Mick O'Cocker is out chatting with the lads, washing down shots of John Jameson whiskey with cheap green beer and munching on deep-fried shamrocks, listening to the Pogues, when a few hot leprechaun babes appear at the end of a rainbow and invite the guys to have magic sex. Did anyone bring a harp? Do the lepre-girls ride My Little Pony unicorns? After some good fucks, are Mick and the lads cooked-up as corned beef? Do magic potatoes save them? Who gets a potato shoved up their arse? Does it sprout?
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