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Just A Little Bit Twisted
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No new ideas, only new ways of making them felt.

"There are no new ideas. There are only new ways of making them felt." Audre Lorde

After a hiatus and a bit of lurking, I'm toying with the idea of contributing again. But I can't shake the feeling that there is nothing new to say within the context of the venue. Tab A can only be fit to Slot B, or C or D in so many ways. Browsing the story ideas hasn't helped much either. So I've opted to just ask, what sort of story brings you back to Lit?

Is it pure "spank fuel", or is there more to it?

What do you, reading this now, look for in a story?
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For me, the "new and exciting" element of stories comes mainly from their fantasy or science fiction elements. Writing about characters that aren't really human and/or have access to real magic widens the scope of what might happen in courtship, sex,and reproduction.
I was wondering why I was having trouble getting inspired to continue an erotic story I've been working on. Then I noticed my shampoo bottle said: "Herbal Essences Drama Clean: I'm so good I'll put clean thoughts in your head!" And I thought well, clearly I need to get some new shampoo if this one's washing away all my nice dirty thoughts!
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doesn't watch television
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What people do is old old old.
How they get there can be new.
And consequences can be twisted.

The outline / plot can be familiar.
The details can be lots of fun.
That's called 'storytelling'.
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King of Jesters.
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You want to read something "different"? Look up an author named GratefulFred. Haven't seen him round these parts in a long, long time but I believe his stories are still up. I guarantee you will find them to be like nothing you've ever read before.

I can't guarantee you will like them, mind you, but they are good example of a different way to spin things.
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Just A Little Bit Twisted
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Not sure how I should take that advice.... Just a little concerning.
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