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another soccer mom

name: pat
age: 18 - 22 (your choice)
looks: blond hair, blue eyes, athletic built
occupation: college student and kids soccer coach
organ size: up to you
(if you want to add or change anything let me know)

im in college and for past couple years ive been taking over for my father as the summer younth soccer coach. Half way threw the first year ihad my first encounter with one of the moms wanting to get there child more playing time. Boy was i surprised at what she did in order to get what she wanted. for the next 4 the next year out of curiousity i picked out a mom and didnt play her son much and again she showed what she would do what it took to get there her child more playing time. after that ive been picking out one or 2 moms a season.

Your family is new to town and so far have been addapting real well. Your son has been handling the move better then you would have thought. Like your last home you sign your son up for soccer and is placed on my team. at the first practice i was trying to pick out who my targets would be this season when i see and deside right off the bat, and start to put into motion how to get you. its been acouple games already and your son has only played a total of 10 minites all together which is no time what so ever.
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and, what is next step after you choose whom u are going to swap playing time for sexual favors?
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could be a continual thing her having no choice. have to do it if she wants son to keep playing, or she can enjoy it and want to continue it behind husband back. could be he wants to perhaps try and replace husband with him self. get you to stay married to husband while going to him when in mood if sted of husband. other ideas out there. always up for hearing someones ideas or if they want to add or change anything in scene im always up for suggestions
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