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Doing it wrong
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Woman's name + 3 numbers

As our regular chatters may have noticed, we've had a string of... pests entering our chat of late. Very consistently, they come in with screen name that includes a woman's name followed by 3 digits (for example, Myrtle329, or Brittney857).

In order to keep chat flowing, many of the mods are attempting to preemptively ban them, and we're using their screen name formula to catch them.

If you have been an unfortunate casualty of this, please let one of us know, either here or in a private message, and we'll be happy to reinstate you.

Thanks, all, for your patience.

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Doing it wrong
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Bumping this because they're back.
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Too bad there isn't a way to temporarily block accounts like this until they talk to a mod before they can chat authenticateing them before hand.
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names plus numbers

bump up they are back
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bump cuz they're back again. with a whole new list of names to go with their 3 numbers.
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