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Their eyes locked. No words needed
First submission: Exposed

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Her taste lingered on his tongue.
I've always preferred to risk regretting what I've done than to regret what I never tried.

-send your email if you want non-face picture. No need for chat. Don't forget your address.

- I only chat/cam on google

- single line messages that say nothing but "hi" or "you're sexy" annoy me. Multiple short messages from the same person annoy me. I work to not have my box be full.

-I like younger guys (25-35) with athletic builds and sexy imaginations.

-I only share face pictures with people I trust

-If you want to fuck me (online or real world) be prepared to court me. Don't expect me to be easily motivated to entertain you. I'm amazingly entertaining but only once aroused.

-I flirt/flit/and have a fetish for showing off for strangers. There are VERY few special people I stay in touch with or play with more than once. Don't be surprised or offended when I move on
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His titillating touches drove Maria wild.
Squire Adela is a multi-chapter, high fantasy adventure, full of tangled love, varied sexual tastes, and M/F steamy sex.

My avatar is Morning Dreams by Pino Daeni
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Crook a finger, and she'll come.
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Post Six words.

I desire your inside and outside.
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She couldn't escape. I couldn't resist.
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