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My New Sister

A young woman meets up with her brother, who comes out as a transwoman to her. The sister guides her new sister through the changes and the hardships, which brings them closer together. Then, one night, they take it to the next level.

Just an idea. I'd love to see what comes from it.

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Cute Starr, I like ideas where gender roles are reversed and your idea seems to have that possibility. One thing I am not sure of, did the brother have some type of medical processor or is it just the way he dresses and acts. More to the point does he still have a penis? I would prefer the case where it is just the way he dresses and acts.

Moonlight and Roses,
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I figured she'd still have a cock, but the sister guides her through her hormone therapy so she'd develop breasts.
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story line I do like the premise.....
Just an Older Guy Chilling North of the Border

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My hand shakes a little as I lean closer, carefully working the eyeliner pencil around his... her eye. Iíve done this before many times with my girlfriends, but this time is different. Until recently, the beautiful woman in front of me was my brother, but now I have a new sister...
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