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The lonely barkeep

My name is Sean. I just turned 40. A year ago I was a successful businessman; trading at the CMO in Chicago. As a single man who worked hard and played harder, I didn't have a material worry in the world, but I also did not feel fulfilled. To me, my relationships were like cars. Drive them fast, drive them hard, but in the end the just start to wear out.

As part of what could only be my midlife crisis, I sold my nice home in the suburbs and most of my possessions and quit my job. I took the money I saved and moved to Moab, Utah. Home of Arches National Park. I was able to purchase my dream property. A small town pub with a nice bar on the first floor and a two bedroom apartment on the above.

After significant renovations, Whiskey and Wine is open for business. I'm excited to finally start this new chapter in my life. I desire to connect with my patrons and I fancy myself as the new town counsel, but I also see my role as bartender and owner as a gateway to lustful trysts with the locals and hopefully a few travelers as well. I'm wiping down my newly finished bar as my first customers walk in.
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