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Lightbulb "Summer of '77" is an incomplete cfnm story, Will another author build on it?

The story series "Summer of '77" hasn't been updated in 2-3 years, but i want more.

The author, natalieprendergast, has not added to their cfnm series (2-3 year). Will another author add to this story? I am guessing that she is not a writer anymore. Reading about Oscar (Dick) & his prized size "Penis" was fun but, reading about Shy Adam's first cfnm experience was more enjoyable. I love reading about the first time cfnm and how it later builds.
As a short recap so far the, at first shy, inexperience Adam had gotten Curious and later bolder with, the more experienced & usual ringleader, his step mom Natalie. Natalie has also gotten more playful with her step son, Adam's dick. Adam over heard Natalie and her co-worker, Annette, talking about a possible cfnm barbecue she was holding at the end of next month. Rachel had gotten to play with Uncle Dick's (not related just a nick name) giant 11, maybe 11 and a half inches member.
It would be nice to center around Adam's cfnm adventures more thou. Since he is used to being nude in front of his step mom, maybe the author who decides to build on this story will start with add to the list of characters hes not familiar with. Maybe add some of Adam's & Rachel's friends from school. Have Rachel make plans to have her friends over for a swim or/and sleepover. It would be a nice read if Adam somehow got exposed to two or three of them. Since he was accidentally walked-in on by Natalie, have him accidentally walk into the line of sight of others to start building on this story. As some starting ideas;

1) They are working late Adam has to get changed in an empty office room at work to get walked-in on by Natalie & one of her coworkers.

2 ) Adam thinks he has the house to himself and doesn't bother with wearing clothes

3) Adam is bold without Natalie and decides since he swam nude before, why not do it alone, then gets caught

4)or as an alternative to 2; he finds a place to hide but Rachel comes home early with her friend, so he desperately has to sneak around changing his hiding place, they leave (just a walk to her friend's house to get her swimsuit) but the is door locked. He then gets caught by his step sister's other friends. Rachel called them to meet her there, under the impression Adam's not home & they'll have the pool to themselves. Rachel comes back and decides not to let Adam in at first.

5) After a long day's work Adam goes to bead early. Natalie doesn't need him at the office in the morning. To the best of his knowledge Rachel is staying at her friend's house for the night. He wakes up thinking he is home alone & walks out of the bathroom/shower nude to get clean clothes or a forgotten towel from the dryer. But unknown to him last night Rachel & her friends had a last minute change of plans of where there sleepover will be held.

6) Natalie's going on a trip for three days & Rachel has plan's to stay at her friend's house. Rachel's plans change and comes home early with a friend or two. They find Adam skinny dipping.
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