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got kindle, need hot stories

So I got kindle unlimited now (paid books are okay too, I bought a few in the past and will buy some in the future) and I am looking for some recommendations.

I thought I start by naming some content I like. Well for starters I like really cute stories... you know, high school crushes and stuff like that. I also have a thing for non-con to con, which basically means that a girl is reluctant at first, but then ends up enjoying it. It's even better if she really loves it a lot, but pretends to hate it.

Do you guys listen to audio porn? I got two here that I really like. Breaking GLaDOS, well in this one... I don't wanna go to much into nerdy details but this glados person is a bratty girl who ends up getting fucked, she pretends to hate it but secretly enjoys it.

High School Sucks, But The Bullies Do Too!. In this one a female bullies a guy twice her size. After school he pushes her into an ally and they end up fucking, she pretends to hate it, but actually likes it.

Well these two are basically what I mean by "non-con to con". With that out of the way, would be lovely if you guys could recommend me stories similar to this. I don't know if there is a official term for this fetish, because that would make searching them really easier.
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