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Originally Posted by ericrodman101 View Post

It would procure a harem and a swanky place to keep it.
A modern day harem sounds like a great idea. In a modern setting they needed be slaves or anything like that, simply employed - the pay is obviously very good. However rather that lock you harem away, in the modern world you should be able to take it with you.

Say a modest harem, half a dozen girls, blond, brunette, redhead, a couple thin and a couple of the curvy side. Variety is the spice of life and all that. Perhaps a couple of male minders - in the original days eunuchs watched the harem, but perhaps you just want to watch a couple or more fuck.

Maybe you always travel with your harem, booking out first class. Your money buys discretion where required and indecent proposals.

Perhaps the female attendant flight attendant is very pretty, you ask one of your girls to make her an indecent offer to give you a blow job, she refuses. A short time later she makes her way down the aisle to find your concubine on her knees sucking your cock. The stewardess is a bit but out but you say you did offer her the job, does she still want to take it?

She accepts the money and gets down on her knees to finish the job. As she's doing so one of your male attendants bends the first girls over and fucks her in front of you, does the stewardess accept more money to go further?

The possibilities are endless with this, money can buy pretty much everything right... unless it gets you arrested. Maybe then your harem have to work very hard on the police, the lawyers, the judge and jury to "get you off".
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* She was raised to wealth and power. Her whims have been catered since childhood, and she's never matured emotionally. Life in the adult world is an endless succession of debauched entertainments. What saves her?

* She started with nothing, clawed her way to wealth and corporate control, and micro-manages every aspect of her life, including sex. Can she buy satisfaction from mere humans?

* She was the shy ugly duckling in merciless city schools. At 18 or so she inherits billions, complete with advisors, bodyguards, all the impedimentia. Can she subvert the organization to her own sick fetishes er I mean wishful fantasies?

* He grew up in his mom's middle-class suburb. He knew his divorced dad had money but only spent visitations at the "mountain lodge." Now 18, he's finally introduced to billionaire dad's orgiastic pleasure-palace life. Does he fit in, or rebel, or what? (Real life: he rebels, leaves for the backwoods, and becomes a forestry superstar with groupies, no shit.)

* He was always a psycho nerd. He got lucky with bitcoin and is now worth more than Sri Lanka. Unlimited degradation is his! What does he buy? Does he start with pr0n stars and work his way up or down from there?
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Even as a fantasy, because it could only be that, the thought of entering a bar, picking up the most beautiful woman there, and having sex with her an hour or two later leaves me cold.

If I was so rich, so powerful, and so prestigious that I could have any sex life i wanted I would marry a beautiful virgin with several beautiful virgin sisters.

The beautiful virgin sisters would become my concubines. They would move into my mansion with my wife and me. They would adopt my last name. I would adopt the children I had with them. My wife and her sisters would need to approve of the situation.

When asked publicly about the situation I would decline to discuss it.
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