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Have the story idea- need ways to get revenge

Not quiet revenge, but pay back.

I think my next story will be the tale of a step sister who gets her younger step sister out of a jam in a very literotica way.

If your still interested her is the over view: Sally and her 1 to 3 friends get caught shop lifting when a game of truth and dare gets out of hand. Older step sister swoops in does the sex stuff with the shop owner gets them out of it. Older step sis is furious she had to do this and takes the girls back to her house for the weekend.

What does she make them do?

Iíve written 5 non con stories and Iím kinda coming up with the same dirty stuff.

I could have older step sister bring male or female friends over maybe even a boyfriend who she needs to make sure he gets some fun to make up for having sexual with the shop keep.


1- I donít write anything about bathroom stuff. Peeing/ whatever not my thing.

2- Step sister and other sister can not have sex together, and other family members canít be involved, I donít do incest (I may scrap this whole idea as Iím a little uncomfortable even with this)

3- Iím going to set the story in the 1980ís as itís easier for older step sister to be sure she got the only copy of the security tape of them stealing. Not really a limit more of a detail.

Please post any ideas you have about this or PM me.

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I don't know if older sister should have sex with the shopkeep. After all, of she's just going to make lil sis and her friends have sex, why not make them fuck the shopkeep?

What if older sis is the black sheep of the family? She's doing well for herself but parents have all but disowned her. Maybe she quit school to become a bartender, maybe she shot/shoots porn, got busted for prostitution, strips, maybe she sold/sells drugs. Older sis sees herself as not a bad person and resents how much her younger sis gets away with.

So older sis rolls up and either bribes or intimidates the shopkeeper into giving her the tape. Maybe she does a sex act but she has fun with it (if she's shot porn, maybe she teases him and lets him get an up close look at her or gives him her panties, if she's a prostitute, maybe she blows him but makes a show of it or turns it into an "educational" experience where she playfully tells the girls how to give a perfect blowjob and pretty much flips the table so the shopkeeper is putty in her hands).

The real anger should come from how ungrateful they are afterwards.

As for the revenge:

1. Girls want the tape? Well they need to come to older sis's work and get their everything dirty.

1. Older sis owns the club, is a bartender: the glory holes need to be used. The girls get let out at the end of the night (shopkeeper could have even been bribed with being put on the list and older sis guides him to the glory holes.

2. Amature night at the strip club. Girls need to raise $10000 by the end of the night or the tape goes out. If stripping and lap dances don't work, they will need to find other acts to perform without getting caught (blowjobs, penetration, sex shows with each other, etc.)

3. Fluffers for pornstars/extras for scenes (their faces won't be shown but everything else will).

2. Older sis gets one friend as her own pet while younger and the others are given to the wolves.

1. Girls are taken to a party on a boat. Each of the guests get to pick a girl for the night.

2. Older sis holds an orgy and lets the girls beg to be her pet. By the end of the night, half the town has used the girls, and the one who begged to pleasure older sis is now it only her slave but has to dole out punishments to the other girls.
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All good ideas. How about making it a little more complex? Older sister - who owns a strip club or sex shop - is campaigning to be elected head of the chamber of commerce, so she has to keep the shopkeeper sweet. And all the others.

And being in the adult business, the chamber of commerce is wary of having a president who is not in traditional commerce ie she has to work that much harder eg special privileges for members etc.

So whatever event follows the incident, older sister is deploying younger sister and her friends - let's make it all four of them - to win votes. The boat party then is for members of the chamber, say.

So it's not about incest, but all about transactional sex. And the girls learn an important lesson re consequences of your actions and their worth as sex toys in a commercial/political sense.

Having won the presidency of the chamber, the sky's the limit - mayor, state senator, ???
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Some good points on why the older Step Sister is the one having the sex with the Shop Keeper.

My original idea was that the girls don't have ID to show they are 18 and the shop keeper (Also it's not 50 AD so I'm not sure why I am saying "Shop Keeper") doesn't want to risk it. I would make it clear that they are 18 in the story.

However I'm not 100% sure how that would fly with the censors, and it's kinda lame. I need to figure out a better set up.

I would still love ideas though!
These are my stories, let me know if you enjoy them!

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The girl's father is a local politician and the shopkeeper recognizes the girl and her friends when he catches them shoplifting. He doesn't want to embarrass the father so calls. Only he and his wife are out of town and only the oldest daughter is there - she is following in her father's footsteps, unlike the youngest one who is the rebel in the family.

She goes to the shop to talk the shopkeeper out of exposing the family. It's late a night, she put on a sweatshirt, kind of tight, without a bra and some yoga pants, no panties in her hurry to get out of the house. The shopkeeper sees her and agrees to negotiate with her, taking her into the backroom. The sister is more than willing to suck him off, certainly not the first time she has used her female charms and talents to advance her own interests. As she is doing it though, one of the other girls walks in and sees her, watches in wonderment, being a naive girl. She is the innocent one in the group, forced along by peer pressure.

She takes the girls home, furious at her stepsister, knowing she is the ring leader, wondering what she can do to straighten her out. Once settling back into bed, the innocent girl comes to her and starts asking questions. The older girl seduces her.

The next morning it is obvious the two girls had sex and the other two are smirking and teasing the innocent girl. The older stepsister decides she has had enough and sets up a revenge against the 3 other girls, including her stepsister.

She calls a few male friends and arranges for them to come over that afternoon. She takes the innocent girl out with her, leaving the 3 others home, when the five guys show up...
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The thing is in the 80's you could be a "pornstar" and pretty much keep it on the low low from your parents if they were the type who would judge you for it. It wasn't until the late 90's early 2000's that you "couldn't" hide it and even that's only true if you get to mid level fame. I know my ex shot a few scenes and I know her mother doesn't know. Her husband only knows because I left my copy with her when we broke up. And it's not like it's not on the internet.

Same goes for stripping assuming you lived in an actual city. Sure the girl from "I'm not from LA but it's either that or San Diego that you would have heard of" but from a real city you could keep that on the low.

But I like the idea.

What I happen to like better however I've got a different spin to run by you.

Older sis is what has been coined as brilliant but lazy. She's got a good job, a boyfriend who's really a husband that hasn't asked her yet. The reason she's a bit on the outs with her parents isn't that she's a bad girl it's that a girl with a 4.0 GPA who started taking college courses when she was in middle school and is okay with being a manager at (insert chain store) instead of going to Harvard and being a lawyer is just stupid.

Younger sis is smart but lacks the spark of her step sister. But she is following the game plan. She's on her way to (insert Ivy League School) so she's the favorite. Her sis is willing to take the dive for her because her step sister has a real future and she's pretty much where she's going to end up, or at least she's happy with where she is.

So from there we end up with what amounts to three way chess. Older sweeps in to save the younger (who she genuinely loves) Shop keeper holds that over her for an extended period of time because he's an 80's douche. It's always "Oh just once more." Older is pissed that she's in this situation, cheating on her boyfriend of a decade and starts figuring out scenarios for the younger. (I'm kinda partial to younger being a bit of a slut"

And then it escalates.
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