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Ballet School

Use posts 3309 and 3281 in this thread for inspiration: http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=957538

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Francesca wasn't sure who to recommend to the visiting director for the lead in the next production. All of her girls worked so hard to be their best and they all deserved it.

They were all graceful and talented and all at about the same skill level so maybe more mini-inspections would help her decide.

Perhaps a few private inspections would help too. But that presented a whole new problem. Whichever girl she made undress for her first would surely tell the others. Perhaps if she made them more than just undress for her. Perhaps she could start a "secret" affair with each of them until she decided who the lead should be.

Francesca hated all of them for their firm, young, perfectly sculpted bottoms.

But, she couldn't pick even just one to resist .....


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Or perhaps she could hold auditions for "the Sacrifice" in Prelocaj's choreography of Le Sacré de Printemps..."

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