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"Lost In Space: Survive and Thrive"

"Lost In Space: Survive and Thrive"

Before Arrival:
  • As programmed, the "Command and Control" and "Medical" personnel are reanimated from long term cryo-stasis.
  • To their surprise, their deep space colonial transport is not approaching the programmed destination.
  • Over the next few hours, it is learned that -- for unknown reasons -- the ship was diverted to another solar system which, upon departure, had only recently been discovered and, as such, had not been investigated for planets with the ability to support human life.
  • The approach will result in a crash landing. Lives will certainly be lost. Ship sections that aren't destroyed during entry could possibly be spread out over thousands of kilometers.
  • The Crew hurries to reanimate and prepare the Colonists for what is ahead.
  • The ship enters the planet's atmosphere, and as it descends, each Section is disengaged.
  • The Sections deploy their wings and tails, then -- under the control of 2 C&C personnel each -- are glided toward the surface. Faced with hills and mountains covered by tropical forests, not the flat, open terrain of their original destination for which they were designed, the Sections crash land to varying degrees of damage and loss.
  • And our story/game begins...
If you are interested in a part dice driven, part creative tale driven role play, PM me.

Please do not post here until we talk. There is a lot you need to know first.
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