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Originally Posted by Hypoxia View Post
Your second link ('tuxedo') is interesting. Hicks and Ivanka dress as they to show their essential harmlessness and powerlessness. Also to flash 'headlights' (tits) and tennis-toned thighs to distract media attention from the latest Trompian horseshit.
Whenever you talk to some high powered, well connected, and rich person they will invariable refer to their suit as their "armor". I think the author is spot on. Hicks was wearing that tuxedo because she was "one of the boys" and would fight like one.

Of course, that means since Hicks is "one of the boys" she's probably wrapped up in all the treason they helped to commit.
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Despite her apparently defective brain (no one in their right mind would work for that idiot), she's fuckin' hot as hell.
Why is a carrot oranger than an orange?

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Originally Posted by LincolnDuncan View Post
any relation to http://www.danhicks.net/
Nope, no relation. Damn, I'd forgotten he died last year. As it happens, I used to live in an apartment that had been his home earlier. And I ran into him a few times, once literally, on a bicycle, when he came around a corner too fast. I biked; he was afoot. No hard feelings.

But no, among all the Hicks out there, these two don't seem consanguineous.

Originally Posted by jaF0 View Post
Despite her apparently defective brain (no one in their right mind would work for that idiot), she's fuckin' hot as hell.
She's from a rich family. She was a top model. Tromp likes models.
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