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John Blackhawk
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Nonhuman story ideas

Ok, im working on a darker story that takes place in a sort of anime "everyday with monster girls" universe. Basically it takes place before the existence of monster girls becomes fully known. Now what i mean by this is the various monster girls aren't known publically because there isn't enough of a unified group yet to fully present every kind of monster girl to the world yet. But in the story currently they are known to certain groups that want to exploit and/or research them for their own purposes. Basically it's in their best interest that keep knowledge of monster girls supressed. And there are "supernatual" monster hunter groups who just want to wipe monster girls off the face of the earth.

And i was thinking about some supernatural hijinks but i haven't figured out what yet.

So far i have in mind

Being approached by various gangs supernatural (ie werewolves and vampires) and human that want to either kill or subjugate the girls

having a "supernatural" type scenario where the monster hunters are the bad guys in the story.

To cover one more thing in the case of this story i'm referring to the term "monster girls" in loose terms and in no way is it a reflection of their age.

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Well the Anime (and manga) that you used as inspiration has the starting point as the main character getting several monster-girls living with him because they use him as a test to see if humans and monsters can live peacefully among each other.

So you could do a erotic version where instead of teasing and comedic near-sexual accidents you get a real harem where the protagonists has all kinds of monster-babes falling for him.

But if that's too cheap and/or copied you could go for something more complicated.

Maybe the main character is living in an area where monsters immigrants are moving in and there is a bit mingling between the different species.

Maybe the main character works in a bar/gym/hotel that monsters frequent which leads to workplace sex. (I think there is potential in a story about masseuse who suddenly starts getting non-human clients. First with the obvious problem of how is he/she supposed to massage them and then due to curiousity and perhaps a few accidents word starts to spread that they offer erotic massage that monsters really like...)

You could also do the story from the POV of a monster. Like a minotaur working in a mainly-human city and there's a rumour that minotaurs have massive cocks which leads to plenty of women trying to get into his pants...
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John Blackhawk
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Well i'm actually taking a more action orientated approach. Though i will probably add some ryan reynolds/deadpool like quips at some point. Though i will have to keep that part about doing a story from a monster POV in mind for a later chapter
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You might get ideas from my story Edible Stockings.


Oggbashan's long list of stories
Jeanne D'Artois' few

It's like [oggbashan] is writing for the third puffin over there by the sixth rock, when everyone else is an emperor penguin in the Antarctic, where there's tens of thousands of the bastards.

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you should try the Questionable Questing forum.
I was wondering why I was having trouble getting inspired to continue an erotic story I've been working on. Then I noticed my shampoo bottle said: "Herbal Essences Drama Clean: I'm so good I'll put clean thoughts in your head!" And I thought well, clearly I need to get some new shampoo if this one's washing away all my nice dirty thoughts!
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There was a story by Lois McMaster Bujold in the Miles Vorkosigan universe. Mmmm. I want to say "Brother's in Arms", maybe? No, it was before we met his clone ("Brother!") Mark. Miles had the Dendraii Mercenaries out at Jackson's Hole for a black op for his homeworld of Barrayar to swipe a scientist. The scientist in question had been forced into a super soldier side project (isn't there always when there is genetic tinkering going on?) and wouldn't leave until Miles "corrected his mistake."

(ETA; Found it. "Labyrinth")

There was more to it, of course, but the relevant part was the "super soldier" in question was indisputably female (Miles named her "Taura"). I've pretty much come away imagining something like a werewolf or a WoW Worgen from the descriptions.

Anyway, throughout the series, there are about three or four romantic interludes between Miles and Taura (whom he recruited to join his "mercenary fleet"). I think you might be interested in what she did with it.

In a nutshell, though, Ms. Bujold more or less stuck with describing a teenaged girl with some ramped up hormone issues (not to mention psychological from being viewed as a monster) (I nearly peed laughing in the scene where she tried to be less horrifying for the kids they were rescuing by tying a freaking bow around her neck. Six foot four with a lupine snout and fangs and she thought a bow was going to make her less scary!), but careful attention was paid to the differences like fangs and talon-like nails, or how different it was when Miles kissed her.

(ETA; since the contest is long over, I'll admit I cribbed the basic idea for my winter holiday contest entry from Miles and Taura. Not monster, obviously, but...)
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My semi-literate drivel.

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You could always do the classic "human accidentally moving into monster town". Guy looking for cheap rental house/apartment finds the perfect place in a sort of remote town or suburb. He goes there and starts noticing some strange goings on, like a neighbour who never leaves their house during the day, or seeing strange figures at roaming around in the night.

Somehow, he finds out that the area is a haven for (mostly female) monsters. Hilarity and sexy times ensue, before he gets swept up in the action of the monster hunters discovering the place.
Hi everyone, I'm just an amateur writer who's here to engage in discussions regarding sexuality and occasionally politics.

As for those curious about my own sexuality, I'm a straight switch, who is about 75% sub and 25% dom. I enjoy taking charge every now and then but if I had to decide, I would choose to be a sub every time. My favourite fetish is without a doubt having a woman sit on my face and I have a myriad of masochistic tendencies.
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I would go for a how to train your harem kind of angle.

The main protagonist is a monster hunter in training and he decides to hide/save a monster girl from his father/group.

The first girl would be the primary ship, but more saved girls in hiding could build tensions both sexual and fear of getting caught.
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The only manga source for inspiration that might spark ideas is the Kunoichi 3D series involving demonic beings which is... dark.

Another possibility is Ben Newman's erotic art: lots of non-human ideas and most of his work can be viewed free on his blog.

Personally, the genre isn't really my thing but I can see lots of scope in using (1986) Labyrinth for non-human ideas without much imagination. Although Jennifer Connelly is young there is a distinct sexual edge throughout the film. After all the main plot is Jared (Bowie) trying to seduce a very young but cute Connelly! This is the subject of most fan art but please let me know if there are already stories out there. The following are more off-the-wall...

'Helping Hands'- needing a favor for helping. Hands making rude gestures, the 'hand vagina'....
'Fire Demons'- She runs off with one of the heads and straddles the open beak
'Ludo, Diddymus and Ambrosia'- Gangbang
'Hoggle'- pulling a necklace of giant pearls and other jewellery out
'Goblin Ball'- free for all gang bang

I had considered commissioning Ben Newman to do some artwork for the above. If you take a look you'll understand how it could look. His Wizard f Oz pic is an example..
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