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Includes you BoishortiPast your lips too
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Originally Posted by nudeguy76 View Post
I am stopping at a buds to get him off this morning. I will be on my knees, him fucking my mouth. Me sucking him until he takes over. I agree with you. Sometimes I don't mind being used as a cum dumpster. He will pump his cock in and out of my mouth and throat until he let's a load of sperm pulses from his balls, his hard shaft twitching, and my mouth filling with his warm delicious cum. I can't wait!
I could use a willing mouth....
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Me too.

And today, I've taken steps to get one.
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Cock for Me!

I haven't had the pleasure of sucking cock in quite awhile. Well last night I got a call from my buddy. He asked me to come over and be ready to get him off.

I drove over fast as I could and was excited to get going. I knocked on the door and he told me to come in. I entered and all the lights in the room were off. He was sitting on the couch naked. I stood there waiting for him to tell what to do. He pointed at the floor in front of him and said simply "Kneel." I quickly approached him and complied. He was dressed only in a pair of boxer briefs and I could see his cock bulging against the fabric.

"Suck me asshole. I want to feel your slut mouth fucking my cock."

I leaned forward, pulled down his briefs and let his cock spring free. I quickly lowered my mouth onto him and went to work. Soon I had him moaning and his hips moved slowly to pump his dick into my mouth. It only took a few minutes for him to cum a huge load in mouth. I eagerly swallowed it all. He pushed me away and told me I did a good job making him cum. He said I was so good that a he would let me blow another guy and might even let me cum too.

His friend walked over from across the room. I had not noticed him there in the dark. He stood in front of me, his cock already hard and he bounced it up and down mere inches from my face. It was thicker and longer than my buddy. I took the tip in my mouth and wrapped my hand around the shaft. I sucked and licked that head slowly while I let my hand pump him. I tasted precum on the tip. I worked my hand up the tip and got it wet with my spit and his precum. I slid my hand up and down his beautiful shaft. His groan was awesome. He grabbed my head with his hands and pulled my mouth onto his cock. I took his hips in my hands and went to town mouth fucking him. He came soon enough and shot a huge load for me.

I was so happy and my cock was so hard that I thought I could cum without even being touched.

My buddy said "I lied, you don't get to cum tonight bitch. Maybe next time, if we allow it. Now, go take a nap, then shower and come back here in an hour so you can blow us again."
I don't understand why so many people must limit themselves to only half of the people around them.

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Wednesday. A truly pretty TV from Brazil. Her pretty cock was almost too good to suck , being maybe 7.5/8 inches, which is bigger than I like orally. However after lots of fun my mouth was filled with her delicious cum

How I wish it would be like that every day!
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Originally Posted by klippert View Post
I could use a willing mouth....
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One just left, still looking for more

Had a new man respond today, and he just left, very much satisfied. A nice, tasty load from a good, thick cock. He'll be back.
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